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Blogger Diary: Fall Filters


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…under the fading sun she savors the brightest in the fall…

Model and styling by Emma Johnson. For more go to The Bold Americana.

Photography by Bethany Hughes.



Today marks a year since we first launched!

As Founder and Editor, I am in absolute awe of all that has happened in this past year. Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?


What started out as me, Bill Cunningham-style (minus the blue smock and bicycle), running around snapping photographs of people on Mass St. and Jayhawk blvd. has rapidly grown to a dedicated staff of 20+


We’ve been featured in the University Daily Kansan.



Screen-Shot-2012-11-28-at-2.01.18-AM Screen-Shot-2012-11-28-at-1.55.08-AM

  We’ve put on fashion shows…

59676_654760271216801_544353638_n 164620_654760287883466_1333284922_n

And successfully hosted events.

We’ve launched a glossy 80-page print publication, The Hill.

To view or download:

The Hill Issue 01


We’ve been named #7 on KANSAS! Magazine’s “20 Reasons We Love Kansas”


 We definitely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all of you fine people. Cheers! And here’s to another year.

-Sabrina Liedtke

DIY Fourth of July Cutoff Shorts


What better way to celebrate American exceptionalism than crafty denim?! Here’s how you can be the baddest bitch at the Fourth of July bash.


  • Denim cutoffs
  • Masking tape (or straight edge and pencil)
  • Tulip soft fabric paint (any other paint will turn out crusty and hard – eww)
  • Paintbrush or foam sponge
  • One quarter
  • Blue fabric spray paint
  • Star stickersIMG_5679pXJPKnM6auHhliZVe41jLFyey2f8SdLlONco9lRDvr8
  1. Make a sketch of what you want your shorts to look like. Trust me, planning out what you are going to do will save you from a world of mistakes. Sketching a project is like the birth control of crafting.
  2. Place your shorts on a flat surface, and apply the tape for the first stripe. The quarter serves as a guide so you can make even stripes.step-2(Make sure you press down hard on the tape so the paint won’t ooze from beneath.)
  3. As proud Americans, you should know that the first stripe of the flag is red. When painting, use light, even brushstrokes for your first stripe. Too much paint will look cheap, as well as take too long to dry.step-3 We didn’t fight for freedom to watch paint dry. 
  4. Take a breather (about 60 seconds), then rip the tape off. Next, place the quarter right underneath the red stripe, and tape off the area right where the quarter ends.step-4
  5. Paint the next stripe with the white paint. Remember to keep your brushstrokes light and even.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you’ve reached the end of the shorts.
  7. Now, place your star-shaped stickers on the opposite panel of your jean shorts. Again, make sure you press down firmly so the paint doesn’t bleed underneath the sticker. step-7
  8. Apply the spray fabric paint, keeping a safe distance, until the desired color is achieved. If the shorts have large areas of distressed denim, place a sheet of paper underneath to prevent bleeding. 8L_VXXU8nLzoGAj2fHO6vavwihLd_EKar8e7pRQmJuQf9_cpsQ2q0JMKHjfD2eRri_JLbhrLPHoVMpL3kMrsqI-1
  9. Once the paint has dried, remove the stickers. Note: If you have light washed denim, then the fabric spray paint should work perfectly. If your denim is of a darker wash, keep using the fabric spray paint, then once it’s dry, peel off the stickers and use a fine-tipped brush to fill in the stars. iFzy0f5EVNQghOKqe8_u3kb1WSF8ZRcRqcy09S-IgoQ,xqpPYhEVE1R1Scfx8FQuhiph5BBO1-sSycfiMnaamGoEnjoy your patriotic booty!

Extra Tips for perfectionists:

  • Leave a bit of space between stripes. Wait for the paint to dry, then tape off the section above and fill in the space for a clean cut line.
  • If you have light washed denim, then the fabric spray paint should work perfectly. If your denim is of a darker wash, keep using the fabric spray paint, then once it’s dry, peel off the stickers and use a fine-tipped brush to fill in the stars.
  • Use a fine brush to paint around distressed holes and seams.

