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How to Dress Granola


By Emma Creighton


With the fall season upon us, you may be looking to revamp your wardrobe and adapt a new style that suits the cooler weather. One style you may want to consider is the so-called “granola.” Along the growing trends of tiny homes, van life, and wanderlust, the granola style embraces the “rough around the edges” mentality and seeks comfort in fashion. If you seek adventure and have no patience for the clean and polished, perhaps the granola look is the one for you.

Two things are essential to the “granola” style; texture and layering. When in doubt, add another layer. Bonus points for mixing different textures and patterns! The core of this style is to be comfortable while still being fashionable.


The granola style also mixes fashion with functionalism. Often times the populations that rock the granola look are very active outdoors and are always up for an adventure. Shoes like Chacos, Tevas, and Birkenstocks are considered fashionable and are appreciated for their easy wear and ability to cross variations of terrain. Layers are also useful because one can be prepared for cool weather as well as warm weather by stripping and adding layers. Just like a good boy-scout, always be prepared!


Great places to buy clothes to begin building your granola wardrobe include Free People, Anthropologie, even American Eagle, and our very own Earthbound on Main Street in Lawrence. However, these stores can get a little pricey. Luckily, the granola style is all about finding odd pieces with lots of personality that work together in ways that are unpredictable. Try scavenging your closest, thrift shop or good will for flannels and chunky sweaters. Hit up Etsy for handcrafted rings that will last forever!

The granola style is all about adventure and comfort. It is a style you can make completely your own and is perfect for this fall season.

DIY Inspiration: An Embellished Beanie


By Natalie Gibson

As the first week of October begins, the feeling of fall starts to set in and the desire to wear comfy clothes gets stronger. However, wearing the same coat or jacket feels slightly boring. That means only one thing: accessories, accessories, accessories!

Follow the steps below and decorate your own stylish beanie to help spruce up your comfy fall wardrobe and stay in budget.


  • Beanie ($3 at Target)
  • Fake flowers ($2 at Michael’s)
  • Beads ($4 at Michael’s)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors/ Wire cutters
  • Paper plate

Step 1:

Gather all of your supplies.


Step 2:

Use your scissors or wire cutters to cut the flowers from their stem.  Cut off between 5 and 10 flowers.  I suggest using smaller flowers, as they are lighter and can be easily attached to the material the beanie is made of.


Step 3:

Open the bag of beads and pick out your favorites.  I bought a collective pack of light grey beads, pearls, and diamonds and ended up using only the gray beads and pearls.  


Step 4:

Lay out your beanie.  Place the flowers and beads on the brim of the beanie and play with the design.  Try out multiple designs. That way you know you’re going to be happy with the final product.  I went for different amounts of beads and flowers and tried to balance the ratio.  


Step 5:

Glue down the flowers and beads to the beanie using fabric glue.  This is crucial because normal glue will not hold your accessories to your beanie.  Make sure to put a paper plate or piece of cardboard on the inside of it as you begin to glue so the beanie does not become glued shut.  


Step 6:

After you have finished, leave your beanie to dry overnight.  This will allow the glue to set and the beads and flowers to stay secure.  


Step 7:

Show off your new creation to all of your friends! Considering the price of the bag of beads, this project costs about $10 or less.  You have complete freedom to decorate with different varieties of colors and materials and it helps you accessorize for the season!  Have fun and make sure to send the pictures of your creations to the Style on The Hill Instagram!


Modeled by Mary McCoy

Busty Girls are Chic Too: 5 Styling Tips for Top-Heavy Women


By Rebekah Swank

If you are like me, then you probably understand what it’s like to be forced to grab a top the next size up, because that medium you thought would fit doesn’t even come close to squeezing over you lady lumps.  Yes, life is hard when your style icon is Kendall Jenner or Chiara Ferragni.  It’s a never-ending battle to find clothes that are stylish and flattering.  Most days you end up throwing something on, looking like a potato sack, and accepting that this might be your fate forever.  Well ladies, put aside your sweatshirts, because the only thing you’ll be swimming in today is compliments.  Here are five styling tips for busty women.

    1. Accentuate your waist


This is the best thing you can do to avoid looking like you have no shape.  Avoid billowy tops that will hang off your chest and hide your figure.  These kinds of garments end up making you look larger than you really are.  By highlighting your waist, you can show off your real curves. 

     2. Balance with boyfriend jeans


For years, busty girls have been told to avoid this trend.  However, wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans with a well-fitting top can actually provide a little bit of balance to the top and bottom halves of your body.  Try half-tucking a button down or v-neck top into the waistband.

    3. Rompers and jumpsuits can be flattering


Most top-heavy ladies steer clear of rompers and jumpsuits.  In reality, they can be very flattering.  Most of the time they are cinched in just the right places, and the single piece means less time getting ready in the morning (bonus 10 minutes of sleep!).

     4. Long lines elongate your torso


Sometimes, busty girls can look stumpy and short.  Wearing long lines on top, like a shirt with vertical stripes or an oversized blazer, will create the illusion of a longer torso. 

   5. Own it


Busty women are often told what to wear in order to hide their natural curves. But guess what? Big boobs are beautiful too! Don’t be discouraged by the styles you think you can’t pull off, and embrace your lady lumps. 

Show off what you’ve got!

Photography by Jaidan Royal

Ethical Shopping on a Student’s Budget


By Justin Hermstedt


The only thing better than finding a new piece of clothing you love is finding it for a good price. But when I say “a good price,” I don’t mean a fair price. I mean a cheap price.

Throughout the last decade, fast fashion has made it easier and easier to find cheap, trendy clothing. Everything else seems to cost more, but you can go to the mall any day of the week and grab a pair of jeans from Forever 21 for fifteen bucks.

The inconvenient truth of the matter is that the fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, benefits from exploitative production methods overseas.

According to the American Apparel & Footwear Association, 97% of clothes in the United States are made outside of the country. Fifty years ago, over 90% was made in America. This outsourcing is fueled by a 71% cotton/29% polyester arms race, in which fashion companies vie to stay relevant by having the lowest prices. Companies that resist and only use factories in the United States, such as American Apparel, are basically being run into the ground. Strictly American-made brands cannot compete with fast fashion brands because, simply, the United States has much higher standards of how workers should be treated. There isn’t some nifty technology that has allowed clothes to be made cheaper. The cost has remained the same to construct a t-shirt, but the market demands the price to go down, so factory owners must cut corners to stay in business.

