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4 to Know: My Current Favorite Face Products


By Kelsey Baska

After a long day of school and work all I want to do is go home and take off my makeup, throw on a face mask, and watch New Girl on Netflix. Recently I’ve discovered some new badass products that make up what I like to call my “Dream Team”. The switch I made for these products is arguably the best decision of my life next to naming my cat after Lizzie McGuire (obviously). I’d love to share these favorites with you all so grab a glass of wine, sit back, and get ready to do some serious online shopping.

face products pacifica

1) Pacifica’s Sea Foam Complete Face Wash This stuff is an absolute dream. My sister is a huge fan of their products because she’s vegan and Pacifica doesn’t test their products on animals or use animal ingredients in their formulations. One day during a regular visit to Ulta she suggested that I try them out. I was totally down because I needed a new face wash anyway and OMG people I am never looking back. This product leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I also love the fact that Pacifica’s products are made with all natural ingredients and that some of their packaging is recyclable.

face products garner

2) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover & Cleanser I used to be obsessed with makeup remover wipes until I realized that our environment doesn’t appreciate them as much as I do. Recently, I discovered this product and I am LIVING for it. It is super gentle on my skin but powerful enough to break down all of my makeup without the need of any harsh scrubbing. Usually if I wear waterproof mascara it takes me forever to get it off but this product makes taking it off an absolute breeze. Plus, it’s only $6.99 so you have no excuses people.

face products nivea


3) Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm Ok, I probably took an unexpected turn and I’m sure some of you are like “WTF Kelsey”. But hear me out; this is the BEST foundation primer ever. Like most of you, I don’t wear makeup every single day because sometimes I honestly don’t feel like putting that shit on. But I work at a restaurant and go to school full time and sometimes I have to leave class and go straight to work. On days like those I have absolutely no time to stop by my apartment to get ready so I need my makeup to last from morning until night. My favorite makeup artist of all time (NikkieTutorials on YouTube) did a review over this product and after watching it I immediately drove to Target to buy it. This product contains the ingredient glycerin which, in a nutshell, makes your makeup stick to your skin and last all damn day. All you have to do is substitute this guy for your normal moisturizer, apply your foundation, and you’re good to go, bebe.

face products mario

4) Any Mario Badescu product ever made Next to Pacifica, Mario Badescu has been my favorite skincare brand this year. I’ve always known about this line, but it wasn’t until recent recommendations (and an Ulta sale) that I decided to take the plunge. I’ve never been a believer in buying any facial treatments that are more than $10. But I’ve realized that your skin is important and you should probably take care of it. Sure, this line might not be as cheap as what you can find at your local drugstore, but that won’t matter when you use them and you’re skin instantly turns into that of an angel. In comparison to other high-end lines, these products are reasonably priced and worth the extra cash because they’re extremely effective. I mean, I have yet to find an acne cream as magical as the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. And don’t even get me started on their Facial Spray that’s made with aloe, herbs, and rose water (who doesn’t’ want their face to feel soothed AND smell like a bouquet?).

Photography by Kelsey Baska



Editorial By Maddie Farber

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.20.53 PM

For a while, the nation saw Trump’s campaign as a comedic act, an entertaining joke. But it’s time to face the facts: Donald Trump is a very likely going to be the Republican nomination for President.

Ezra Klein, the Editor-in-Chief for Vox’s news website, leads a liberal social campaign via social media. A video he posted on February 10 blew up my newsfeed and has been re-circulating ever since. In it, Klein urges his viewers that Trump’s run for CEO of America is something we, as a nation, need to take seriously.

“He’s a dangerous personality perched atop an ugly ideology. It’s time to stop laughing,” Klein says. “This is not political entertainment; this isn’t entertainment at all. This is real, live politics.”

I, not unlike many of my friends, laugh at the thought that the once The Apprentice star is honestly going to be the next leader of this nation. His bigoted and sexist comments during his rallies and during the Republican debates makes me think that there’s no one in their right mind, in 2016, who could vote for this man. My thoughts were solidified when he was even compared to Adolf Hitler. But as his numbers continue to grow, the more I start to be wary of the reality that Trump’s shot at the White House is growing, too.

In his video, Klein says Trump’s lack of shame is one of his scariest aspects.

“He has that reality television star’s talent for not caring what he seems like on camera,” Klein says. “It is the single scariest facet of his personality. It is the one that allows him to go where others won’t, to say what others can’t, to do what others wouldn’t.”

And I agree. Trump’s lack of shame has a serious appeal to his supporters, specifically the Nixonian “silent majority.”  Despite my bubble of left-leaning friends on social media, concepts such as “micro-aggressions” and “safe-spaces”, among others, have, in reality, not been received well by everyone across the country. In an era of political correctness, Trump’s war on PC-ness is perhaps what has garnered him the majority of his followers. In other words, Trump’s lack of shame is what has been his biggest advantage yet.

Despite John Oliver’s viral #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, where he magnificently tore apart the pro-Trump agenda as well as his historical family name, we can’t ignore the facts: even though a recent Gallup poll found that 63 percent of Americans view Trump unfavorably, his winnings, like his followers, have continued to increase: his success in Nevada continued his path to get the number of delegates he needs to in order to be the GOP nominee, and his consecutive primary/caucus wins have made him the clear Republican favorite.

A poll released by Monmouth College shows that only 17.5 percent of millennials view Trump favorably, (so questionable), and while many of us are #feelingthebern, it’s important to finally recognize Trump’s non-strategy strategy has worked. Even the Democrats have told Hillary Clinton to not totally dismiss him.

So, think of Trump as a bad breakup: First shock, then denial, heartache, crying, (sometimes lots of crying), acceptance, and then finally, resilience.

It is yet to be determined if Trump will truly become the Republican candidate in the general election. But as his numbers grow, and he remains the Republican frontrunner, it’s time for us to be aware of the possibility of getting #trumped.

