DIY: Christmas Crafting


This Christmas, Alex gave a big middle finger to “The Man” and opted instead to craft her own wrapping paper and tags.  As an alternative to using the standard ‘to: and from: sticker’, Alex used photographs to identify who presents were for.


These photo tags (as demonstrated below) can also be used strategically, by tactically placing a bow over someone’s face. maniacal laugh.


           In addition, she transformed a standard Little Tree air freshener into a present tag. To do this, Alex took an address label and simply cut it to fit over the old label. Merry Christmas, you smell bad. (We kid.)


For the grand finale, Alex “wrapped” a wine bottle using an old and lonely cable knit glove. First, she put the neck of the bottle in the middle finger and then tied the other fingers together to make a braided design.


As a final festive touch, Alex then grabbed a few sprigs of tree from the backyard. And BOOM.


Spending a total of zero dollars, cleaning up her car all while simultaneously creating creative one of a kind items…


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Alex FTW.


-Sabrina Liedtke

Photography and Crafting Genius by Alexandra Julian Moore