It’s widely accepted at this point that these factories barely provide their employees a living wage; the minimum wage in Bangladesh is $68 per month. However, the harms to communities in countries like Bangladesh are more than just underpaid employees. A more blatant, catastrophic example was the Rana Plaza collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2013. The Rana Plaza was a massive building that was composed of several clothing factories, a few shops and a bank. The day before the collapse, cracks appeared in the walls, but the man in charge mandated workers come back the next day for work, threatening to dock a month’s pay if they didn’t show up. The building collapsed, killing 1,130 and injuring 2,500.

The documentary The True Cost (available on Netflix) discusses these issues and covers the grand scheme of things, including legitimate environmental concerns.

Should you feel awful and guilty for supporting this industry? That’s for you to decide, but I don’t think so. The system itself is the actual perpetrator, while you were just fiending for some dope threads. All of this is sad, and no one wants to contribute to it, so what can one person like you or me do? Particularly as college students, it’s not feasible to buy only hand-made-in-the-USA luxury brands. Can ethical shopping also be economical? Fortunately, there are some tactics anyone can employ to shop a bit more responsibly.

2Wild Man Vintage

Explore the vibrant world of shopping pre-owned.

Thrift shopping is an excellent and unique option. Sure, you could only see your parents pulling off a lot of the clothes, but there are always some gems that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Many stores are selective of what clothes they take in, meaning you’re mostly looking through high quality pieces for a low price. In Lawrence, check out Arizona Trading Company and Plato’s Closet for newer, trendier, branded clothes. Wild Man Vintage, Goodwill and The Salvation Army  are perfect for finding some rare, frugal items.

If possible, stop supporting fast fashion.

Hear me out. As awful as it sounds, giving up on stores like H&M and Forever 21 is the best thing to do. Chances are you can find those brands at Plato’s Closet a month later anyway (for half the price as well).

3Wild Man Vintage

Shop more efficiently.

Seek quality over quantity. Your clothes will last longer and the extra money spent will be worth it in the end. Be sure to buy clothes that you’re excited to wear. If you have no use for a piece any more, donate it; more clothes are being bought than ever before, which means landfills are overflowing with them.

4Seen above: a shameless plug of my personal favorite thrift shop find.

* * *

All in all, the simplest advice is to reduce, reuse and recycle. As the consumers, we ultimately have the purchasing power to shape the fashion world of the future. Think of your dollars as votes. Vote for companies you want to see survive, and more importantly what types of unethical business practices you want to see die out. Every vote counts, after all.


Photography by Maria Rodriguez

Killer Croc Styles


By Logan Gossett
It starts with the email account you made as a kid. The hieroglyphic remains of that emoticon email extension that was literally just a virus contaminates your sent folder; the inbox has been marinating for years in a buffet of expired digital food; your spam folder still laboriously filters out emails from sexy, totally real singles in your area. Buried deep in the annex of the spam folder, however, is a discount code for the dinosaur of footwear: Crocs.


There’s strength in numbers, which, combined with the inherent strength of Crocs, makes for an unstoppable duo (Pro-tip: Wiggle into some Crocs to increase the likelihood of catching otherwise rare water-type Pokémon in Pokemon GO.) Photo by Nicholas Purcell. Modeled by Samuel Berridge and Blair Watson

For those who haven’t spelunked to the bottom of their spam folder, Crocs are the rubber sandal-flops that some kids wore to the pool, and other kids courageously wore everywhere. You might have overheard somebody’s mom fetishize them with, “It’s like walking on clouds!” For the most part this is true, but all of the clouds I’ve walked on were actually stale trampolines stuffed inside of a trash bag, so who knows. While podiatrists and people with eyes find them disagreeable (the most liked positive review of the iconic Classic model begins its five star review with, “Honestly, these shoes are horribly ugly,”) Crocs have curated a niche following and a signature style.


The CrocPot (pictured above), pushes the paradigm of what fashion-conscious people – and people who wear Crocs – are capable of. Photo by Nicholas Purcell. Modeled by Samuel Berridge


PunkCroc (pictued above) is a budding aesthetic that synthesizes the soothing, domesticated nature of punk with the countercultural fervor that Croc Classics are known for. Let’s Croc ‘n’ Roll! Photo by Nicholas Purcell. Modeled by Grace Macke

Nostradamus may have defeatedly sighed in his grave when Kim Kardashian endorsed Skechers, but he couldn’t sleep for weeks when he saw Prince George Croc-Crawling in 2015. I guess the saying proves true: you must learn to crawl before you can Croc! Behemoths of fashion Jack Nicholson and Jonah Hill illustrated that Crocs can be walked on with their signature elegance. Or, if you’d rather turn heads and break necks during a night out, Crocs’ Cyprus V Heels might be for you. With The Cyprus V Heels, Crocs did what they do best: compromise. They listened to their consumers and finally provided a way to go fishing without needing to swap out of high heels. Students at a Minnesota high school even danced on the Croc-Cloud for prom!


Classes at KU can be overwhelming, much like life without Crocs. Next time you’re having a difficult day, throw on your Crocs Classics and pull up your joggers — an outfit that just screams, “I am currently wearing Crocs and having a difficult day.” Photo by Nicholas Purcell. Modeled by Samuel Berridge

After monetary tumult from 2006-2011, Crocs seem to have found their market since 2012. Things aren’t necessarily looking up. Things aren’t even looking sufficient. But Crocs are unquestionably alive, which is more than Nostradamus can say. Heck, Jeff Foxworthy hasn’t even done a “You know you wear Crocs when…” bit yet! When he does, cool kids will wear Crocs to the pool again, just like the good old days.


Floating On — Crocs are a durable brand with durable tags. Photo by Nicholas Purcell

Peer into the singularity of your spam folder and you’ll see Crocs peering back. Sure, seeing Crocs is like being enveloped in latex while suffering from a latex allergy, except on the soul. And while the soul may survive after death, few souls have seen an afterlife after seeing Crocs. But Crocs’ most successful days may very well be ahead. Bruce Wayne was a nobody/billionaire before he put on his Bat-mask; Air Jordans didn’t exist until Michael Jordan did. Only time will tell if Yeezy will be renewed for another season, or if Croc reruns are gaining momentum right around the corner.