Graphic by Maddie Farber

5 Essentials of Hipster Style


By Imani Jacobs

5 items hipster

Hipsters are generally doing the opposite of what the crowd does. Hipster style incorporates cool t-shirts, high wasted shorts, beanies, high top shoes and etc. A hipster fashionista is like no other and isn’t afraid to stand out.

Doc Martens

5 items hipster doc marten

In the late 1990s men and women wore Doc Martens, specifically the punk and grunge crowds. Today Doc Martens are being adopted into multiple trends, like the hipster trend. These boots give off an edgy look to anyone who wears them. Colors like black and burgundy can go with almost any outfit for a casual look and ones with floral patterns are perfect for a night on the town. Rock the solid Docs with a pair of distressed jeans and a leather jacket for a street style and the floral Docs with a dress and some tights. Docs will show off the fashion rebel in you!

High Waisted Shorts

5 items hipster shorts

These acid washed high waisted shorts are the perfect addition. High waisted shorts were worn back in the 90s and have made their way back into today’s trends. You can even make your own pair by going to a thrift store and making cutoffs from an old pair of mom jeans. Don’t be afraid to rock some trendy high wasted shorts this summer!

Band/Ironic T-Shirts

5 items hipster t-shirt

Since hipsters aren’t known to be like the rest, why should we expect them to dress like everyone else? When creating the hipster look wear ironic t-shirts that make a statement. Yeezus shirts totally make that statement. Pair a band or ironic t-shirt with some Doc Martens and you’ll have hipster fashion down in no time.

Leather Jackets

Bad ass and sexy, leather jackets are a great addition to all sorts of outfits. You can add a leather jacket to a pair of jeans and boots for a rocker look or you can add a leather jacket to some black pants, a blouse, and heels for a date. No matter the occasion, leather jackets are a go-to item in the Hipster community.


5 items hipster beanie

Whether you’re cold or trying to add a simple accessory to your outfit, beanies are a great fit. Wear a simple gray beanie to stay casual or add a drastic color like neon yellow.

5 items hipster

Photography by Loghan Finney
Modeled by Meghan Anderson
Styled by Imani Jacobs

5 Essentials of Boho Style


By Imani Jacobs

5 items boho imani

Bohemian is a word that described artists from Paris, France. These artistic people made Bohemia a lifestyle that revolves around art, music, creativity, and of course, fashion. The typical Boho chick rocks items like straw hats, crop tops/ halter tops, ankle boots, patterned dresses, and plenty of jewelry! The Bohemian lifestyle is very free-spirited and open-minded, which definitely shows through in the style.

Straw/ Floppy Hat


5 items boho hat

All year round anyone can wear these hats. Throw it on as an accessory—plus, it also helps block the sun. It’s the perfect accessory to go with any Boho look. You can purchase this hat at places like Forever 21 and H&M.

Flare Leggings

These may not be the normal leggings you’re used to seeing, but these are actually better! Flare leggings are super comfortable. This specific black and white pattern gives this outfit a creative and fun vibe. You can find them in all sorts of patterns that are sure to fit your mood on any day.


5 items boho jewelry

A bohemian fashionista cannot go a day without wearing jewelry! This style incorporates all jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The necklaces normally worn by bohemians are bulky and have all kinds of jewels in them, which will make your outfit stand out. Typically a boho chick will wear layers and layers of jewelry, so pile it on!

Ankle Boots

5 items boho boots

Ankle boots are a simple and cute shoe that have never gone out of style. Just slip them on or zip them up and go! Wear them with loose fitting sun dresses or flared leggings.

Crop/Halter Tops

5 items bogo crop

Crop tops and halter tops have made their way back into our wardrobes. You can find them at stores like Pac Sun and Tilly’s with witty remarks, cute quotes, cool designs, and in multiple colors. These tops are a fun item especially in the spring or summer. Wear a crop or halter top with your favorite pair of high wasted bottoms, sandals or skirts!

5 items boho

Photography by Loghan Finney
Styled & Modeled by Imani Jacobs

5 Essentials for Vintage Style


By Darby VanHoutan


Fashion is cyclical, but maybe that’s not so bad. Put a fresh twist on classic styles, and voila—vintage! Calling back to the fashion of the past also adds an air of sophistication, so embrace it.

Your Mom’s Sweater

It’s time to thank your mom for never throwing out those beautiful, dusty sweaters. I personally took half of my mom’s entire wardrobe without a single regret. Firstly, your mom bought everything a size too big back in the 80’s, which means room for comfort and room to layer. Sweaters like this are perfect layered over skirts and tights, and if big enough, shaped with a thin belt. Sweaters that aren’t as big are trendy when paired with jeans and fashionable shoes like Converse for an edgier look. Thanks again mom.



Your mom had ‘em, your dad had ‘em, your uncle had ‘em, your older sister had ‘em, and you need ‘em. The possibilities with these shoes are endless, and Converse are timeless. There’s flirty pink Converse, and grungy black converse, and edgy red Converse, and just Converse in general. These shoes are great for pulling together any outfit and a staple for vintage-esque fashion.

Skater Skirt

This skirt can turn from extra girly to punk in about two outfit changes. Layer with (#1) your mom’s old sweaters, (#4) chokers, (#5) Denim vests, high socks, combat boots, and anything in between to really harness the all-around, kick-ass power of the skater skirt.

Headbands and Chokers

Accessories like headbands and choker necklaces are just as vital as the clothing worn with them. A statement hair accessory like a choker adds something to any outfit. Anything from thick one-color headbands, to trendy patterned headbands can complete a look. Chokers are one accessory from the 90’s that are coming back. Find these necklaces anywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters. These can be plain, or come with charms, to add an edgy twist to a girly look.

Denim Jackets/Vests


This fashion from the past has recently become a trendy necessity. Layer over girly sun-dresses for a flirty look or pair with (#3) a skater skirt for a punky feel. For outfits that don’t look “finished” when you’re about to leave, layer with a denim vest to change an outfit from “I have no idea what I am wearing” to “Wow I look cute. Really cute.”


