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Toning On Twinkle Toes: Barre Workouts Come to Lawrence


By Hayley Francis


My legs were burning halfway in to the first set of second position pliés; the term just as foreign to me as the inner quad muscles that had apparently been hibernating. I firmly told myself I could handle this as the sweat accumulated on my upper lip. Relevé, down, up, relevé. Pulse, pulse, pulse. Several rounds of various plié and squat series followed, one arm on the bar and the other firmly outstretched and curved in second position. I thought I was fit, having run competitively for the Division I KU track and cross country teams for over three years, but this was an entirely new type of workout experience. I could feel every muscle I was working; they were all screaming at me.

Local Barre:
RydeBarre Cycle + Sculpt
1520 Wakarusa Dr., Suite E, Lawrence, KS
Student Prices:
New Client Special: 3 classes $15
Drop-in $10
5 classes $45
10 classes $80
20 classes $140
30 classes $180

It was a Saturday morning and my roommate, a pregnant woman and I were the three sole victims of a barre workout at local RydeBarre. Not only was it my first stab at the trending exercise, my last ballet experience was when I was six years old. Needless to say, I didn’t know what to expect when I signed myself up for a class; but my body quickly learned barre’s burn. My internal dialogue as soon as we began: “Respect, ballerinas.”

Barre is an intensive full-body conditioning class that combines aspects of Pilates, ballet, and often yoga, incorporating the ballet barre. There are various variations, some that are more ballet-based and others that emphasize Pilates aspects or incorporate weight exercises. All are focused on toning and strengthening abdominal, glute, thigh and hip muscles through high-intensive, fast-rep exercises. Eliza Hale, co-owner and barre instructor at Lawrence’s only barre studio, RydeBarre, says she and her partner decided to offer barre classes as a complementing workout to their cycle classes because they work all different plains of motion.

“I think it’s an excellent workout because it fuses a lot of different disciplines into one,” Hale said. “You get strengthening and toning, you get increased flexibility with the stretches that are done, and there’s a great cardio element to it.”

RydeBarre opened two years ago, adding to the nation-wide, blossoming craze. Kansas City also has three barre studios, and Genesis Health Club is currently training staff to instruct classes in the near future, according to Genesis Lawrence Group Fitness Coordinator Cristal Barnes.

Other companies nation-wide are also capitalizing on the workouts’ benefits, evident of the nearly 700 corporate-owned studios now in the United States, with an estimated additional 100 opening within the next year, according to a wellness news article.

Much of this growth in popularity is due in part to celebrity endorsement, says Popsugar.com. Celebrities from Taylor Swift, Madonna, Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore have all voiced positive feedback for barre, emphasizing its noticeable physical benefits.

The physical benefits are real, according to a 2010 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. It found that participants who did two 60-minute Pilates workouts a week over a 12-week period had increased abdominal and upper-body muscular endurance and hamstring flexibility. The study said the Pilates benefits can help improve overall sport performance or athleticism.

Hale says anyone can reap the workout’s benefits as a complement to other cardio workouts. Although Hale says there haven’t been many students in her classes, she’s instructed both sexes of various ages, ranging from pre-teen to 70 years old. The workout is ideal for all ages because it’s physically and mentally challenging for all levels.

“You have to really think about the muscles you’re contracting. You can’t just make your grocery list while you’re doing pliés,” Hale said. “I have seen people who have been very, very physically fit be very humbled by the workout.” Check and mate.

After a testing fifty minutes in my first barre workout, I wanted to give myself a high-five. I had survived a class I never expected to be so challenging or rewarding. We had worked almost everything from head to toe. I was also addicted. While I was tired, I wanted to do it all over again.


Student Perspectives:

My roommate and former KU rower, Abbey Lozenski, experienced barre for the first time with me, and was also pleasantly surprised by its intensity (and her soreness the next day). “I thought it was going to be a little too prissy for me at first, but I was definitely wrong. It’s definitely a different workout than rowing,” she said. Lozenski also said she liked the class because it worked muscles she didn’t regularly target in other workouts, and it was a hard, different challenge, even for someone in good shape. “I like that you can push yourself as much as you want. I would definitely do it again,” she said.

My friend, Kaitlin Rabe, a senior engineering student from Stilwell, KS, has taken barre classes for over two years now. She says she enjoys barre because it is a great total body workout and is also fun. “Barre is one of the few workouts where I’m not constantly looking at the time to see how much of the class is left. It helps me to de-stress and focus on myself for a little bit,” she said. While she takes most of her classes in KC, she thinks many KU students don’t know about barre due to the local studio’s location and lack of advertising on campus.