4 to Know: My Current Favorite Face Products


By Kelsey Baska

After a long day of school and work all I want to do is go home and take off my makeup, throw on a face mask, and watch New Girl on Netflix. Recently I’ve discovered some new badass products that make up what I like to call my “Dream Team”. The switch I made for these products is arguably the best decision of my life next to naming my cat after Lizzie McGuire (obviously). I’d love to share these favorites with you all so grab a glass of wine, sit back, and get ready to do some serious online shopping.

face products pacifica

1) Pacifica’s Sea Foam Complete Face Wash This stuff is an absolute dream. My sister is a huge fan of their products because she’s vegan and Pacifica doesn’t test their products on animals or use animal ingredients in their formulations. One day during a regular visit to Ulta she suggested that I try them out. I was totally down because I needed a new face wash anyway and OMG people I am never looking back. This product leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I also love the fact that Pacifica’s products are made with all natural ingredients and that some of their packaging is recyclable.

face products garner

2) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover & Cleanser I used to be obsessed with makeup remover wipes until I realized that our environment doesn’t appreciate them as much as I do. Recently, I discovered this product and I am LIVING for it. It is super gentle on my skin but powerful enough to break down all of my makeup without the need of any harsh scrubbing. Usually if I wear waterproof mascara it takes me forever to get it off but this product makes taking it off an absolute breeze. Plus, it’s only $6.99 so you have no excuses people.

face products nivea


3) Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm Ok, I probably took an unexpected turn and I’m sure some of you are like “WTF Kelsey”. But hear me out; this is the BEST foundation primer ever. Like most of you, I don’t wear makeup every single day because sometimes I honestly don’t feel like putting that shit on. But I work at a restaurant and go to school full time and sometimes I have to leave class and go straight to work. On days like those I have absolutely no time to stop by my apartment to get ready so I need my makeup to last from morning until night. My favorite makeup artist of all time (NikkieTutorials on YouTube) did a review over this product and after watching it I immediately drove to Target to buy it. This product contains the ingredient glycerin which, in a nutshell, makes your makeup stick to your skin and last all damn day. All you have to do is substitute this guy for your normal moisturizer, apply your foundation, and you’re good to go, bebe.

face products mario

4) Any Mario Badescu product ever made Next to Pacifica, Mario Badescu has been my favorite skincare brand this year. I’ve always known about this line, but it wasn’t until recent recommendations (and an Ulta sale) that I decided to take the plunge. I’ve never been a believer in buying any facial treatments that are more than $10. But I’ve realized that your skin is important and you should probably take care of it. Sure, this line might not be as cheap as what you can find at your local drugstore, but that won’t matter when you use them and you’re skin instantly turns into that of an angel. In comparison to other high-end lines, these products are reasonably priced and worth the extra cash because they’re extremely effective. I mean, I have yet to find an acne cream as magical as the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. And don’t even get me started on their Facial Spray that’s made with aloe, herbs, and rose water (who doesn’t’ want their face to feel soothed AND smell like a bouquet?).

Photography by Kelsey Baska

Street Style: Geo Gem


DSC_0068 DSC_0079

Kelsey Baska

Photography by Audrey Danser

Lolita in Lawrence


By Madeline Umali


Michelle Dunn leads the sea of bell-shaped skirts, petticoats, bows, high socks, and Mary Janes down Massachusetts Street to the Japanese Friendship Garden. Just finishing up their late lunch at Lady Bird Diner, the women soak in the April sun as they stroll past the staring and pointing of bystanders. The sun shines into Dunn’s eyes. She pulls out her umbrella, pops it open, and continues her walk.

Finally arriving at the tea garden, the group winds gracefully through the path. They all find their own rock to stand on, and, without me even asking, posed for my camera. Realizing they wanted me to take their photo, I snapped away, feeling like a paparazzi for the oddest, most niche fashion week there’s ever been.

Each person standing before my camera lens identifies as a Lolita. Lolita, a term referring to a Japanese street fashion as well as the individuals who wear it, probably means nothing to the average KU student. But for the tiny community of twelve, it means everything. The fashion, starting in the 1970-80s in the Harajuku shopping district, shows similarities to the Victorian, Edwardian and French Rococo styles. With bell-shaped dresses and Mary Jane shoes, Lolita encompasses the conservative, innocent, yet cute aesthetic.

The group meeting in the garden is the newly formed Lawrence Lolita community, or comm. The comm, founded by Dunn, a senior from Galena, Kansas, meets up every month to hang out, dress up, and discuss what’s new the in Lolita world. The meetups, which in the past have included bowling, visiting museums, and of course, tea parties, give the Lolitas an excuse to show off their new outfit or hair accessory.  Because it isn’t an every day fashion, these meets provide the Lolitas with a time and place to dress in their favorite trend.


Lolita fashion also gives the women who identify as Lolitas a chance to get out of their shell. The comm provides the Lolitas with a space where they feel safe to dress the way they want. Dagne Hammond, a sophomore from Denver, Colorado, says she only feels safe dressing in Lolita when she’s around other Lolitas, and although she really enjoys wearing it, she doesn’t like being looked at differently. “I’m already a self-conscious person, and then dressing that way…the hardest part about it is getting from inside my dorm to the car,” she says.

This is how the comm can really help its members. Although other Lolitas note that it is truly just a fashion for them, Hammond is in it more for the community.

“At the beginning of freshman year, I wanted to get involved somehow and meet other people, so I looked on Facebook to find groups I could join,” Hammond says. Since joining the Kansas City comm, and now the newly formed Lawrence comm, Hammond’s idea of Lolita has shifted from just clothes to a lifestyle. “Just by looking online, continually doing research and using it as an excuse to do more DIY projects, it’s become my pastime.”

However, for some members, including Dunn, Lolita is purely fashion. “It helps you find people who share your interests, but it’s kind of superficial. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But you can’t tell anything about someone by how they dress,” Dunn says. “There is more a culture around just the knowledge of Lolita and the lingo we’ve developed.”

That culture  found home at rock concerts in Japan with the performers and audience members wearing extravagant outfits that resembled the now-known Lolita style. Street photographer Shoichi Aoki popularized the look in his magazines, STREET and FRUiTS. This is when Lolita designers emerged, with brands like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Manifesteange Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, and Mary Magdelene, all of which are still popular. The style continued to be a part of the Japanese music culture through features on album covers and music magazines.