Modeled by Emma Creighton
Photography by Emma Creighton

5 Essentials for Athletic Style


By Darby VanHoutan


Athleticism is sexy. It’s impossible for people to not combine fashion and athleticism in the year 2016. With clothes that are cute and double as workout appropriate, anything is possible. Pairing sneakers with an outfit doesn’t have to be awkward. Pairing a skirt with a jersey is completely trendy. Being sporty, fashionable, and feminine is possible.

New Balance sneakers


Don’t knock until you’ve tried it. Although we all may have gotten laughed at for wearing these in middle school, they’re back. Pair these sneakers with virtually anything from leggings to skirts and look trendy while rescuing your poor little feet from the KU hills. Specifically, bright neon patterns are in, and New Balance has so. many. options. Although my bank account may be hurting, my foot fashion is thriving.



Casual, but one step up from sweats.These pants cinch at the ankle and waist. They’re not baggy but they allow for…activities. Not to mention, they come in so many different styles. There are sheer, cotton, plain, patterned, etc.

Wedge Sneakers

Incredibly cute, yet surprisingly comfortable. The wedge hidden in the sneaker is like a surprise. People thought you were just wearing sneakers and that your legs are naturally that defined. That’s the best part. Though you may, and likely do, have amazing legs from all those nights at the rec, a heel always shows off every amazing muscle in your amazing legs. Multiple name brands make these wedge sneakers and stores like Forever 21, H&M, and the beloved ShoeDazzle make them as well. They keep a sporty style in any outfit, like skater style dress, or jeans, or a pencil skirt, while maintaining a sporty-style. PRO-TIP: Don’t actually wear to the gym.  

Graphic Jersey Tees


You’ve seen guys wear witty, graphic NIKE shirts that say things like “Just Did It”, etc. Now it’s your turn. A graphic tee is a conversation piece and clothing all in one. Shirts like this are great paired with sneakers, tucked into high-rise jeans or a skirt, or even worn with a flannel.



Flannels are necessary and transitional. It’s time to get over the lumberjack feeling of flannels and understand the importance of this staple to any wardrobe, especially an athletic fashionista. A flannel is perfect worn over (#4) graphic tees, sports tees, tank tops, or tied around your waist. It’s a simple thing to wear while also mixing up and making chic of any outfit.

Modeled by Darby VanHoutan
Photography by Emma Creighton

5 Essentials of a Rave Girl


By Abby Liudahl

5 items rave girl

Here’s a list of five essential pieces that everyone rave girl needs to look electric and fabulous for a night of raving. These items not only help with common problems when raving, but also allow you to get wild with your style choices. Raving is all about wearing whatever you want, as long as you can have a great time in it.


5 items rave sunglasses

While not essential for a one night rave session, sunglasses are dire when raving at a weekend long festival. Usually in the summer, festivals are in the bright and blinding sunny weather and any type of eyewear is needed to keep your eye’s protected from the harsh rays. Choosing a pair of sunglasses that can function with multiple outfits is a good idea. Look for a pair that also contrasts against your outfits, like a bright white, easy to find if you loose them on the ground, and draws attention to your face.


5 items rave outfit

Wear whatever you feel comfortable to rave in. Some girls wear bedazzled bras tights, others wear crop tops and skirts. Honestly it gets hot when raving, so wear light clothing to avoid overheating. Bright, vibrant colors are a way to stand out in a dark atmosphere and lights bounce off all the colors, making your outfit noticeable and getting you tons of compliments. (Trust me I wore this outfit and people really loved it.)


5 items rave jewel

Eye crystals aren’t a common part of an every day wardrobe, except when it comes to raving. You can do a lot with these jewels and your makeup. Put on just a few, or decorate all over your eyes! The different patterns, colors, and glitter that you can combine makes it an original fashion statement that never gets old.

5 items rave jewel2


5 items rave shoes

Always wear protective shoes! I wore flip flops to my first rave and my feet had skid marks when I came out from being trampled on them all night. Black boots are a good neutral shoe to own, because you can wear them at raves and in your everyday outfits. You also can see the dirt marks on your skin after a rave, so bottomline is don’t wear flip flops and don’t wear white, unless you have a trashy pair of shoes you don’t mind getting destroyed.


5 items rave candie

These bracelets are a big part of the rave community. The beads are even made into masks, thicker bracelets, and other intricate designs that are just beautiful. The beads can be bought at any store that sells crafts and you traditionally make a few that describe something you’ve done, places you’ve been, or any word that make you happy. There’s also a handshake that ravers do to make a friendship bond with another person and you can trade bracelets, if you choose. They’re made in a variety of colors and are a quick accessory for a complete rave outfit.

Photography by Abby Liudahl
Modeled by Mary Ann Omoscharka

5 Essentials of a Rock & Roll Fashionista


By Mary Ann Omoscharka

When we choose our clothing, inspiration comes to us in many forms. We are constantly affected by the bearings of the society around us and we find our style in all the little details that form our personalities and likings. One of the most significant influences is the music we listen to. Every genre brings diverse fashion statements. Many popular artists became the muses of designers and are therefore responsible for a great number of trends. Who can possibly forget about Madonna and her hot-messy-chic stage costumes, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era or Bob Marley reintroducing the M-65 military jacket as a casual piece?

And because “I love rock ‘n’ roll”, here are a few of the most essential items that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe if you like rocking a fierce look yourself.

5 Items rock and roll

The Biker Jacket

It is probably already hanging in your closet, isn’t it? The biker jacket has been in fashion for over decades. Irving Schott, the son of a Russian immigrant and co-founder of Schott Bros, designed the first motorcycle jacket with a zipper in 1928 and called it Perfecto. Years later, we could have seen it being worn by some of the greatest names of the music and cinema industry, such as Marlon Brando, Joan Jett or The Ramones. Rumour has it, Sex Pistols’ bass guitar player Sid Vicious wanted to be buried in his. Since then, it has gone from functional piece of clothing to a stylish must-have. The jacket has appeared on hundreds of high fashion catwalks all around the world and has also stayed on the hangers of our much-loved retail stores ever since. It comes in all different colours and designs. You can simply never make a mistake by wearing a classic black one, either with skinny jeans while going to school, your sweats, when on the way to the gym or an extravagant print dress on a night out. If you are brave enough, you could probably wear one with a formal gown as well. However, pulling off a fire-red jacket is definitely a challenge for the fearless ones. For those who love to have options, the spring season is offering a great variety of fresh pastel colours like pink, blue or yellow. Make your pick!

