Fall Break Packing Guide


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Midterms left us beat, but solace is near as fall break closes out the hectic week. If you are headed out of town, let us help you pack as you depart on an adventure!

Packing for an extended weekend get-a-way can be somewhat of an art form. Rather than stuffing ‘whatever is clean’ into a suitcase, concise packing takes a keen eye for versatility. We took the complication out of it for you (you’re welcome!) with three fall break destination packing lists. As our staffers prepare to go to the beach, the city and into the wilderness, we’re here to guide you through the packing stress.

Break in the Big City


  • A patterned denim shirt
  • A heavy pull- over sweater, to go over your lighter-weight denim shirt to give you that, “sweater weather” look.
  • A lighter jacket -With the beautiful fall weather a lot of the country has been experiencing, you may be a bit toasty. But for those cooler city nights, through this lighter jacket over your sweater and you’re good for a night out on the town.
  • Gray pants – Gray is a classic color, perfect for all seasons, but definitely a neutral color that will bring your fall look together. Try this outfit with a pair of gray skinny jeans, too.
  • Boots on boots on boots. The great thing about autumn is getting to whip out those closed-toed shoes we missed all summer long. Pair this outfit with a pair of light brown boots or booties, or go bolder and try black. 

By Maddie Farber
Photo by Ikeadi Ndukwu

Beach Retreat

Beach Guide

  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • A lightweight sweater for those chilly nights. It is fall after all, even at the beach!
  • Sandals, which you can dress up or down. Try a pair in metallic.
  • A billowy dress to wear as a cover-up for a night of cocktails on the town.
  • An over-sized scarf to do double duty as a shade from the sun or to add color and pattern to a simple blouse.
  • Tote bag for all your beach goodies—sunscreen, snacks, and towel!
  • A good read

By Audrey Danser
Photo by Hannah Pierangelo

Weekend in the Woods


  • A sturdy flannel shirt, one that can handle some rough-and-tumble and a little dirt.
  • heavy sweater, for fireside cocoa on a cold night.
  • light jacket to keep out the wind.
  • Corduroy pants are soft, warm, and durable—perfect for fall camping.
  • Smart Wool Socks, two pair. Nothing else is going to be this comfy or cozy.
  • Some worn boots. The key here is comfort. If you’re doing camping right, then you’ll be doing some exploring, and nothing stops adventure in its tracks like sore feet.
  • backpack. Think more rugged than your campus pack. Look at Eddie Bauer or L.L. Bean for inspiration.

By Colin Murphy
Photo by Ikeadi Ndukwu


Graphic by Hannah Pierangelo