Hanson, Aaron Carter Fans Come to Hear the Hits of their Childhood


Marthe Turlington, 26, found herself surrounded by a crowd of mostly girls her age and older screaming as if they were pre-teens. She said she wouldn’t call herself a super-fan anymore, but she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear “MMMBop” performed live and to see the three brothers who were her first concert 16 years earlier. Although the brothers are all married and look slightly different now, with shorter, new hair, it didn’t stop Turlington from feeling like she was ten years old again.

Hanson, most famous in the ‘90s and early 2000s, performed a live show at the Granada in Lawrence, Kan., on Oct. 15. If you missed that blast from your past you can still get tickets to a similar era throwback concert tomorrow night when Aaron Carter performs at the Bottleneck on Oct. 29.

Carter is currently on his “After Party” tour, a name spun off of his hit song “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It).” He has already done over 115 shows, and said he wants to get reacquainted with his fans. Apparently, it’s working.

“It has been absolutely incredible,” Carter said. “I could have never expected it to be like this.”

Carter says he wouldn’t call himself a child star because he believes he was able to successfully transition from pre-teen to adult with his music.

According to billboard.com, Carter was the youngest solo artist to have four Top 40 singles. His hit song, “Aaron’s Party” made it to number 35 on the Billboard chart and in 2006, the album “Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter” was released. Now he is working on his new music, which includes his newest songs “Where Do We Begin?” and “Moving Spaces.”

His biggest motivation to get back into his music has been to get his life back in order. He believes he has taken the necessary steps to get to the place he is today in order to be successful again.

In 2006 Carter appeared on the television show Celebrity Rehab 2 and was treated for substance abuse. Then, in 2011, Carter said he spent one month in the Betty Ford Center for rehab to heal emotional and spiritual issues, according to an interview with nydailynews.com. Still, Carter believes that his past has gotten him to where he is today.

Carter said throughout all of his years of success, including his four Top 40 singles and a run in an off-Broadway show “The Fantasticks,” his proudest moment was when Michael Jackson taught him dance moves when Carter was younger.

“Michael Jackson was a great, amazing person that lived the same kind of life that I did, being successful as a young kid,” Carter said. “It was great getting to hear his perspective.”

Margoth Mackey, a freshman at the University of Kansas, says she doesn’t know much about Carter now, but it isn’t stopping her from going to his concert.

“I was literally in love with Aaron Carter when I was like 7, so this is like living my childhood fantasy,” Mackey said.

Carter says his fan base now is a mixture of ages, from fans who followed him when they were younger and their children, a fan base that allows Carter to bring back old hits while still getting to debut new music.

His favorite song to perform is still “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” because fans love it. One of those fans is Mackey, who said she’s excited to find out if Carter can still sing.

“I’m going total teenage fan girl for this concert,” Mackey said.

Carter says that he doesn’t care about the misconceptions anyone may have about his time in rehab and about the quality of his music now. He is focusing on his music and himself.

“If anyone has a misconception now,” Carter said, “I would encourage them to come see who I am now and then make a judgment.”

– Maggie Rossiter
Edited by Kaitlyn Klein
This post was contributed by The University of Kansas’s Magazine Journalism class.