The Ripped Jeans

We might have paid more than 60 dollars for a torn piece of denim, but these are still the epitome of a careless, grunge outfit. Supposing you are a handy person, you could definitely create your own pair by cutting holes in your old Levi’s jeans. There are tons of videos online that can show you the right technique to do it. Try ankle length skinny trousers with a high waist. They will make your legs look longer. If you hate squeezing in those, pick out the so-called boyfriend pants that have a more relaxed fit and have been very popular for more than a couple of seasons now. A quick tip to go: Avoid wearing these to your grandparents’ house. They will immediately assume you got robbed on your way there.

The Band T-shirt

5 items rock and roll band shirt

This one is entirely up to your own preferences. You might have your own collection of band tees from every concert you have ever been to or just a favourite one with Debbie Harry, which you might have been wearing for ages. One way or another (see what I did there?), they bring back some of our finest memories and we wear them with pride and fancy sequin skirts. Throughout the years, they have gone from individual form of expression to mainstream fast-fashion trend, mainly because several retail clothing companies have added them amongst their merchandise. That means you will most likely run into someone wearing a Guns ‘n’ Roses or The Doors T-shirt who has no idea who they are.

The Statement Shoe

5 items rock and roll shoe

If you prefer looking like a daily street style sensation there are only three words you need to know – Converse Chuck Taylor. There are hardly any people in America, who have never owned a pair or two. In my case it’s 12, but who’s counting? The legendary All Star shoe got its name from Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones and became the most wanted athletic piece of footwear throughout the 20th century. Nowadays, they come in multiple colours, materials like canvas or leather and sizes for women, men, even for children. Moreover, you can personalize your own pair online. Even though they are a sports shoe, don‘t be afraid to combine them with a skirt or a dress. Seriously, even brides wear them on their big days! On the other hand, if you belong to those who appreciate a remarkable high-heel, then you should choose a pointed-toe pump or boot in colours like black or burgundy. Sounds way too ordinary? In that case, studs are an R’n’R girls’ best friend.

The Edgy Jewel

Let’s add some sparkle to the story, shall we? Accessories are a significant part of our style. They can transform an everyday average picture into an extraordinary editorial. The selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets but also headbands out there is basically endless. Celebrate the rebel you are with all kinds of shapes and designs, such as skulls, crosses or raw cut gemstones. Our absolute winners are flamboyant ear cuffs and sets of oversized rings. Take your look to another level and rock on!

5 items rock and roll purse 5 items rock roll purse 2

Photography by Abby Liudahl
Modeled by Mary Ann Omoscharka

Sliding Downhill with DJ Khaled’s fashion slides


By Logan Gossett

In November of last year I began waking up thirty minutes earlier than usual. Soldiering through DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story may have only taken five minutes, but emotionally preparing myself for the viewing experience took a solid fifteen—plus I was unable to eat for at least ten minutes thereafter. Before November, I only knew Khaled as the guy who furiously garbled out his name at the beginning of nearly every track he produced (side note: listening to the evolution of Khaled’s signature yell is incredible. He goes from squealing it like a rebellious gopher on “We the Best” to growling it like a feral rottweiler on “I Changed A Lot”.) Now I almost appreciate Khaled’s Snapchat influence, but I still refrain from eating after viewing his Snapchat story for one reason: his $65 slip-on foot slides.

DJ Khaled begins every day by staring at his slides and bombarding Dee Hodges, his personal chef, with inspiration and an utterly sincere admiration for egg whites. Even while mixing tracks in the studio, Khaled finds time to plug his “We the Best” slides. When combined with his cultural prevalence, Khaled’s slides create a quandary. For example, Trump’s cataclysmic success in the caucus’ polls establishes an awful precedent for the republican party, media coverage, and all of humanity. Similarly, Khaled’s footwear has the potential to expand the prevalence of slides in fashion, which is arguably worse than president Trump’s America. Basically I’d rather see Trump as president than see Khaled’s “We The Best” slides at all.


These “shoes you wore to soccer practice or in the shower at summer camp,” as Maggie Dolan called slides in a PAPER magazine article, have been popularized by other sources, but Khaled is central to expanding their acceptance. Jeremy Scott, a lauded high fashion designer, has contributed some Lovecraftian-looking slides to the fashion industry, but he also designed shoes that eerily resembled foot shackles worn by slaves, so not all of his ideas take off. Slides are unquestionably prolific due to Khaled’s promotion of them, and nearly all of his promotion occurs on his Snapchat story.

Here are some inspirational nuggets from Khaled’s Snapchat story since I’ve been writing this, just to put things in perspective:

  1. “I was taking a serious bath.”
  2. “Some days it’ll rain; some days it won’t.”
  3. “Lion! [Rain] makes you respect your mother.”


There was a video of him staring at his aqua colorway “We the Best” slides with his “Another One” rug in the background. Words can’t even do that visual poetry justice. Even if you want to enjoy Khaled’s music for some cathartic reason, it’s impossible to separate his music from his slides. Both his songs and his snaps have more product placement than the Transformers movie franchise, so you’re going to hear shouts of “We the Best!” and “Another One!” anyway, reminding you that Khaled’s parasitic slides are just a Google search away.

Frankly, the best medium to enjoy Khaled is Snapchat—specifically showertime Khaled. When he’s gingerly scrubbing his chest in the shower he never dips the camera below the waist, which means no slides (among other things).