-Maria Audrey Juarez

DIY: Tattoo Tights


IMG_1399Ever wanted to be that bad bitch rocking leg tats but don’t have the guts to actually go do it? Welcome to my life. But for all of us sissies, we’re in luck! For this DIY I kept it simple on my first try with a dainty little line drawing, but you know I will be making some huge statement tiger head tats on my thighs next time.

I’ve been eyeing this fabulous pair of tights from ROMWE (as well as elsewhere) and am trying to justify the fact that my uncontrollable want is somehow a need. While I wait out my decision I decided to try out a DIY of the rising tattoo tight trend.

What you will need:IMG_1432fine point Sharpie
+ sheer nude hose
+ thin cardboard

1. Pick out your design. If you can’t draw to save your life like me, google some cool shit. Make a print out and tape it to your thin cardboard.

2. Cut your cardboard to about the width of your leg and long enough that the image will fit. Round the corners of your cardboard to avoid snagging your hose before you even get to wear them.

3. Put your tights on. With a washable marker, mark points where you want your image/tattoo to be. Since I choose to do a stalk of wheat that really doesn’t have any width, I just marked a top and bottom point.

4. Take your tights off and carefully slide in your cardboard stencil so that it fits between the marks you made on the tights.

5. Pulling the tights taught as they would be on your leg start tracing your design onto the tights with the fine point SharpieIMG_1407

6. For my design I took the cardboard out a few times to check on how it was turning out and then continued to draw the rest. If you wanna go crazy there are about a million Sharpie colors so fill in your tat if you so desire.IMG_1367

Alexandra Julian Moore

Herschel Supply Backpack Review


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and while no girl is interested in giving me love, it so happens that some people out there are picking up what I’m putting down. As a part of the ongoing StyleSeek Review Series, I will be reviewing items that SOTH received for free. Ball so hard, muthafuckas wanna wine and dine me with menswear swag. For the first installment, I was sent for review the Herschel Supply Little America backpack. I used the backpack for a week on campus, putting it through a multitude of stress tests to determine its quality and durability.SOTH_BackpackReview_Preston20130212-16The outer shell is a navy canvas, with an inner nylon liner in red and white candy stripes. The combination is water-resistant, and will protect your laptop/books/Trapper-Keeper should you find yourself on a walk in inclement weather.
The bag features two compartments: a smaller zip compartment on the outside, complete with keychain loop, and the much larger main compartment, closed by a drawstring.SOTH_BackpackReview_Preston20130212-17The smaller compartment is good for, well, smaller things (computer charger, pens/pencils). The larger compartment features a padded slot for a laptop, advertised to fit a 17” laptop. The compartment also features two small velcro pockets, presumably for more pencils/pens, or for an iPod, as one pocket had a small hole to connect headphones through. Unfortunately the pocket was too small for an iPhone, but an iPod mini or smaller would’ve fit.

A remarkable aspect of this bag is how much stuff I could fit into it. I go to law school, and I shamelessly tell people that hoping to impress them. But that also means I carry a lot of BIG BOOKS to and from class every day. Imagine carrying hardback copies of the Harry Potter series across campus, and you’ll get where I’m coming from. I’m used to carrying a full backpack, with extra books by hand, so it was nice to fit in everything I needed on a typical day. On top of that, the bag has a padded backing and shoulder straps, so it was actually comfortable too.SOTH_BackpackReview_Preston20130212-26Both compartments are fastened with magnetic clips attached to leather straps, which preserve the aesthetic appeal of the leather without sacrificing functionality by requiring you to mess with buckles. Overall the backpack is good looking, with minimal lines and a clean silhouette. I got a lot of compliments (from girls) in the course of wearing it, because babes on campus knew I was straight flexin’ on punks with BS Victorinoxes.

