Finals are Coming: A Survival Guide for the Worst Week of the Year




By Ellie Milton

You have barely survived the fall semester; sylly week was all fun and games, then the teacher switched from the syllabus to Chapter One. You’ve been coasting through your lectures and (barely) passing your tests, Dollar Night is a weekly occurrence, showing up to your 8am half drunk is still acceptable. You forgot to turn in your online homework, so you reassure yourself that you still have half the semester to make it up, right? WRONG! You thought you were doing great until you looked in the mirror and saw something that resembled a potato wearing a shack shirt. Finals are 5 weeks away and you know more about cures to a hangover than quantum mechanics or the War of 1812 – what’s a student to do in such troubling times?

Here’s a couple quick ‘n’ dirty tips to surviving the weeks leading up to finals:

  1. Focus, focus, focus: You aren’t going to get anything done if you spend all your studying hours ranting about politics on Twitter; put a pin in your Facebook fight with your racist uncle and sit your ass down at the library to finish that essay you’ve been ignoring harder than your one night stand who caught feelings. If you can rally for a night out at the bars after tailgating from 9am to 3pm, you can force yourself to hang out at the library for a few hours and grind out your homework.
  2. Organize your time: If you don’t already own a planner, scrape together the last few cents you have and invest in one. Writing down your plans for the day and allotting time for studying will motivate you to actually do it – or if it doesn’t, at least you can say you tried and pour one out for all the L’s you’ve taken this semester.
  3. Find a study buddy: This is just like picking up a guy/girl at a party, except instead of a party, it’s the library, and instead of being fueled by a couple of vodka RedBulls, you’re fueled by an overwhelming fear of failure and the shakes from drinking 7 consecutive cups of coffee at 5pm on a Tuesday. Forget getting curved in the Boom Boom Room! Most of the people in the library are just as mortified by the thought of a 2.3 GPA as you are, so you have nothing to fear.
  4. Learn how to fail: In my opinion, learning how to fail effectively is one of the most important things you’ll learn in college. This goes not only for accepting the fact that you once passed out in a bush on Jayhawk Boulevard after half a Moosebowl, but also for understanding the fact that your grades ultimately don’t define your whole life. Getting a bad grade on one final doesn’t mean that you’re going to end up working at a gas station/meth lab in Missouri; learn from your failures and use them as motivation to work harder for the next semester!

Finals season can be incredibly stressful, but rest assured (albeit limited) knowing that we’re all in the same boat. Hopefully, these tips will assist with any pre-finals anxiety and help you find solace in the fact that you can’t spell college without a couple of L’s.