Dress the Date! 3 Styles for Valentine’s Day (Pt. 2)


By Audrey Danser

Date 2: The Museum Date

For the Ladies: A date to the museum probably means that a) one of you on the date is artsy, b) both of you are artsy, or c) neither of you knows a thing about art, but is trying to impress the other by pretending that you do. Regardless of your standing, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your outfit. Step out of your typical pairings and try unique layering such as skinny pants with a dress, surprising color/pattern combinations, or throw on a daring accessory you love but just haven’t had the courage to wear yet. On our model, we layered a cropped lace shirt over a deep maroon dress, allowing the color to peek through the lace for a playful dimension. Taking hints from the lace pattern, we matched a daisy chain necklace, which graces just above the shirt’s neckline.

For the Guys: There’s something so huggable about a guy in a sweater. It’s the thought that you could wrap us up in it when you wrap your arms around us. Needless to say, sweaters are always a good idea. To unify our model’s look, we kept the color scheme in the pale palate, which adds to his comfortable and approachable date style.

We highly recommend taking your date to the Lawrence Arts Center. The current galleries include New Works by Lindsay Pichaske (seriously, super dope animal sculptures) and Naturally, curated by Ben Ahlvers, featuring works from Susan Beiner, John Byrd, Patsy Cox, and Jason Walker. Afterward? Well, that’s up to you. Personally, I’d head to the Bourgeois Pig and read love poems to each other.

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A special thanks to the Lawrence Arts Center! Check back tomorrow for Date 3: The Dinner Date.

Styled By Ike Ndukwu and Holly Kulm
Modeled by Ike Ndukwu and Holly Kulm
Photography by Ike Ndukwu and Hannah Pierangelo