Dress the Date! 3 Styles for Valentine’s Day (Pt. 3)


By Audrey Danser


Date 3: The Dinner Date

For the Ladies: Pinks and reds are overrated—it’s a guarantee that you’ll always be a bombshell in black, especially when your style involves leather. Black skinny jeans and a leather bomber jacket are a classic date combo that will be a sure success. There’s no reason or rule that says you have to wear a dress to a dinner date, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Honestly ladies, let’s be practical here; it’s the middle of winter and no date is worth freezing your ass off for in a tiny cocktail dress.

With the two staple articles in place, we softened our model’s look using layers and lighter colors for visual relief, keeping to a similar color palate in these accent pieces. Throw on a pair of fabulous heels and some subtle jewelry to add your finishing, personal touch.

For the Guys: Guys have it so much easier than us ladies when it comes to date outfits. Regardless of this fact though, the Dinner Date requires a little more forethought than any of the previous dates we’ve posted this week. A button down is a guaranteed pick for any restaurant atmosphere and will nicely complement any outfit your date wears, dressy or casual. Feel free to sport a fun pattern or color, such as the festive maroon shirt with subtle polka dots our model is wearing.  Relax your look by rolling up your cuffs (bonus if there’s a fun pattern underneath!) and unbuttoning a button or two in front. Pair your look with dark wash denim and nice shoes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some fun socks too—maybe even ones with a cute heart pattern.

If you haven’t made reservations already, check out Port Fonda for flavorful Mexican fare— plus, what an Instagram-able atmosphere! As an alternative to the many tasty food spots in Lawrence, consider making your date a romantic meal at home. Light some candles, make some pasta, and see where the night takes you.

Dinner2 Maddie2 Quinn1 Maddie Close

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Styled By Maddie Farber and Hannah Pierangelo
Modeled By Maddie Farber and Quinn Kastner
Photography by Hannah Pierangelo