DIY: Puzzled



20130117puzzle056-2 If you haven’t noticed by now, Alex has a passion for crafting and baller gold earrings. Upon discovering a box of incomplete puzzles pieces, instead of tossing them, she decided to create some swaggy earrings instead. And lucky for you, S.O.T.H. reader, she documented in the process. What you’ll need:

20130117puzzle193-1This project was a great excuse to finally buy the metallic spray paint I’ve always wanted. I’m in love with it and it truly does dry in less than 15 minutes like it states on the can.

20130117puzzle201Old, sad, and lonely puzzle pieces. I opted to use different shaped ones. This puzzle is an ocean scene, how exciting!

20130117puzzle204Jump rings, Fish hook earrings (granted they are a lot more “brassy” than my gold spray paint but I had these already in my toolkit)


1. Go outside, ya fool, you’re gonna be spray painting.

2. From failed experience I suggest painting the backsides of the puzzle pieces first (the non-glossy side) since the paint will go on more even and doesn’t matter as much anyway since it won’t be seen much!

3. Once the backs are dry, flip over and coat the fronts of the pieces. I had to do at least 3 coats to get it even- don’t be afraid to really saturate them since the paint should dry pretty fast.

4. After completely dry (I waited about 3 hrs just to be safe), punch holes in the tops of each piece close enough the edge that a jump ring will work. I used a small hammer and nail to do mine, but I’m sure there are more precise ways as well!

5. You’ll want to use two jump rings to connect the puzzle piece to the fish hook earrings so that they face the front.

6. Put them on, feel fabulous, and enjoy the endless questions like “OMG, where did you get those!?”

-Alexandra Julian Moore