Photo by Maddy Rich

Edited by Katie Gilbaugh

From KU to KC: Girl Friday, Fabric, & Fashion



Photos and story by Aleah Milliner

Located at the historic Katz Drugstore building on the corner of Westport Road in Kansas City, vintage enthusiasts and design duo Lyndsey Helling and Lauren Tweedie spend their time dreaming up ideas and inspiration for their clothing line, Girl Friday.

They occupy two spaces out of the studio, a shared building for artists in the community, and have filled the walls with sketches, chalkboard wall quotes – “selling feelings from wall to ceiling “ – fabric samples, magazine cutouts (including a photo of delicious looking doughnuts), and various other materials. Silver and gold tinsel hang from the walls, and their hand painted fabric scraps are tucked away in a corner.

IMG_0041 (1)

Upon walking into their space, you get a sense strong sense of creativity and a fun, unique style that translates into Helling and Tweedie’s various clothing collections.

The girls met while working at Donna’s Dress Shop, a vintage clothing shop in Kansas City, MO. They worked together every Friday and bonded over their mutual interests in art and design, and especially of vintage clothing.

“The shapes are really striking. It is so much more unique than modern clothing. Vintage style is really unafraid,” said Tweedie, on why she gravitates toward the style.


The pair began designing their line in their free time outside of their work at Donna’s. All of their clothing design has been a collaborative effort between the two, stemming from sketches and inspiration in the studio, and resulting in many hours and late nights of sewing.

Girl Friday debuted in June 2014 with a collection of shift dresses, circle skirts, and tunics, all constructed from vintage fabrics. They debuted their third line in September 2014, a dress collection using hand painted fabric, which included an eyeball-patterned dress.

Screenprinting was not an option for their designs, so they turned to hand painting.

“For the eyeball dress we painted yards at a time. Like a football field length of fabric. We just paint all of it, cut it up and assembled it. We wash all of the fabric first, paint it with textile pigment, let it dry, and then heat set the fabric. It is a very time consuming process,” said Tweedie, who worked with textiles in the Art and Design School while attending KU.

Both girls agree that they have grown creatively through designing Girl Friday.


“I have gotten more confident. I don’t have the best sewing skills but I have learned a lot through this whole process. I jump at making the clothes instead of being hesitant about it,” said Helling.

Helling credits Finnish textile and fashion design company Marimekko as a major influence in her creativity. While her husband was conducting research in Finland, Helling had a lot of free time to explore, and there she discovered the company.

“I have this really amazing Marrimeko book that is so good and so inspiring. It talks about the company’s history, how it started, and how it evolved. I look at that book often for inspiration.”

As for Tweedie, she sparks her creativity through shopping, wandering through antique malls, and visiting The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. She also credits Instagram as a source of inspiration.

Helling and Tweedie are currently spending their time in the studio creating their new line.

The line will be a collection of 1970s Sportswear and will debut at the 18th Street Fashion show in Kansas City June 13th, an event open to the public.


“We have a friend who can really rock a jumpsuit. We wanted to make a jumpsuit with a hood on it, and we designed it around her,” said Helling.

The newest Girl Friday line will include bold, graphic prints and their first men’s outfit. The collection will be for sale immediately after, however only five outfits will be created.

Looking to the future, the girls hope to be designing full time for Girl Friday and to sell their clothes in as many retail stores as possible.

“I feel honored when anyone expresses interest,” Tweedie said.