I like to lend Khaled the benefit of the doubt, though. Nobody has mastered Snapchat marketing like DJ Khaled. He’s a proud paradigm shifter. His lawyer drives a Ferrari. He received an iconic kiss from Madonna. And his slides are the reason I don’t eat breakfast.

Style Without The Shivers


By Audrey Danser

In any given season, our fashion choices are largely decided by the weather forecast. Unfortunately, when the temperature hovers in the mid-20s, a warm coat is unavoidable, and rather, a necessity for survival. But, by this time of winter, no matter how appreciative I am of my camel-colored, fur-hooded savior, wearing it day after day becomes suuuuuch a draaaag.

I don’t know about you, but I sure need a winter pick-me-up in the styling department. So, here’s a few ways we styled ourselves for the long winter ahead.

The Perfect Combo


Shirt, Sweater, Coat—you’re good to go! There’s something magical about the sartorial combination of layering a button-down, perfect-fitted sweater, and winter jacket. One never gets cold (or too hot) and always looks put together. The combo is comfy casual, yet simultaneously dressy. We styled this look using a subtle pattern in a sheer button-down, texture and color movement in the sweater, and topped the look off with a glamorously rugged coat.


Layer Two Jackets


Sometimes it is just so cold that one coat doesn’t do the job. Layering two jackets is an option which allows for a lot of flexibility: two lighter-weight jackets can equal one heavy-weight, or you can unzip your winter coat to display your outfit underneath without sacrificing warmth. With either option, keep the patterns and textures contrasting. In this look, we styled with different patterns (neutral vs. plaid), contrasting color (dark vs. light), and paired the hip-length wool blazer with a longer over-coat.


Pile On Those Knits


Substitute your outdoor wear for multiple sweaters. Finally! Liberation from the coat that has seemed like a fashion burden these past two months! However, knits can be tricky. Keep in mind that it’s all about the proportions and balancing—balancing both weight and hue. Layering some snug fits with oversized knits helps to hold your shape and creates visual interest in your outfit. As for color, keep with the same color family to avoid emulating grandma’s yarn basket.

On our model, we layered a more form-fitting knit on the bottom for a tighter thermal barrier to the elements—that pesky wind sure knows how to penetrate. This garment can be a part of your original outfit, or a sweater you choose to layer on as an afterthought for your walk to class. Regardless, you’ll have built-in flexibility for unpredictable indoor conditions. Next, layer on top a warm, oversized boyfriend sweater which you can hug close to your body. Awe, cozy teamwork!  

Side Note: When wearing a dress, as our model is in this particular look, tights alone can sometimes be too thin a barrier, but that’s no reason to stick to pants. Embrace socks and thigh highs over your tights, letting them peek above your boots.


Two is Better Than One


Scarves are the ultimate winter-weather accessory, so why not try two at once! Layering multiples allows for extra warmth, while simultaneously creating visual interest, as you integrate surprising pops of color and pattern into your outfit. For added dimension, try scarves of the same color palate in different textures and textiles. Here we styled our models using a neutral knit scarf as our base and then interwove a lighter denier cotton piece, but you be the creative genius!


Photography by Hannah Pierangelo
Modeled by Holly Kulm and Audrey Danser
Styling by Holly Kulm and Audrey Danser

The Quest For a Thin Waist


By Hannah Sundermeyer

Beauty is pain, but they never told me it would hurt this much.


I shoved my skin into angry folds in an effort to make the eighteen tiny metal hooks meet one another. Taking shallow breaths, I sucked in until I could see my rib cage protruding in the mirror. I grimaced at the pain-stricken reflection looking back at me as I continued to try and wrap the thick black fabric around my abdomen.

In a quest for an hourglass figure, women across the country are going to desperate measures to achieve the look that many can only achieve through Photoshop. We live in a generation that seeks instant gratification and quick fixes, especially when it comes to our bodies.

The shape wear industry is expected to earn around $680 million dollars by the end of this year, with the help of celebrity endorsements booming the sales of modern day corsets, dubbed “waist trainers,” and spandex. In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Jessica Alba said she used not only one, but two different types of waist trainers to maintain her figure and get rid of post-baby chub. Amber Rose flaunts her miniscule middle on social media, and credits her Waist Gang Society corset for her self-proclaimed “milfin” body.

I was interested to see if the results that many celebrities advocated for were true. In preparation for a looming spring break trip, I also was looking for an additional supplement to my workout regimen. On the afternoon of September 12th, I ripped the plastic off my Premadonna waist trainer with both a sense of anticipation and dread. I spent four incredibly long weeks wearing the garment seven to eight hours a day. However it always felt like much, much longer.

Posted to thelingerieaddict.com, a waist trainer works efficiently because women’s rib cages are naturally flexible. Along with bones in the pelvis as well as organs, ribs and all of the above are malleable during pregnancy, which is why the rib cage is connected to the breastbone with cartilage. As a woman’s body grows and changes the internal components are able to adapt along with it. However, waist training manipulates that flexibility in an unnecessary way. Does it work? Yes. But it does not serve a natural purpose like that of carrying a child.

Corsets are defined as a fitting undergarment stiffened with whalebone or similar material and often capable of being tightened by lacing, worn especially by women to shape and support the body. Shockingly, women have been squeezing themselves into these contraptions for the last 500 years.

According to VictoriasPast.com’s “Mini History of the Corset,” “Women were thought of as the weaker sex, therefore their minds and bodies were weak. So the corset was deemed morally and medically necessary. Tight lacing was considered virtuous—a loose corset was probably a sign of a loose woman.” However, working class women were excluded from this trend, as a corseted waist often reflected wealth and social status. Smelling salts were also a commonality, as Victorian women fainted on a regular basis due to a lack of oxygen.

In Valerie Steele’s book “Fashion and Eroticism, Ideals of Feminine Beauty from the Victorian Era to the Jazz Age,” it is stated that on average, women’s waists have been recorded from as small as 14 to 22 inches. The designer Christian Dior later brought them back into popularity in the 1940’s and 1950’s as a slim waistline and bigger hips became coveted in the fashion world. However the title corset was retired, replaced instead with girdle.