Lolita made its way to the United States thanks to the Internet. Lolita blogs, websites, and online fashion magazines finally gained American’s attention in the early 2000’s. Now, every major city has its own comm of Lolitas, with most connecting through Facebook and Tumblr. There is even a “Find A Lolita” website, where Dunn met Hammond.

Most Americans who know the term “Lolita” know it from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel and film. The novel and film, which focused on a man’s infatuation with his girlfriend’s young daughter, has shed a perverted light on the Lolita fashion. Click on any Lolita blog, and you will immediately see a disclaimer about the fashion having no connection to the novel and film.

“Some people think it’s like a fetish thing. That definitely exists, I’m not going to say that there aren’t people who sexualize Lolita fashion, but that’s not a part of what Lolita is,” Dunn says. The film, which sexualizes a young girl’s innocence, is the complete opposite of the Lolita intention.

Several Lolitas, including Hammond and Erin Hrenchir, a Haskell University graduate and Raintree Elementary School teacher from Paola, Kansas, say they have had to change how they explain the fashion to outsiders.

“I really avoid calling it Lolita. If someone asks me what I’m wearing, I just say that it is a fashion inspired by Victorian wear, or Rococo, or Alice in Wonderland. I don’t even drop the name,” Hrenchir says.  

That fashion stands out in the sea of hoodies, jeans and Nikes. With ruffled dresses, high socks, and layers of petticoats that make the signature bell-shape, Lolita upholds the look of modesty, youthfulness and cuteness. In Japan, the cute aesthetic, or kawaii, is extremely popular in all fashions, not just Lolita. This is very important when achieving the Lolita façade.


Although easily identifiable, it is not easily achievable. The Lolitas’ outfits must meet several guidelines, developed over time by Lolita designers, including a headpiece, blouse, bell-shaped skirt, bloomers, high socks, and Mary Jane shoes. These guidelines set Lolita apart from similar Japanese styles.

The headpiece, usually a headband or bow, must be worn to complement the entire outfit. Several Lolitas, including Dunn, even have special wigs that go along with each outfit. The blouse is conservative, with little exposed skin. Shoulders are always covered. The bell-shaped skirt is the essential Lolita piece. This silhouette is seen in every skirt, dress, or jumper, and is attained through petticoats and bloomers. A Lolita’s legs must be covered, except for the knee, by high socks, stockings or tights.


After the Lolita has met all the guidelines, she has the freedom to make it her own. The most common looks—Sweet, Gothic, and Classic—can be seen in almost every Lolita comm across the world.

“I think I’m about 50/50 sweet and gothic. I really like the gothic aesthetic, but I always fall for sweet pieces,” Dunn says. The Sweet look features a more child-like aesthetic that is more over-the-top than other Lolita looks. Usually comprised of patterned pink, white, or powder blue fabrics, the dresses contrast against the Gothic dresses, which are usually darker and richer colors.

Although aesthetically different, the looks always come back to the theme of cuteness. Even the Gothic Lolita look has some elements of cuteness, through ruffles on the dress or color in her socks.

Although cute, the look is not cheap. The typical Lolita ensemble costs between $100-$150 when purchasing from a secondhand website. If a Lolita wants a dress directly from a Japanese brand, it will cost around $300.

“It’s something you have to plan and save up for,” Hammond says. “I always plan out all my coordination and see what ways I can change it, what things I already have that can match with it, what things I can alter before I start shopping. I try not to buy random things off the Internet.”

That is, unless it’s your dream dress. For a Lolita, purchasing a dream dress is like getting a new car on your sixteenth birthday.

Dunn’s dream dress was very rare, only showing up on the Lolita secondhand website, Lace Market, every few months. She saw the dress, which is a deep navy decorated with bright pink rockets, carousels, rainbows, and cupcakes and a large seersucker bow on the chest, a year before buying it for $350. Hammond bought her dream dress a month ago after searching for eight months. The dress is a dark brown pleated dress with gold and white accents, costing her $330.

Hrenchir says every Lolita dress is her dream dress. “If I’m going to shove out a lot of money for a dress, it should be a dress I absolutely want,” she says.

Although this fashion holds up the ideals of extravagant, girly fashion, it is not an every day fashion. Unless you are a lifestyle Lolita, these styles are not a part of your daily wear. Dunn, who arrived at the interview in jeans and a dark hoodie, seemed like a completely different person than when she was popping open her black ruffled umbrella on her way to the Japanese Friendship Garden.

It’s clear that these petticoats and headbands stand for more than just a cute look. It can provide a community for people that truly love Japanese culture and fashion, even from a 15 hour flight away from the heart of Japan. It gives members of the comm a safe space to wear what they want to wear without judgment. It’s a chance to leave their boring grey hoodies behind for a fantasy dream dress, even if it is just for one day out of the month.

Photography by Madeline Umali

Street Style: Beach Vibes


hunter woodhart street style-2 hunter woodhart street style-3 hunter woodhart street style-4 hunter woodhart street style-1

Hunter Woodhart

Photography by Ikeadi Ndukwu



Editorial By Maddie Farber

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.20.53 PM

For a while, the nation saw Trump’s campaign as a comedic act, an entertaining joke. But it’s time to face the facts: Donald Trump is a very likely going to be the Republican nomination for President.

Ezra Klein, the Editor-in-Chief for Vox’s news website, leads a liberal social campaign via social media. A video he posted on February 10 blew up my newsfeed and has been re-circulating ever since. In it, Klein urges his viewers that Trump’s run for CEO of America is something we, as a nation, need to take seriously.

“He’s a dangerous personality perched atop an ugly ideology. It’s time to stop laughing,” Klein says. “This is not political entertainment; this isn’t entertainment at all. This is real, live politics.”

I, not unlike many of my friends, laugh at the thought that the once The Apprentice star is honestly going to be the next leader of this nation. His bigoted and sexist comments during his rallies and during the Republican debates makes me think that there’s no one in their right mind, in 2016, who could vote for this man. My thoughts were solidified when he was even compared to Adolf Hitler. But as his numbers continue to grow, the more I start to be wary of the reality that Trump’s shot at the White House is growing, too.

In his video, Klein says Trump’s lack of shame is one of his scariest aspects.