Edited by Katie Gilbaugh

Heard on the Hill: Second Edition


Our SOTH spies have been listening to professors, students and campus randos for the funniest, weirdest and most out of context quotes. Each week we’ll be posting a compilation of the best ones. If you’d like to contribute to Heard on the Hill, email your overheard quips to styleonthehill@gmail.com.





~~~ We found a cure to post-holiday blues with some slowjamzzzz by Bad Bitch x Strider ~~~

Downloadable MediaFire link here.


“Kaleidoscope Dope” by Matt Easton


Things are looking trippy up on The Hill as KU’s artist, Matt Easton, drops his new video Kaleidoscope Dope from his new album Grey Area.

Grey Area drops 12.10.13. For more of Matt’s songs check out his site.


-Emily Paulson 







1. Dance With Me – 112
2. Don’t Walk Away – Jade
3. Too Close – Next
4. Whatever You Want – Christina Milian ft. Joe Budden
5. Lip Gloss – Lil Mama
6. Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
7. Where My Girls At – 702
8. Case of the Ex- Mya
9. The Boy is Min e- Brandy & Monica
10. My Boo – Usher & Alicia Keys
11. Luxurious – Gwen Stefani
12. You’re Always On My Mind – SWV
13. Differences (DJ Hoodboi Remix) – Ginuwine
14. Bad Bitches Drop It (Featuring Sheila D Yeah) – Murder Mark
15. High Life – Daft Punk
17. Want U So Bad – Strider
18. Climax (Lindsay Lowend Remix) – Usher


This Isn’t Your Best Friend Zack’s Bar Mitzvah…


This a full-fledged DJ battle, my friends.

Tomorrow night, Red Bull Presents: Thre3Style University. A DJing competition that takes five of KU’s best DJs puts ’em head to head to head to head to head:

 DJ Savy vs. DJ Ray-Ban vs. DJ Feast vs. Tom Richman vs. DJ Kimbarely Legal 


Style on the Hill got an exclusive with DJ Savy and DJ Kimbarely Legal and from these pictures you can tell they’re going to kill it.SAVY_01KIMBARELYLEGAL_01

  Each DJ will preform a set of 15 minutes in which they must incorporate at least three different genres.SOTH_DJ_Savy20130130-68SOTH_DJ_BarelyLegal20130130-107

To determine the winner factors such as originality, skill, audience response, track selection as well as stage presents will all be considered.SOTH_DJ_Savy20130130-51SOTH_DJ_BarelyLegal20130130-89

So get your ass to the Granada tomorrow, then get ready to dance it off.

18 to enter 21 to Drink. Doors open at 9:30pm and tickets are $5


DJ G-Train opening the night
DJ B-Stee closing out the night




Photgraphy by Max Mikulecky
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Model: Maria Juarez



Currently our staff includes: 

Editor-in-Chief: Hannah Swank

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Founder: Sabrina Liedtke

Seasons change and semesters end, but we will never forget the original staff of Style on the Hill. 

The Beginning: 


Sabrina Liedtke
CEO + Founder + HBIC
Instagram: @sabrinasees

Sabrina is a University of Kansas alumna who graduated from the William Allen White School of Journalism in May of 2013. Born in Philadelphia and raised in San Fransisco, Sabrina founded Style on the Hill in the Fall of 2012 after two summers of interning at Style.com.  She has since led the production of two print publications titled The Hill, and continues to contribute her creative vision to our work. Sabrina currently resides in New York City.

Maria Juarez
Sabrina groomed Maria to be editor-in-chief after nearly a year of  collaboration, friendship and fighting. Maria no longer cries in public because Sabrina taught her how to channel her inner Anna Wintour. When she’s not balls-deep in SOTH business, Maria likes to play board games, drink Newcastle and go thrift shopping. She also has a lethal allergy to nuts and seafood.

 John Reynolds
 Co-founder + Creative Director + Resident Artist
Twitter and Instagram: @celebranoid

A senior Graphic Design major from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, John is currently Graphic Design intern for The Granada Theatre and Video intern for University of Kansas Men’s Basketball. Into capturing life + truth through art. Lover of universality + equality + musicality – he wants you to not give a fuck and for your dreams to come true.

 Emily Paulson
 Public Relations + Social Media Coordinator
Instagram: @emaliii


Nick Longsfeld

A second-year law student from Kansas City as well as current menswear buyer for his apartment and intern for Tucked LLC. 

Vasu Gupta
Twitter and Instagram: @vasugupta

Vasu is Photo Media student from Overland Park. In her free time, you can find Vasu taking care of her wet nosed baby named Archie, giving Red Bull to those in need of  wings or hanging out in weird places losing herself behind the lens.

Max Mikulecky

Max is a senior  Photo Media student from Kansas City. Max is the Vice President of KU’s Photomedia Student Advisory Board, an avid visual storyteller and lover of all things historical.





celebranoid - alexandra moore

At the University of Kansas, amidst a sea of Nike shorts and Jayhawk apparel, it’s nice (and rare) to sight a fashionable student roaming around campus. But here at Style on the Hill, those are exactly the people we aim to spotlight through a mix of campus, downtown and gameday street-style photography. So, for those of you who do more than just roll out of bed and show up to class in the morning, this one’s for you.

(Note: Being hungover or having pulled an all-nighter exempts you from this satirical comment.)