My only complaint was the lack of any outer pockets. My current backpack has two side slots on the outside, perfect for water bottles, sunglasses, etc. Easy-access compartments are great for such regularly used items. Not a huge deal, but something for Herschel Supply to consider on their next project. All in all, I’m a big fan of the Little America, and I’d recommend it to someone looking for a stylish, but still functional upgrade to any backpack they currently use.

Want to win this bag? Like us on Facebook and SHARE for a chance to win this backpack, valued at $139.00.

Nick Longsfeld 

Photography by Max Mikulecky

DIY: Puzzled



20130117puzzle056-2 If you haven’t noticed by now, Alex has a passion for crafting and baller gold earrings. Upon discovering a box of incomplete puzzles pieces, instead of tossing them, she decided to create some swaggy earrings instead. And lucky for you, S.O.T.H. reader, she documented in the process. What you’ll need:

20130117puzzle193-1This project was a great excuse to finally buy the metallic spray paint I’ve always wanted. I’m in love with it and it truly does dry in less than 15 minutes like it states on the can.

20130117puzzle201Old, sad, and lonely puzzle pieces. I opted to use different shaped ones. This puzzle is an ocean scene, how exciting!

20130117puzzle204Jump rings, Fish hook earrings (granted they are a lot more “brassy” than my gold spray paint but I had these already in my toolkit)


1. Go outside, ya fool, you’re gonna be spray painting.

2. From failed experience I suggest painting the backsides of the puzzle pieces first (the non-glossy side) since the paint will go on more even and doesn’t matter as much anyway since it won’t be seen much!

3. Once the backs are dry, flip over and coat the fronts of the pieces. I had to do at least 3 coats to get it even- don’t be afraid to really saturate them since the paint should dry pretty fast.

4. After completely dry (I waited about 3 hrs just to be safe), punch holes in the tops of each piece close enough the edge that a jump ring will work. I used a small hammer and nail to do mine, but I’m sure there are more precise ways as well!

5. You’ll want to use two jump rings to connect the puzzle piece to the fish hook earrings so that they face the front.

6. Put them on, feel fabulous, and enjoy the endless questions like “OMG, where did you get those!?”

-Alexandra Julian Moore





Video by Alexandra Moore + John Reynolds

Making Thrift Work: 01


If you’ve never been thrift shopping, be forewarned: the first time you try it I guarantee you will get frustrated. Shoulder pads, grandma dresses, odd prints, and strange silhouettes…they’ll all be there, waiting to greet you with not-so-open arms. But don’t fret! Little by little I will teach you how to thrift successfully, minus the headaches.

Here are some items I found today: 

 This vintage sweater was, admittedly, a bit granny-ish on the hanger.

Pictures don’t do this blouse any justice. The green hue is reminiscent of 90’s Nickelodeon slime and if that wasn’t quirky enough, it has shoulder pads!

I also bought a plain black men’s tie. It was actually one dollar. So why not?

These items are an example of me spontaneously grabbing things because I hadn’t seen them anywhere else before.

I cannot remember the last time I spotted a bright orange, knee length sweater or a bright green polka dotted button up so I snatched them up and tossed them in my cart. If I had thought beyond “Oooh bright! Oooo polka dots!” I would have put both pieces down honestly.

That’s why when thrifting, don’t think! Grab, grab, grab! Because if you hesitate you might miss out on a great item.

Any deliberating should be saved for the dressing room.

annnndddddd voilà:

I know socks and heels aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it made the outfit more…scholarly.

I used the men’s tie as a pussy bow. snicker snicker. Yes, I know…but that’s really what they’re called.

Plus the orange sweater looks super classy when draped over the shoulders!

Hopefully this helped a little?

Happy thrifting!

