Finding God Through Leather


I would hardly consider myself sexy. In fact, I thought I had eliminated any possibility of being such when, several weeks ago, a rogue meatball from my Spaghettios fell in my shirt and I fished it out to eat it. This event, coupled with my gangly limbs and unfortunate burping habit, had convinced me that I would never, ever be or feel sexy.

Then the sky opened up and Christ himself descended.[1]

He came in the form of vintage leather pencil skirt at a resale shop in Houston. In a buttery, matte embrace, salvation had finally wrapped itself around my lady lumps. This simple addition to my wardrobe absolved me of all my sins and meatball mishaps. Once a lost, blind soul, the leather trend found me and now I see.

I was finally sexy.

So if you’re anticipating the second coming of Jesus, look no further because leather is back. And this time, it’s more forgiving.

And you too can find God…

Style_On_The_Hill_Mikulecky_Leather-2Style_On_The_Hill_Mikulecky_Leather-4…in a leather jacket.


…in a leather skirt.

Style_On_The_Hill_Mikulecky_Leather-8Style_On_The_Hill_Mikulecky_Leather-19…or simply in leather accents.

So try it fools.

-Maria Juarez

[1] He was wearing leather.

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Model: Claire Hagen