“He has that reality television star’s talent for not caring what he seems like on camera,” Klein says. “It is the single scariest facet of his personality. It is the one that allows him to go where others won’t, to say what others can’t, to do what others wouldn’t.”

And I agree. Trump’s lack of shame has a serious appeal to his supporters, specifically the Nixonian “silent majority.”  Despite my bubble of left-leaning friends on social media, concepts such as “micro-aggressions” and “safe-spaces”, among others, have, in reality, not been received well by everyone across the country. In an era of political correctness, Trump’s war on PC-ness is perhaps what has garnered him the majority of his followers. In other words, Trump’s lack of shame is what has been his biggest advantage yet.

Despite John Oliver’s viral #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, where he magnificently tore apart the pro-Trump agenda as well as his historical family name, we can’t ignore the facts: even though a recent Gallup poll found that 63 percent of Americans view Trump unfavorably, his winnings, like his followers, have continued to increase: his success in Nevada continued his path to get the number of delegates he needs to in order to be the GOP nominee, and his consecutive primary/caucus wins have made him the clear Republican favorite.

A poll released by Monmouth College shows that only 17.5 percent of millennials view Trump favorably, (so questionable), and while many of us are #feelingthebern, it’s important to finally recognize Trump’s non-strategy strategy has worked. Even the Democrats have told Hillary Clinton to not totally dismiss him.

So, think of Trump as a bad breakup: First shock, then denial, heartache, crying, (sometimes lots of crying), acceptance, and then finally, resilience.

It is yet to be determined if Trump will truly become the Republican candidate in the general election. But as his numbers grow, and he remains the Republican frontrunner, it’s time for us to be aware of the possibility of getting #trumped.

Graphic by Maddie Farber

The Science of Dressing Well


By Hannah Sundermeyer

science of dressing well1

Here at the University of Kansas, some days it feels like every day is pajama day. When you look around the Budig 110 lecture hall, you see a sea of sweatpants, ball caps, and oversize t-shirts. Nearly everyone appears to have just rolled out of bed, with the facial expressions to prove it.

But the guy and the girl dressed in jeans, sweaters and scarves are obviously out of place.

As I’ve seen re-tweeted countless times on Twitter, “College is really cool because you can wear the same shirt two days in a row if you have to. Your Monday, Wednesday, Friday people don’t know about your Tuesday/Thursday life.”

science of dressing well2

While the allure to dressing down grows even stronger as we enter the painfully cold winter months, science and experts, including those who dress up, can tell you the benefits.

Harrison Rosenthal, a junior from Leawood, Kan., would describe his own sense of style as “professional student,” and says he likes to have his pants pressed, his shirt starched, and his shoes shined.

“I think that in college especially, it’s important to dress up a little bit to show that respect for your instructors and the work they put into the course,” Rosenthal said. “Dressing nicely is not a sine qua non of dressing expensively. You can look nice without spending a fortune on clothing. It’s important to be mindful of how you present yourself. Because that will ultimately play into your reputation, what people think of you, and that mindfulness is an important factor. “

But Levi’s said it best in their Winter 2015 collection campaign with the mantra; Do well, live well, and dress really well.

“You can express yourself and show people who you are without saying anything. I think that’s more important than the actual way you look. You can show what kind of person you are with what you wear,” says Christian Hardy, a sophomore from Derby, Kansas.

I personally swear by the motto, “Dress well, test well.” But is there any science behind this? According to a study conducted by Northwestern researchers Adam Galinsky and Hajo Adam in 2011, there just might be.

Galinsky told the Washington Post in 2012: “Findings show that it’s not just the experience of wearing the clothes, but the symbolic meaning they hold for people. It’s the simultaneous combination of the posture or the clothes and the symbolic meaning of them that matters.”

Participants were involved in a “Stroop test” involving the identification of the color of words written. For example—the word orange written in purple ink. One group performed the task in professional, white lab jackets and made half as many errors as the constant variable group without them.

While donning a lab coat may not be the best approach for your next exam, ditch the yoga pants and your GPA just might thank you.

new shoe


Don’t know where to start? Style on the Hill has you covered:

·      Invest in a great oversized sweater. You can throw this on over a pair of leggings and stay warm and snuggly for your trek through campus.
·      A swipe of a brightly colored lipstick can upgrade a basic tee and jeans from casual to chic.
·      You can even dress up a basic pair of jogger sweats with a leather jacket and a patterned headband to hide even your worst case of bedhead.
·      Busy week? Take an hour on Sunday to iron a few button up shirts so that you don’t have to worry about it later. These can be paired with straight-legged khakis or jeans. If you’re looking for something even more casual, opt for a flannel.
·      Channel your inner Chuck Bass with a peacoat. When shopping, look for more neutral colors such as black, grey, and navy.
·      Check out JackThreads.com for unique and inexpensive pieces including a wide variety of tees, sweaters, shoes and outerwear.

5 Essentials of Hipster Style


By Imani Jacobs

5 items hipster

Hipsters are generally doing the opposite of what the crowd does. Hipster style incorporates cool t-shirts, high wasted shorts, beanies, high top shoes and etc. A hipster fashionista is like no other and isn’t afraid to stand out.

Doc Martens

5 items hipster doc marten

In the late 1990s men and women wore Doc Martens, specifically the punk and grunge crowds. Today Doc Martens are being adopted into multiple trends, like the hipster trend. These boots give off an edgy look to anyone who wears them. Colors like black and burgundy can go with almost any outfit for a casual look and ones with floral patterns are perfect for a night on the town. Rock the solid Docs with a pair of distressed jeans and a leather jacket for a street style and the floral Docs with a dress and some tights. Docs will show off the fashion rebel in you!

High Waisted Shorts

5 items hipster shorts

These acid washed high waisted shorts are the perfect addition. High waisted shorts were worn back in the 90s and have made their way back into today’s trends. You can even make your own pair by going to a thrift store and making cutoffs from an old pair of mom jeans. Don’t be afraid to rock some trendy high wasted shorts this summer!

Band/Ironic T-Shirts

5 items hipster t-shirt

Since hipsters aren’t known to be like the rest, why should we expect them to dress like everyone else? When creating the hipster look wear ironic t-shirts that make a statement. Yeezus shirts totally make that statement. Pair a band or ironic t-shirt with some Doc Martens and you’ll have hipster fashion down in no time.