Jacqué Amadi

My 5 ridiculous- yet absolutely necessary- MUST HAVES


Hey hey party people, I’m Sabrina and for my first official piece I’ll be breaking down five staple items you, as a style conscious individual, should have in your closet and how to effectively implement them into various outfits.


Don’t get me wrong, black is my shit. It’s everyone’s shit. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s so flattering and such an easy go-to. However, when it comes to outerwear there is something to be said for a colorful winter jacket. It’s eye catching and, what’s more, it spices up your outfit in a major mayyjahh way.

I would either recommend a bright color or a fun pattern: magenta, leopard print, red, camo, polka dot, yellow, striped, tartan, hounds-tooth. The options are endless so feel free to get cahrayzay!

 And while it’s palpable that your new statement coat will go with any solid color, patterns on patterns is absolutely where it is at.

 Leopard print and plaid?

 Yes fucking please.

Polka dot and leopard print?

 Now we’re talking.

 So I beg of you, tell your mom you want to spend some “quality time” with her, grab her hand and drag her to the closest mall. And if she truly loves you the way she says she does she will buy you one.
(Okay, that last part is highly sarcastic. But on the real, get a job or rob a 7/11 if need be.)

On the rare occasion that you are down to seriously splurge, this season’s J. Crew jackets make me blush. They are breathtaking.

However, if you’re anything like me and your finances barely allow for items outside the realm of food and alcohol, I would highly recommend Zara. Not only are their jackets tailored really well, they also have a unique modern-while-still-being-timeless quality. (my leopard one is from Zara)

With that said, I better not see you bitches out on Mass. Street trying to start a “Who Wore It Best” situation. Because I will come out on top.


I. LOVE. ME. SOME. FUCKING. TIGHTS. I can count on one hand the good things about winter and tights happen to fall somewhere in-between ‘kegs stay cold’ and ‘basketball’.

Tights add an unexpected element to any outfit, and similarly to layering, they can add rich detail and compliment whatever you choose to don over them.

My one qualm with tights is that they rip so goddamn easily. So you’re not about to see me buying any pair that costs more than $20, and neither should you.

If you’re in Lawrence I would suggest hitting up Urban Outfitters for a funky pair (that’s where I got these bad boys). Wanting a simple opaque black tight? You’re better off finding those at Target .

 *It should be noted that the snorkel is my go-to move.  60% of the time it works every time.


A wise man once said, “I want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” Yes, in fact, that was a Ludacris lyric but his pearls of wisdom have always stuck with me.

Ludacris taught me there is nothing wrong with leaving a little more to the imagination. A dress can be form fitting without revealing what you ate for dinner that night or how many beers you’ve had. So tuck that skintight American Apparel dress back into the drawer and opt instead for something a little less Kim K. and a little more Zooey D.

Because there is something to be said for a girl who can rock a feminine dress while cussing like a sailor or doing a beer bong, for example. (I have never done either of these, Dad/future employers)

Need one more reason? Class is always in style. BOOM.


Whether you’re a sorostitute (no offense, we all know I be one too) or a hipster (I also frequent the Bottleneck) jorts have a place in everyone’s life.

ESPECIALLY IN WINTER? What? You crazy, girl?


When paired with aforementioned tights the combination can be effortlessly magical.


If you haven’t already noticed, fringe booties are everywhere and for a great reason: they go with nearly everything. A feminine dress, the jorts and tights combo, colored jeans.

Their  neutral coloring allows for the trendy fringe detail without being too much.

Sam Edelman has a pair for close to $160.

But if you google “fringe booties” you can also find identical ones for under $50- like here.

These varying price points leave you with little excuse not to add a bit of swag to your step within any budget range.

So if I see you out in these I will head give you a homie head nod out of respect. Fringe booty bitches gotta stick together.

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore
Styled and Modeled by Sabrina Liedtke

Business Comfortable Casual.


