Chanté Gossett Debuts Spring 2014 Collection


At The Bauer, a charming loft-like gallery in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Style on the Hill’s staff indulged in the latest craft cocktails drawn up by the Campground and spent the night mingling with the most elegantly dressed in KC, all gathered to watch the unveiling of Chanté Gossett’s Spring 2014 Collection. Who would have known that a textile major from KU could host such a decadant evening of drinks, laugher, upbeat house music and, obviously, fashion?


As the show began, a sea of nuetral colors and lightweight fabrics hung on four models as they waltzed down the runway to an electronic tempo into their positions. Chanté’s show was broken into two phases and consisted of four models and eight looks. The collection presented Chanté’s hand-dyed and hand-printed fabrics that she turned into functional pieces perfect for a young, creative and stylish boutique shopper. The looks consisted of leather corsets, ’70s inspired jumpers, ombre maxi skirts, floor-length sheer dresses and high-necklined shift dresses.


Chanté hand dyes and hand prints all of her fabrics through an intensive process using diperse dye to transfer her patterns to fabrics before individually constructing each piece. Her process begins by drawing inspiration from classic beauties of historical art and fashion then simulating her ideas and sketching them on paper. Her sketches are directed by patterns, prints and silhouettes, followed by color tests and texture choices. Chanté’s Spring 2014 Collection incorporated a mix of textures and fabrics. She worked by mixing leather with sheer-printed fabrics. Pieces that particularly resemble this was a sheer, ombre maxi in eggplant color mixed with a nuetral white leather corset. Her signature print in a pattern printed on sheer fabric and a speratic combination of bright colors was contained in a simple “x” shape. This signature print was used in many of her designs.




Chanté Gossett graduates from KU this December and plans to begin a small line of ready-to-wear tops while focusing on her seasonal fall collection. Visit her website to preview her collections, and check her Facebook page for an update on upcoming events and watch her career flourish.

SOTHimage03– Emily Paulson 

Photography by Christine Carreira

Edited by Erika Reals