Dress the Date! 3 Styles for Valentine’s Day


By Audrey Danser


Love is in the air! Or at least, that’s what the red and pink explosion in the candy aisle at Target told me as I shopped for my annual bag of Valentine’s Kisses. Whether you love the holiday—Valentine’s Day, that is—or despise it, you may find yourself needing some outfit inspiration this weekend: a date with your bae, a girl’s night out, or drinking Chardonnay on your couch with your bestie listening to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Regardless of your V-day plans, we’ve got you covered in the style department—unfortunately, the rest is up to you!

Be sure to check back this week for two more Valentine’s Day date styles.

Date 1: The Picnic Date (Casual)

Just because Valentine’s Day has a fancy title, doesn’t mean you have go all out. What’s better than wearing flannel and denim? I sure can’t think of anything more comfortable or versatile for any outdoor adventure.

For the Ladies: I know, flannel and denim isn’t the most feminine of sartorial combinations, but with lady-like details, you’ll be sure to make your date blush. On our model, we chose a festive flannel in a women’s cut. Underneath, we layered a solid colored sheer blouse (choose your color from the flannel to minimize visual chaos) in a slightly longer length, allowing the flowing fabric to playfully peek through. The collar detail of the shirt adds a bold sparkle—just enough to catch his eye, but not be distracting. Keep accessories simple and in the same color scheme as the solid accent—I always like pearls. Throw on a pair of booties, and you’ve got the most effortless outfit!

For the Guys: Matching flannel? Not so much. Flannel that complements your lady? So cute! Pair it with some dark wash jeans and a nice pair of shoes—your date will be smitten.

As for the date itself, keep it relaxed. Pack some cheese and grapes (no wine in the park, you crazy kids) and head to South Park for a winter picnic. Yeah, it’s totally going to be cold outside, but what a perfect excuse to cozy up together, maybe even share his coat for warmth.

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Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Dress the Date!

Styled by Audrey Danser and Holly Kulm
Modeled by Audrey Danser and Zak Dubree
Photography By Ike Ndukwu