DIY: Tattoo Tights


IMG_1399Ever wanted to be that bad bitch rocking leg tats but don’t have the guts to actually go do it? Welcome to my life. But for all of us sissies, we’re in luck! For this DIY I kept it simple on my first try with a dainty little line drawing, but you know I will be making some huge statement tiger head tats on my thighs next time.

I’ve been eyeing this fabulous pair of tights from ROMWE (as well as elsewhere) and am trying to justify the fact that my uncontrollable want is somehow a need. While I wait out my decision I decided to try out a DIY of the rising tattoo tight trend.

What you will need:IMG_1432fine point Sharpie
+ sheer nude hose
+ thin cardboard

1. Pick out your design. If you can’t draw to save your life like me, google some cool shit. Make a print out and tape it to your thin cardboard.

2. Cut your cardboard to about the width of your leg and long enough that the image will fit. Round the corners of your cardboard to avoid snagging your hose before you even get to wear them.

3. Put your tights on. With a washable marker, mark points where you want your image/tattoo to be. Since I choose to do a stalk of wheat that really doesn’t have any width, I just marked a top and bottom point.

4. Take your tights off and carefully slide in your cardboard stencil so that it fits between the marks you made on the tights.

5. Pulling the tights taught as they would be on your leg start tracing your design onto the tights with the fine point SharpieIMG_1407

6. For my design I took the cardboard out a few times to check on how it was turning out and then continued to draw the rest. If you wanna go crazy there are about a million Sharpie colors so fill in your tat if you so desire.IMG_1367

Alexandra Julian Moore