Leather Jackets

Bad ass and sexy, leather jackets are a great addition to all sorts of outfits. You can add a leather jacket to a pair of jeans and boots for a rocker look or you can add a leather jacket to some black pants, a blouse, and heels for a date. No matter the occasion, leather jackets are a go-to item in the Hipster community.


5 items hipster beanie

Whether you’re cold or trying to add a simple accessory to your outfit, beanies are a great fit. Wear a simple gray beanie to stay casual or add a drastic color like neon yellow.

5 items hipster

Photography by Loghan Finney
Modeled by Meghan Anderson
Styled by Imani Jacobs

5 Essentials of Boho Style


By Imani Jacobs

5 items boho imani

Bohemian is a word that described artists from Paris, France. These artistic people made Bohemia a lifestyle that revolves around art, music, creativity, and of course, fashion. The typical Boho chick rocks items like straw hats, crop tops/ halter tops, ankle boots, patterned dresses, and plenty of jewelry! The Bohemian lifestyle is very free-spirited and open-minded, which definitely shows through in the style.

Straw/ Floppy Hat


5 items boho hat

All year round anyone can wear these hats. Throw it on as an accessory—plus, it also helps block the sun. It’s the perfect accessory to go with any Boho look. You can purchase this hat at places like Forever 21 and H&M.

Flare Leggings

These may not be the normal leggings you’re used to seeing, but these are actually better! Flare leggings are super comfortable. This specific black and white pattern gives this outfit a creative and fun vibe. You can find them in all sorts of patterns that are sure to fit your mood on any day.


5 items boho jewelry

A bohemian fashionista cannot go a day without wearing jewelry! This style incorporates all jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The necklaces normally worn by bohemians are bulky and have all kinds of jewels in them, which will make your outfit stand out. Typically a boho chick will wear layers and layers of jewelry, so pile it on!

Ankle Boots

5 items boho boots

Ankle boots are a simple and cute shoe that have never gone out of style. Just slip them on or zip them up and go! Wear them with loose fitting sun dresses or flared leggings.

Crop/Halter Tops

5 items bogo crop

Crop tops and halter tops have made their way back into our wardrobes. You can find them at stores like Pac Sun and Tilly’s with witty remarks, cute quotes, cool designs, and in multiple colors. These tops are a fun item especially in the spring or summer. Wear a crop or halter top with your favorite pair of high wasted bottoms, sandals or skirts!

5 items boho

Photography by Loghan Finney
Styled & Modeled by Imani Jacobs

Fresh Face: 5 Winter Moisturizers Under $25


By Georgia Hickam


It’s the dead of winter, which means your skin has probably become dry and flaky from those nasty, biting winds.  It’s time to pick a moisturizer that’s strong enough to fight the winds of winter, but won’t clog your pores in the process. Bonus: They’re all under 25 bucks!

Prevent dry, parched skin with these 5 moisturizers:

  1. Sephora Instant Moisturizer

Sephora.com $22

This moisturizing cream has a light texture that locks in much-needed moisture for better looking skin. And your skin soaks it right up so that you can apply tinted BB cream or liquid foundation afterwards.

  1. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

Ulta.com $14

This lotion contains broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of 30. So while it’s protecting your skin from the sun, it also helps rebuild and restore the skin’s protective outer layer.  This moisturizer also has niacinamide in it, which helps calm redness from the cold outdoors.

  1. CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

Ulta.com $17

Moisturizing is just as important at night as it is during the day.  This cream is loaded with hydrating ceramides and peptides that work to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  It works overnight to restore and refresh skin.  

  1. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

Aveeno.com $13

This oil-free product is lightweight, but gives your skin enough moisture that it won’t look and feel dry.  It calms and soothes dry, irritated skin and is gentle enough for everyday use.  It also provides UVA and UVB protection with an SPF of 15.

  1. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream

Ulta.com $8

This cream boosts skin’s natural defenses so it can hold moisture for 24 hours.  Plus, it’s 100 percent oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.

Photography by Georgia Hickam

5 Essentials for Vintage Style


By Darby VanHoutan


Fashion is cyclical, but maybe that’s not so bad. Put a fresh twist on classic styles, and voila—vintage! Calling back to the fashion of the past also adds an air of sophistication, so embrace it.

Your Mom’s Sweater

It’s time to thank your mom for never throwing out those beautiful, dusty sweaters. I personally took half of my mom’s entire wardrobe without a single regret. Firstly, your mom bought everything a size too big back in the 80’s, which means room for comfort and room to layer. Sweaters like this are perfect layered over skirts and tights, and if big enough, shaped with a thin belt. Sweaters that aren’t as big are trendy when paired with jeans and fashionable shoes like Converse for an edgier look. Thanks again mom.



Your mom had ‘em, your dad had ‘em, your uncle had ‘em, your older sister had ‘em, and you need ‘em. The possibilities with these shoes are endless, and Converse are timeless. There’s flirty pink Converse, and grungy black converse, and edgy red Converse, and just Converse in general. These shoes are great for pulling together any outfit and a staple for vintage-esque fashion.

Skater Skirt

This skirt can turn from extra girly to punk in about two outfit changes. Layer with (#1) your mom’s old sweaters, (#4) chokers, (#5) Denim vests, high socks, combat boots, and anything in between to really harness the all-around, kick-ass power of the skater skirt.

Headbands and Chokers

Accessories like headbands and choker necklaces are just as vital as the clothing worn with them. A statement hair accessory like a choker adds something to any outfit. Anything from thick one-color headbands, to trendy patterned headbands can complete a look. Chokers are one accessory from the 90’s that are coming back. Find these necklaces anywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters. These can be plain, or come with charms, to add an edgy twist to a girly look.

Denim Jackets/Vests


This fashion from the past has recently become a trendy necessity. Layer over girly sun-dresses for a flirty look or pair with (#3) a skater skirt for a punky feel. For outfits that don’t look “finished” when you’re about to leave, layer with a denim vest to change an outfit from “I have no idea what I am wearing” to “Wow I look cute. Really cute.”


