From Class to Career Fair


In honor of this Wednesday’s Career Fair, Style on the Hill thought they should show you how to take a class outfit and transform it into appropriate career fair attire:

Make room in your backpack for: blazer, necklace, heels (2 lbs total)

Here’s something that you would perhaps wear to class: flats to facilitate the morning climb up the hill, and an infinity scarf to keep the nape of your neck warm and

Pretty casual, right?

photo-9 WRONG.

Shed that scarf and shake your hair out[1].


Then add a blazer, a pair of heels and a lady-like necklace, and you’re on your way to the career fair. Best of all, with this ensemble, the world is your changing room.

Make room in your backpack for: dress pants, pearls, heels (3 lbs total)

Ahhh, here you are on just another day on campus in a peplum[2] blouse, comfy jeans and flats.


Until you swap the jeans for your bold dress pants and flats for heels. Boosh. Insta-career fair mode.


Make room in your backpack for: blazer/cardigan, heels, skirt (3.5 lbs total)

Nobody will stare at you in your favorite pair of jeans, a simple shirt and a cardigan.


They might stare, though, if you wear this:


But then their necks will break.


And those earrings… Rock chalk.

So the lesson here today is to make the blouse your base. Necklaces are easy to carry around, and blazers elevate you to instant pro status. Then again, you can always wear professional attire to class. Either way, problem solved.

[1] Do it in slow motion, obviously.

[2] Pronounced pep-luhm. Don’t make the same mistake that I and countless others have made.


Maria Juarez

Photography by Vasu Gupta
Model: Sarah Jane