Lets face it: men’s style on campus will always lean on the casual side. And not even cozy boy casual  side – the innovative streetwear-infused sweatpants trend. I’m talking basic sweatpants, as in “I’m hungover and I wear pajamas all day. I run this campus, bro,” which I get. Because if your biggest responsibility is showing up to Western Civ. three times a week, it feels justifiable to loaf around in some loafers all day.

Of course, you’ll always have dudes rockin’ it closer to business casual because ultimately we all come to college with the aspiration of entering the professional world. In the Jayhawk microcosm of job interviews and career fairs that – might I add – lack any resemblance to a real fair (seriously, where are the goddamn funnel cakes?), sometimes you just have to class it up. I do, however, bring you good news: there is a way to meet in the middle. As evidenced below, it’s possible to both don a casual sweatshirt and maintain the appearance that you give half a shit.

Nick Longsfeld


Top 9 Trends for Fall. Yes 9.


It’s fall, bitches. It’s time to freebase pumpkin spice lattes, shove the Nike Tempo shorts to the back of the dresser drawer and try some of the latest fall trends on campus.

Trend #1 – When I think of leoopaaard, I touch myself!

Just a touch, though. With minimal effort, leopard print sassifies any outfit and can create a neutral foundation for mixing patterns. In fact, leopard is much more versatile than you think. Poetically said, it clashes with harmony yet speaks volumes in whispers. It’s the head-bitch-accessory-in-charge that goes with everything and pops perfectly with red accents.

But remember, everybody: just a touch of leopard will do.

(I would do filthy things for that jacket)

 Shout out to the cat ladies out there. Me-yow.


Holy fuck I love seeing people mix patterns. It’s like seeing someone save a baby from a burning building. The more irreverent your pattern mixing, the better, because fashion is all about personality and breaking all rules.

soft stripes and geometric prints

I do acknowledge, however, that not all of us have the balls (myself included) to clash with confidence. So here are some ways you can ease into the pattern-mixing trend without looking like you dressed yourself blindfolded and drunk (not like we haven’t all done that at one point or another):


Soft stripes with large floral patterns 

So remember:

  • Neutral or soft stripes are easy to pair.
  • Make sure your prints are in the same color scheme.
  • Large floral patterns with small stripes generally work.
  • The Briton stripe is like the vodka of pattern-mixing. It goes with (almost) everything.
  • Geometric shapes play well with bold stripes (or tweed if you’re into texture).
  • Don’t listen to me and do whatever the hell you want.

If all else fails, just try to look like an expensive homeless person.


Trend #3 – White Supremacy (the good kind)

Whoever said you can’t wear white after labor day is a fascist. Nobody likes a fascist.

Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything more arbitrary and stupid than this rule. What if I said that from now on, you have to wear purple every Thursday before 5:00 p.m.? Oh okay. I’d punch myself.

In all seriousness, the key is to wear white with cold weather textures like corduroy or tweed.

So go on, defy fashion fascism. Just be careful not to spill on yourself.


Trend #4 – Let’s Get High and Waisted


If you’re anything like me, this trend is for you. I may be slender-framed, but my waist has the girth of a fat Christmas ham. So if you can empathize with my plights, say “fuck you” to genetics with a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans this fall. Everybody looks good in them. Everybody wins – even my keg-sized torso.

And here I am, waist and all: 


Trend #5– Mr. Brightside

Whoever said bright colors are for warm seasons are probably the same people who discouraged white after labor day – assholes. Check the runway, or even the J.Crew catalogue and you’ll see. The cold weather ban on every color beside black, grey and tope has officially been lifted.


So do it.

 Trend #6– Chambray

I pray at the altar of denim shirts. They nourish my soul, give me spiritual guidance and go with everything in my closet. Everything. If you don’t have one already, get one.



Trend #7 – Once you go black…

…nobody can see your pit stains, which often occur after scaling the 14th Street hill with caffeine blazing through your bloodstream. Throw some gold accessories on an all-black ensemble, and enjoy the ten pounds you will miraculously shed by this trend’s slimming effect.