Modeled by Emma Creighton
Photography by Emma Creighton

5 Essentials for Athletic Style


By Darby VanHoutan


Athleticism is sexy. It’s impossible for people to not combine fashion and athleticism in the year 2016. With clothes that are cute and double as workout appropriate, anything is possible. Pairing sneakers with an outfit doesn’t have to be awkward. Pairing a skirt with a jersey is completely trendy. Being sporty, fashionable, and feminine is possible.

New Balance sneakers


Don’t knock until you’ve tried it. Although we all may have gotten laughed at for wearing these in middle school, they’re back. Pair these sneakers with virtually anything from leggings to skirts and look trendy while rescuing your poor little feet from the KU hills. Specifically, bright neon patterns are in, and New Balance has so. many. options. Although my bank account may be hurting, my foot fashion is thriving.



Casual, but one step up from sweats.These pants cinch at the ankle and waist. They’re not baggy but they allow for…activities. Not to mention, they come in so many different styles. There are sheer, cotton, plain, patterned, etc.

Wedge Sneakers

Incredibly cute, yet surprisingly comfortable. The wedge hidden in the sneaker is like a surprise. People thought you were just wearing sneakers and that your legs are naturally that defined. That’s the best part. Though you may, and likely do, have amazing legs from all those nights at the rec, a heel always shows off every amazing muscle in your amazing legs. Multiple name brands make these wedge sneakers and stores like Forever 21, H&M, and the beloved ShoeDazzle make them as well. They keep a sporty style in any outfit, like skater style dress, or jeans, or a pencil skirt, while maintaining a sporty-style. PRO-TIP: Don’t actually wear to the gym.  

Graphic Jersey Tees


You’ve seen guys wear witty, graphic NIKE shirts that say things like “Just Did It”, etc. Now it’s your turn. A graphic tee is a conversation piece and clothing all in one. Shirts like this are great paired with sneakers, tucked into high-rise jeans or a skirt, or even worn with a flannel.



Flannels are necessary and transitional. It’s time to get over the lumberjack feeling of flannels and understand the importance of this staple to any wardrobe, especially an athletic fashionista. A flannel is perfect worn over (#4) graphic tees, sports tees, tank tops, or tied around your waist. It’s a simple thing to wear while also mixing up and making chic of any outfit.

Modeled by Darby VanHoutan
Photography by Emma Creighton

5 Essentials of a Rave Girl


By Abby Liudahl

5 items rave girl

Here’s a list of five essential pieces that everyone rave girl needs to look electric and fabulous for a night of raving. These items not only help with common problems when raving, but also allow you to get wild with your style choices. Raving is all about wearing whatever you want, as long as you can have a great time in it.


5 items rave sunglasses

While not essential for a one night rave session, sunglasses are dire when raving at a weekend long festival. Usually in the summer, festivals are in the bright and blinding sunny weather and any type of eyewear is needed to keep your eye’s protected from the harsh rays. Choosing a pair of sunglasses that can function with multiple outfits is a good idea. Look for a pair that also contrasts against your outfits, like a bright white, easy to find if you loose them on the ground, and draws attention to your face.


5 items rave outfit

Wear whatever you feel comfortable to rave in. Some girls wear bedazzled bras tights, others wear crop tops and skirts. Honestly it gets hot when raving, so wear light clothing to avoid overheating. Bright, vibrant colors are a way to stand out in a dark atmosphere and lights bounce off all the colors, making your outfit noticeable and getting you tons of compliments. (Trust me I wore this outfit and people really loved it.)


5 items rave jewel

Eye crystals aren’t a common part of an every day wardrobe, except when it comes to raving. You can do a lot with these jewels and your makeup. Put on just a few, or decorate all over your eyes! The different patterns, colors, and glitter that you can combine makes it an original fashion statement that never gets old.

5 items rave jewel2


5 items rave shoes

Always wear protective shoes! I wore flip flops to my first rave and my feet had skid marks when I came out from being trampled on them all night. Black boots are a good neutral shoe to own, because you can wear them at raves and in your everyday outfits. You also can see the dirt marks on your skin after a rave, so bottomline is don’t wear flip flops and don’t wear white, unless you have a trashy pair of shoes you don’t mind getting destroyed.


5 items rave candie

These bracelets are a big part of the rave community. The beads are even made into masks, thicker bracelets, and other intricate designs that are just beautiful. The beads can be bought at any store that sells crafts and you traditionally make a few that describe something you’ve done, places you’ve been, or any word that make you happy. There’s also a handshake that ravers do to make a friendship bond with another person and you can trade bracelets, if you choose. They’re made in a variety of colors and are a quick accessory for a complete rave outfit.

Photography by Abby Liudahl
Modeled by Mary Ann Omoscharka

5 Essentials of a Rock & Roll Fashionista


By Mary Ann Omoscharka

When we choose our clothing, inspiration comes to us in many forms. We are constantly affected by the bearings of the society around us and we find our style in all the little details that form our personalities and likings. One of the most significant influences is the music we listen to. Every genre brings diverse fashion statements. Many popular artists became the muses of designers and are therefore responsible for a great number of trends. Who can possibly forget about Madonna and her hot-messy-chic stage costumes, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era or Bob Marley reintroducing the M-65 military jacket as a casual piece?

And because “I love rock ‘n’ roll”, here are a few of the most essential items that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe if you like rocking a fierce look yourself.

5 Items rock and roll

The Biker Jacket

It is probably already hanging in your closet, isn’t it? The biker jacket has been in fashion for over decades. Irving Schott, the son of a Russian immigrant and co-founder of Schott Bros, designed the first motorcycle jacket with a zipper in 1928 and called it Perfecto. Years later, we could have seen it being worn by some of the greatest names of the music and cinema industry, such as Marlon Brando, Joan Jett or The Ramones. Rumour has it, Sex Pistols’ bass guitar player Sid Vicious wanted to be buried in his. Since then, it has gone from functional piece of clothing to a stylish must-have. The jacket has appeared on hundreds of high fashion catwalks all around the world and has also stayed on the hangers of our much-loved retail stores ever since. It comes in all different colours and designs. You can simply never make a mistake by wearing a classic black one, either with skinny jeans while going to school, your sweats, when on the way to the gym or an extravagant print dress on a night out. If you are brave enough, you could probably wear one with a formal gown as well. However, pulling off a fire-red jacket is definitely a challenge for the fearless ones. For those who love to have options, the spring season is offering a great variety of fresh pastel colours like pink, blue or yellow. Make your pick!