The corset comes equipped with three rows of bra like hooks. After a quick Google search, I planned out my “cinching schedule” according to the blog posts of fellow waist training enthusiasts, and with the extra strength of my roommate, strapped myself in. At the conclusion of each week it is advised to move on to the smaller set of cinches. My initial thoughts on the first day were that there was absolutely no chance I’d be able to fit into the smallest set anytime in the near future.

I was absolutely miserable for 99% of the time. I now know why Kanye West is never smiling in any of his paparazzi photos—because he has to put up with Kim in a waist trainer.

Cinching yourself into this modern day torture device is only half the battle. Once you have it on, everything becomes a million times more difficult. Sitting in class? It digs into your boobs. I had to get up for a “bathroom break” and take a lap around the building at least five times to get rid of the pain. Working out? I hope you don’t expect to breathe. Lying down seemed to be the only time during the day in which I felt somewhat comfortable.

I have to admit; there are some days where I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending 8 hours with my kidneys hand in hand and my stomach in my throat.

The impact on your organs is just one of the supposed factors that go hand in hand with this body-morphing trend.

“There is extremely little scientific data out there on this, but for a good reason.  Why would anyone suspect that this would do any good for you?” Dr. Mary J. Minkin of Yale School of Medicine said.

Manipulating your body in such a way could imminently suggest harmful effects on your inner organs; however she disagrees.

“There’s a lot of room in the belly for intestines to move around. Is somebody going to strangulate their bowels? It’s hard to imagine you could get anything tight enough to do that for you. So there isn’t any data suggesting permanent organ damage, it’s just awfully uncomfortable more than anything else. “

If somebody wants to lose weight, Minkin recommends simply adjusting your diet and getting a lot of exercise. When it comes long-term effects, wearing a waist trainer doesn’t do anything for weight loss. She says that wearing the heavier shape wear will increase your sweat production, but when you drink water, you will gain it all back. Waist trainers will not help you lose any fat.

“This is nothing new. If you go back to reading Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara supposedly had a 17-inch waist that she got from wearing a corset. Basically, people wore these ridiculous corsets in the old times, and they didn’t die,” Minkin said.

waist training

While I am far from a fictional 17-inch waist, I pride myself on being incredibly health conscious, especially when it comes to eating right. However I noticed when wearing the waist cincher I could barely finish my measured portions without feeling uncomfortable. The corset acts as a deterrent to overeat, which I’m sure plays, a role in the additional weight loss that wearers associate with the garment.  

Amy Schroeder, a senior from Colby, Kansas, has been wearing a waist trainer off and on for the last five months. Initially she decided to purchase it because she read the garment helped with posture. However, as a signed model with The I & I Agency, she decided it might also help her maintain her thin body type.

“I remember my agent telling me that I couldn’t be eating fast food and that there was no in-between, between being a model and a plus size model,” Schroeder said. “You have to either be incredibly skinny or noticeably plus size.”

Even after a few months of use, she noticed an improvement in her posture and waist size. Schroeder has now limited her corset use to her workouts only because she feels like she is getting the full effect when she’s active.

“It makes you sweat even more and I think it helps shape the changing muscle,” Schroeder said.

I’m going to be blunt. This thing makes you sweat like a portable sauna. The tightness of the garment results in a bit of, well, “drippage” all over your torso. I mean, what could be more attractive? I ended up cutting off the tops of old tank tops to slide over my stomach to create a makeshift barrier and soak up the sweat. This tight and moist environment can cause a variety of skin infections and irritations like yeast infections and folliculitis. (Imagine itchy, red bumps a million times more irritating than your worst case of razor burn.) In some extreme cases, irreversible scarring also can occur.

According to an article published in the LA Times in April, shape wear can also cause a neurological condition called meralgia paresthetica, “which causes painful burning and tingling in the thighs when there is too much pressure on nerves that run through the groin.” This can result in infertility and other reproductive issues.

I chose to not to tell my mom initially about my little experiment, as she worries more than the average parent. But one weekend when I came home to do laundry, I got lazy and she found it hanging from my hamper.

She started texting me to stop. You cannot be wearing that waist-slimmer thing. I have heard so many stories of all these women not able to have kids now and kidney damage. Hannah this is super serious and non-repairable.

Despite the maternal warnings I was receiving on an almost daily basis, I was determined to finish out my trial, despite the angst—both mental and physical—that I was experiencing. For the record, wearing a waist trainer for seven hours a day makes me a very grouchy individual.

Why the hell are women held to these outrageous standards? According to Bradley University’s The Body Project, “The compelling fact here is that just as women started to make dramatic gains in the areas of education, employment and politics, the ideal female body began to look like a malnourished preadolescent girl, weak, emaciated and non-threatening. Women may have been gaining in freedom and power, but they were increasingly encouraged to discipline their bodies through diet and exercise to conform to ideals that were almost impossible to achieve.”

By week three and sans roommate assistance, I could easily cinch myself into the last row of hooks, quite opposite of my initial prediction. I have to admit; despite the drastic measures you have to go to, it really does work. I started feeling more confident with the waist trainer on underneath clothing, giving myself the illusion of curves on my more naturally straight midsection. Whenever I wore tighter fitting clothes, I received multiple compliments on how small my waist looked—but at what cost?

Throughout my journey with a waist trainer, I feel as though it serves as more of a psychological reminder to eat smaller portions and get active, as much as the corset is a physical one. It’s not easy to forget that you are dieting when you spend most of your day in a state of semi-bearable suffocation—but my best advice? Eat right, hit the gym and skip the waist trainer to save your sanity.

The $20 Challenge


by Audrey Danser

I love thrifting; call it my version of a sport. The thrill of the hunt takes me back time and time again—sometimes I find a gem, other times I leave the shop empty handed. Of course, I often find myself among a sea of shoulder pads and nylon fabrics, but hidden between grandma’s silk tunic and grandpa’s old-fashioned knit tie is potential. Potential to create a style that no one else can mimic!