 Bottom line: you can never go wrong with black. Just ask Michael Kors, Vera Wang or Michael Jackson. The last one was a joke. Too soon?


Trend #8 – Lace-up boots

They’re takin’ over. Get ‘em while they’re hot. Now stomp up the hill.


Trend #9 – Tight, bro. Shorts for fall.

Wearing shorts with tights is a great way to expand your fall wardrobe while staying mildly warm. Black tights will always remain a classic choice, but unexpected patterns and textures command attention.

Maria Juarez

Novembeard: time to man up.


In observation of No-Shave November, it seems highly appropriate to acknowledge the growing (pun-intended) trend of men’s facial hair.

There is a clear divide between two types of people in this world: those who are Pro-Beard and those who are Beard Haters. I have witnessed both firsthand. Females who dwell among the Beard Haters usually pose complaints such as, “It’s scratchy, it’s too hipster, it looks unkempt.”

I, however, hold an unwavering Pro-Beard stance, as do many of my friends. So, guys, if you’re afraid your scruff may keep you from getting the ladies, don’t fret. There are plenty of beard-loving ladies in Lawrence.

That said, there are a few tips that guys should keep in mind about the mandatory maintenance of facial hair. Just simply growing a beard or mustache is not enough. You must groom and tame it. You must never, under any circumstances, leave the house looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. No, no. There are guidelines, my friends:

#1) Symmetry is your friend. Nobody likes a wonky beard or mustache. Nobody.

#2) No one has to know but…be inspired by celeb styles. (Clearly not Brad Pitt)

#3) There is such a thing as “going too far”. Giant’s pitcher Brian Wilson, for example, started out with a glorious and ended up…Well, you see.

 *Editors Note: Brian Wilson is a God. Go Giants! World Champs 2012, baby!

#4) Most importantly, wear your facial hair with confidence and pride. Own that manliness. 

Amanda Zimmerman



If you know me in “the real world” you’ll almost never see me in earrings, but lately I’ve hopped on the bandwagon and picked up some fabulous pieces. I don’t know what it is about gold accessories but they make me feel powerful and like I’ve got all the $$$–so of course I couldn’t resist those gold dollar signs.

Super pumped about this pink polish on my nails, too.  Pink polish is just about as hard to get right as pink lipstick, so picking up this cheap Wet n’ Wild for 99 cents saved me from too much risky business and ended up being a dollar well spent.

currency earrings

featured nail colour – or simply pick this up at your local Walgreens.

Alex Moore

Find more from Alex at Great Plain Style

Nepal Mission Bracelets


What’s better than being fashionable? You guessed it: fashionable with a side of global awareness.



One part trendy, two parts fair trade fashion.



While Nepal Mission Bracelets have recently been spotted all over the hill, these one-of-a-kind creations do much more than simply add to your already-existing “arm party” (ahem, Man Repeller). By purchasing these beaded bracelets you are benefiting women in underdeveloped Nepalese communities; allowing them to earn up to seven times more income than the average Nepalese worker per day.*

Don’t you just love when humanitarian and fashion worlds collide? And no, we’re not talking to you: frumpy canvas “Recycling is Rad” blah blah whatever bag.

So now’s your chance to finally upgrade your faded friendship bracelet and toss out that music festival wristband you’ve been unhygienically rocking since summer, for this better and brighter alternative.

Wearing the trend:


Try pairing these colorful, stackable bracelets with higher priced metal pieces such as a Michael Kors watch or David Yurman bracelets for a more casual, daytime look.

You can purchase these bad boys at Prairie Patches (821 Massachusetts st.) 3 for $30 or individually for $11.95.


*In Nepal the average daily wage is $1. Through Fair Trade Fashion Designs, Women can make six to seven bracelets a day at $1 a piece, bringing six to seven times more income per day!


Sabrina Liedtke