Coming to You in 2013: Tomboy Tuesday


‘It’s a girl…again’…were probably the worst words my Dad could hear circa October 19, 1990. Sure, girls are sweet and everything, but for a man who played Division I sports in college (yes, sports. Plural. Basketball and football.) Norm -you can call him Norm- needed someone he could skillfully sculpt into the next J.J. Redick.*

Unfortunately, my friends, that was not me. And it certainly wasn’t my sister. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can hang in a game of pick-up or surprise you with a swift three every now and again, but can I do this at elite level? The answer is no (No matter what I say once i’ve had 3-9 beers). At any rate, it was subconsciously decided then and there: I would be raised like a boy.

Snapshot 2012-12-04 17-46-21

As a child I have fond memories of going to the park, playing on the jungle gym and then having an exit fee of 10 free throws. I was five. Gladly accompanying Norm to any local sports function, high-school, college, professional- you name it, we went! Around age six, I was forced to join an all-boys league and by seven I became an actual contender in family Knock Out games. It should also be noted that I wore backwards Chicago Bulls hat for a solid three-year period. (as seen above) And why, yes. That is, in fact, a Tamagotchi dangling ever so ’90s from my short’s loophole.

While it is true that I have since developed an unquenchable thirst for all things fashion, the bottom line is this: I will always love football, basketball, beer and wings (no napkin rule!) in no specific order.

So beginning Tuesday, in honor of dear ol’ Dad…


Guys and Gals, Style on the Hill presents to you: Tomboy Tuesday. 


Every tuesday.  Starting 2013.

While it’s no touchdown, mind you, it is however a skillful weekly exhibition of how to combine those “tomboy” items with some feminine touches. (spoiler: more polka dot tights, bitches)


New Years Resolution: To-Bro-The-Fuck-Out-Every-Tuesday

*I reference this scrappy Duke player (the only Duke player I have, and will, ever like) because my dad is a white kid too. Though much shorter. More stout. Like a little  Sherron Collins nugget.

-Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Hair & Makeup by Alexandra Chiado


  • rick

    you rock

  • Bob Heck

    Great riff Sabrina. I have seen you have grown since your Tiburon Valley girl days. ( I am not sure if you ever did become one but I thought it sounded cool). No problem in not going the total jockette mode. Your Dad is more proud of you today than ever. (Not just because you can cop KU ball tickets but that doesn’t hurt either). I am hoping to come with your Dad to see a game and experience the experience. I look forward to reading your blog every Tuesday and I will try to get the word around to my friend’s same age as you daughters
    so they know what is trending. Happy New Year. Mr. Heck