I attribute some of my most unique looks to my second-hand finds. It is easy to rationalize experimentation when you have a seeming endless supply of creative potential to pick from and the price tag is less than a cup of coffee. With $20, let me show you how it is done.

Look: Natural Monochrome

audrey full

arm edit


audrey top

Tunic: Salvation Army, $2.99

Skirt: Salvation Army, $2.99

Boots: Goodwill, $9.99

Jewelry: garage sale, $3.00

Total: $18.97

There you have it. A quick, easy look that doesn’t break the bank. Think you’re up to the $20 challenge? Show us your look on social media (tag @styleonthehill).


Fall Break Packing Guide


packing guide crop

Midterms left us beat, but solace is near as fall break closes out the hectic week. If you are headed out of town, let us help you pack as you depart on an adventure!

Packing for an extended weekend get-a-way can be somewhat of an art form. Rather than stuffing ‘whatever is clean’ into a suitcase, concise packing takes a keen eye for versatility. We took the complication out of it for you (you’re welcome!) with three fall break destination packing lists. As our staffers prepare to go to the beach, the city and into the wilderness, we’re here to guide you through the packing stress.

Break in the Big City


  • A patterned denim shirt
  • A heavy pull- over sweater, to go over your lighter-weight denim shirt to give you that, “sweater weather” look.
  • A lighter jacket -With the beautiful fall weather a lot of the country has been experiencing, you may be a bit toasty. But for those cooler city nights, through this lighter jacket over your sweater and you’re good for a night out on the town.
  • Gray pants – Gray is a classic color, perfect for all seasons, but definitely a neutral color that will bring your fall look together. Try this outfit with a pair of gray skinny jeans, too.
  • Boots on boots on boots. The great thing about autumn is getting to whip out those closed-toed shoes we missed all summer long. Pair this outfit with a pair of light brown boots or booties, or go bolder and try black. 

By Maddie Farber
Photo by Ikeadi Ndukwu

Beach Retreat

Beach Guide

  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • A lightweight sweater for those chilly nights. It is fall after all, even at the beach!
  • Sandals, which you can dress up or down. Try a pair in metallic.
  • A billowy dress to wear as a cover-up for a night of cocktails on the town.
  • An over-sized scarf to do double duty as a shade from the sun or to add color and pattern to a simple blouse.
  • Tote bag for all your beach goodies—sunscreen, snacks, and towel!
  • A good read

By Audrey Danser
Photo by Hannah Pierangelo

Weekend in the Woods


  • A sturdy flannel shirt, one that can handle some rough-and-tumble and a little dirt.
  • heavy sweater, for fireside cocoa on a cold night.
  • light jacket to keep out the wind.
  • Corduroy pants are soft, warm, and durable—perfect for fall camping.
  • Smart Wool Socks, two pair. Nothing else is going to be this comfy or cozy.
  • Some worn boots. The key here is comfort. If you’re doing camping right, then you’ll be doing some exploring, and nothing stops adventure in its tracks like sore feet.
  • backpack. Think more rugged than your campus pack. Look at Eddie Bauer or L.L. Bean for inspiration.

By Colin Murphy
Photo by Ikeadi Ndukwu


Graphic by Hannah Pierangelo

Staff Style: Audrey




Get to know our new staff this summer! We’re excited to share our fashion stories and style favorites with you each week. Today, meet Audrey. Staff Style (Audrey)When it comes to style, senior Audrey Danser is hard not to spot in the halls of the engineering complex—her unique, yet classic style sets her out from the crowd. The Style on the Hill Content Editor talks fashion atop the Standard Hotel in New York City.

You’re living in New York for the summer—how did you prepare for such a fashion conscious city?

I arrived in New York with only a carry on suitcase. During my time abroad, I learned a lot about strategic packing (see January’s article Life From a Suitcase), and I realized how little we actually need to still be able to create fashion-forward outfits. Everything I packed was carefully planned to complement each other, transform from day to night, be dressed up or dressed down, etc. I think my most creative outfits have come from when I have the least amount of clothing options. It’s just too easy when you have a wardrobe full of options available at your fingertips to have to think very hard about making an outfit special.

Why is fashion important to you?

I view fashion as an art form—creating a look involves much creativity when pairing unique colors, patterns, and textures much like any other media of art. But it also involves a lot of problem solving. Unlike a painting, an outfit is temporary. The challenge is to deconstruct one look to create a whole new look out of the same pieces.  

By stereotype, an engineer is unfashionable…

Yes, I often get asked by my engineering peers if I had/have an interview that day. I usually laugh and respond “no, it’s just a Tuesday.” It takes the same amount of time for me to slip into a dress and flats as it does to throw on jeans and a t-shirt. Of course there are some days when going casual would be nice, but I always resist—there’s something about a great outfit that gives me confidence and drive.

What’s the most creative look you’ve come up with?

I recently paired a grey one-piece swim suit  with black ankle-length trousers, a tweed cropped blazer, and a turquoise stone necklace. It doesn’t sound very interesting when I describe it, but it was fabulous!

What’s the biggest misconception people have about fashion?

That you have to have deep pockets. 95% of my wardrobe has come from thrift stores. The other 5% is spent on high-quality investment pieces. Thrifting allows me to be experimental without spending too much money on a creative thought that may not be so successful. Some of the stuff you find at a second-hand stores is just so out-there, and that’s something you can’t find at H+M or Zara.

What was your first childhood memory of fashion?

Every summer after the end of the year dance recital, I would cut up my old dance costumes and reconfigure them. I learned how to use a sewing machine and from there, I branched out and started making some of my own clothing. It’s always fun look back on the sketches and designs I created for a good laugh!

Staff Style (Audrey)2




Dressing to impress: a how to guide for landing the job


By Ashleigh Lee

It’s the night before a big interview and you are getting everything in order for tomorrow. Your resume is polished and printed. Your alarm is set, even though you won’t be able to sleep a wink. The only thing left to do is to figure out what to wear. You check the email again for the dress code– business casual. What does that even mean?