The Ripped Jeans

We might have paid more than 60 dollars for a torn piece of denim, but these are still the epitome of a careless, grunge outfit. Supposing you are a handy person, you could definitely create your own pair by cutting holes in your old Levi’s jeans. There are tons of videos online that can show you the right technique to do it. Try ankle length skinny trousers with a high waist. They will make your legs look longer. If you hate squeezing in those, pick out the so-called boyfriend pants that have a more relaxed fit and have been very popular for more than a couple of seasons now. A quick tip to go: Avoid wearing these to your grandparents’ house. They will immediately assume you got robbed on your way there.

The Band T-shirt

5 items rock and roll band shirt

This one is entirely up to your own preferences. You might have your own collection of band tees from every concert you have ever been to or just a favourite one with Debbie Harry, which you might have been wearing for ages. One way or another (see what I did there?), they bring back some of our finest memories and we wear them with pride and fancy sequin skirts. Throughout the years, they have gone from individual form of expression to mainstream fast-fashion trend, mainly because several retail clothing companies have added them amongst their merchandise. That means you will most likely run into someone wearing a Guns ‘n’ Roses or The Doors T-shirt who has no idea who they are.

The Statement Shoe

5 items rock and roll shoe

If you prefer looking like a daily street style sensation there are only three words you need to know – Converse Chuck Taylor. There are hardly any people in America, who have never owned a pair or two. In my case it’s 12, but who’s counting? The legendary All Star shoe got its name from Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones and became the most wanted athletic piece of footwear throughout the 20th century. Nowadays, they come in multiple colours, materials like canvas or leather and sizes for women, men, even for children. Moreover, you can personalize your own pair online. Even though they are a sports shoe, don‘t be afraid to combine them with a skirt or a dress. Seriously, even brides wear them on their big days! On the other hand, if you belong to those who appreciate a remarkable high-heel, then you should choose a pointed-toe pump or boot in colours like black or burgundy. Sounds way too ordinary? In that case, studs are an R’n’R girls’ best friend.

The Edgy Jewel

Let’s add some sparkle to the story, shall we? Accessories are a significant part of our style. They can transform an everyday average picture into an extraordinary editorial. The selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets but also headbands out there is basically endless. Celebrate the rebel you are with all kinds of shapes and designs, such as skulls, crosses or raw cut gemstones. Our absolute winners are flamboyant ear cuffs and sets of oversized rings. Take your look to another level and rock on!

5 items rock and roll purse 5 items rock roll purse 2

Photography by Abby Liudahl
Modeled by Mary Ann Omoscharka

Dress the Date! 3 Styles for Valentine’s Day (Pt. 3)


By Audrey Danser


Date 3: The Dinner Date

For the Ladies: Pinks and reds are overrated—it’s a guarantee that you’ll always be a bombshell in black, especially when your style involves leather. Black skinny jeans and a leather bomber jacket are a classic date combo that will be a sure success. There’s no reason or rule that says you have to wear a dress to a dinner date, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Honestly ladies, let’s be practical here; it’s the middle of winter and no date is worth freezing your ass off for in a tiny cocktail dress.

With the two staple articles in place, we softened our model’s look using layers and lighter colors for visual relief, keeping to a similar color palate in these accent pieces. Throw on a pair of fabulous heels and some subtle jewelry to add your finishing, personal touch.

For the Guys: Guys have it so much easier than us ladies when it comes to date outfits. Regardless of this fact though, the Dinner Date requires a little more forethought than any of the previous dates we’ve posted this week. A button down is a guaranteed pick for any restaurant atmosphere and will nicely complement any outfit your date wears, dressy or casual. Feel free to sport a fun pattern or color, such as the festive maroon shirt with subtle polka dots our model is wearing.  Relax your look by rolling up your cuffs (bonus if there’s a fun pattern underneath!) and unbuttoning a button or two in front. Pair your look with dark wash denim and nice shoes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some fun socks too—maybe even ones with a cute heart pattern.

If you haven’t made reservations already, check out Port Fonda for flavorful Mexican fare— plus, what an Instagram-able atmosphere! As an alternative to the many tasty food spots in Lawrence, consider making your date a romantic meal at home. Light some candles, make some pasta, and see where the night takes you.

Dinner2 Maddie2 Quinn1 Maddie Close

Missed our other mock-dates? Check out Date 1: The Picnic Date and Date 2: The Museum Date. Special thanks to Port Fonda!

Styled By Maddie Farber and Hannah Pierangelo
Modeled By Maddie Farber and Quinn Kastner
Photography by Hannah Pierangelo

Dress the Date! 3 Styles for Valentine’s Day (Pt. 2)


By Audrey Danser

Date 2: The Museum Date

For the Ladies: A date to the museum probably means that a) one of you on the date is artsy, b) both of you are artsy, or c) neither of you knows a thing about art, but is trying to impress the other by pretending that you do. Regardless of your standing, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your outfit. Step out of your typical pairings and try unique layering such as skinny pants with a dress, surprising color/pattern combinations, or throw on a daring accessory you love but just haven’t had the courage to wear yet. On our model, we layered a cropped lace shirt over a deep maroon dress, allowing the color to peek through the lace for a playful dimension. Taking hints from the lace pattern, we matched a daisy chain necklace, which graces just above the shirt’s neckline.

For the Guys: There’s something so huggable about a guy in a sweater. It’s the thought that you could wrap us up in it when you wrap your arms around us. Needless to say, sweaters are always a good idea. To unify our model’s look, we kept the color scheme in the pale palate, which adds to his comfortable and approachable date style.

We highly recommend taking your date to the Lawrence Arts Center. The current galleries include New Works by Lindsay Pichaske (seriously, super dope animal sculptures) and Naturally, curated by Ben Ahlvers, featuring works from Susan Beiner, John Byrd, Patsy Cox, and Jason Walker. Afterward? Well, that’s up to you. Personally, I’d head to the Bourgeois Pig and read love poems to each other.

valentines-17 valentines-20 valentines-21 valentines-26 valentines-30

A special thanks to the Lawrence Arts Center! Check back tomorrow for Date 3: The Dinner Date.

Styled By Ike Ndukwu and Holly Kulm
Modeled by Ike Ndukwu and Holly Kulm
Photography by Ike Ndukwu and Hannah Pierangelo


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