DIY Inspiration: An Embellished Beanie


By Natalie Gibson

As the first week of October begins, the feeling of fall starts to set in and the desire to wear comfy clothes gets stronger. However, wearing the same coat or jacket feels slightly boring. That means only one thing: accessories, accessories, accessories!

Follow the steps below and decorate your own stylish beanie to help spruce up your comfy fall wardrobe and stay in budget.


  • Beanie ($3 at Target)
  • Fake flowers ($2 at Michael’s)
  • Beads ($4 at Michael’s)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors/ Wire cutters
  • Paper plate

Step 1:

Gather all of your supplies.


Step 2:

Use your scissors or wire cutters to cut the flowers from their stem.  Cut off between 5 and 10 flowers.  I suggest using smaller flowers, as they are lighter and can be easily attached to the material the beanie is made of.


Step 3:

Open the bag of beads and pick out your favorites.  I bought a collective pack of light grey beads, pearls, and diamonds and ended up using only the gray beads and pearls.  


Step 4:

Lay out your beanie.  Place the flowers and beads on the brim of the beanie and play with the design.  Try out multiple designs. That way you know you’re going to be happy with the final product.  I went for different amounts of beads and flowers and tried to balance the ratio.  


Step 5:

Glue down the flowers and beads to the beanie using fabric glue.  This is crucial because normal glue will not hold your accessories to your beanie.  Make sure to put a paper plate or piece of cardboard on the inside of it as you begin to glue so the beanie does not become glued shut.  


Step 6:

After you have finished, leave your beanie to dry overnight.  This will allow the glue to set and the beads and flowers to stay secure.  


Step 7:

Show off your new creation to all of your friends! Considering the price of the bag of beads, this project costs about $10 or less.  You have complete freedom to decorate with different varieties of colors and materials and it helps you accessorize for the season!  Have fun and make sure to send the pictures of your creations to the Style on The Hill Instagram!


Modeled by Mary McCoy