Kelsey Ploeger an assistant director at the University Career Center helps students with mock interviews, resumes and topical workshops. Ploeger helps break the differences between business professional and business casual. “Business professional is most normal for interviews, unless indicated otherwise,” Ploeger says. “Usually for women it’s plain colors, a blazer, pants, skirt and a blouse, and for men it’s nice slacks and a blazer.”

Business casual is less common, but allows for adding more personality to the outfit. “Here women can wear a casual dress or skirt without a blazer but maybe a cardigan or a sweater,” Ploeger says. “Men can wear slacks and a sweater as well.”

Ashley DeMond, a recruiter for Netsmart Technologies, recommends not being too bold in your clothing choices. “It’s more important to let your personality come out when you answer the questions during the interview than in the way that you dress,” DeMond says.

She says that it’s better to err on the conservative side and to always look sharp. “A lot of times people will come in and their shirts will be wrinkly or the shoes look worn,” she says.

One piece of advice that DeMond offers is to be comfortable in what you do end up wearing. You will appear more confident and know what exactly what you will feel good in.

Caitlin Uyemura, a senior in chemical engineering from Osage City, will begin working at Chevron Phillips Chemical in Houston after graduation as a stream process engineer.

“Engineering is pretty boring,” Uyemura says. “It’s usually frowned upon to be out the box.”

Uyemura interviewed for a summer internship at Chevron and kept her outfit simple. “For that interview I kept it pretty basic in business formal,” Uyemura says. “I wore dress pants, a blouse and low pumps.”

Uyemura’s advice to anyone going up for a big interview is to be overdressed than to be underdressed.

“More likely than not, a company is not going to not hire you for being overdressed,” she says.

Except maybe if you’re interviewing at Google. Kendal Harland a senior in computer science from Olathe, will be working for Google as a software engineer after graduation. He says that the recruiters told him specifically not to dress up for the interview.

“There were no specific requirements on what I couldn’t wear, as long as I just didn’t show up looking like a bum,” Harland says.

Start up and tech companies are usually very causal and do not require employees to dress up while interviewing or even while working. Most employees can be seen wearing graphic tees and shorts or jeans.

Fashion 0002


“For my interview I wore some nice brown boots and a button up shirt,” Harland says.

Harland recommends that people research what you should wear to the interview and the company by doing a Google search or talk to someone who already works there. He said that he saw what everyone was wearing when he visited.

“I think the only reason why I didn’t wear a suit and tie was because I looked at what people wore to those types of interviews,” he says. “It never hurts to do a bit of research.”

If you need help with your resume or searching for a job, contact The University Career Center http://career.ku.edu/appointments or call 785-864-3624.

The Man Who DJs Your Night Out



By Lyndsey Havens

“Everyone will go crazy if you play this one song, I swear,” an unidentifiable club-goer says to the man behind the plexiglass. The request will go unanswered though, as they often do. DJ Savy already has 90 percent of his songs selected.

DJ Savy has two main “crates” or playlists that he uses, both which have well over 500 songs in them. One is called “General White Person Bar;” the other is “Club Goin’ Up.”

“Part of being a good DJ is knowing your music,” says DJ Savy, more commonly known as Josh Savitt, a Kansas alum from Hopkins, Minn. “How to react to a crowd and how to best play your music — in the right way and the right order — to receive the best reactions from the crowd or audience. DJs who play only music they like suck, and DJs who don’t know when to play the right songs suck.”

Intermixed within his playlist is what can only be described as a verbal logo—an automated voice that says “DJ SAVY” blares through the surround sound speaker system in the bar as one song fades into the next. Lights flash, drinks clink and above all else, people are dancing.

Savitt, 24, graduated from the University in 2014 with a degree in social welfare. Halfway through his final year in graduate school he decided to attempt to make a living off his passion. He also has been solely DJing as a means to support himself since May.

“It’s addicting,” Savitt says. He seems uncertain as to why exactly he is so passionate about DJing, but says he enjoys being his own boss, having the power to choose where and when he gigs.

Most weekends are set in stone for Savitt ­— he DJs at Tonic on Thursdays and the Cave on Saturdays. On Fridays he rotates among various places such as Power & Light, Westport or “random Kansas City bars.” He says if DJing doesn’t work out, he will get a “real job like everyone else.”

But until then, he is perfectly content—and tonight, he takes on Tonic.

The small size of the dance floor fools the eye, making it appear to be full even though the current crowd doesn’t nearly exceed capacity. Then again, it is only 11:30 p.m. DJ Savy has at least another two hours to go.

Savitt’s parents bought him his first two turntables and a mixer in 2006. He was 16 at the time. He says he has always loved rap and hip-hop music, and appreciates artists such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali and Doomtree/P.O.S that all hail from Minneapolis.

There may be no apparent connection between a degree in social work and a career in entertainment, but Savitt says the two “commonly share positive human relationships and working with others to obtain a set of goals.” He says a DJ must learn to create the “right atmosphere,” one that motivates people to buy drinks and spend money. This essentially creates a positive relationship with the owner, manager, bartenders and patrons of the bar or club. Savitt appears to be accomplishing this particular goal tonight, considering each of the four available bars within Tonic is busy.


Being a DJ creates an unusual juxtaposition by combining a night out with work. Savitt says he often sees friends out enjoying themselves while he is DJing, and while some fall victim to annoying antics such as requesting a song or attempting to engage in conversation, he says his friends “know it’s time for me to do my thing and not be distracted, and they respect that.” Though he says others sometimes fail to understand that his work “requires complete attention.”

Occasionally though, his attention is strained when out of the ordinary things occur. Savitt says when he was recently DJing in Lawrence, “I won’t say where,” he says, he remembers talking with a customer who had apparently “been drinking all day.” Savitt says later that night, as he was packing up, the same man was found sleeping in the bathroom. “I got a good kick out of that one,” Savitt says.

The perks of being a DJ often outweigh the distractions though. Savitt says he can’t believe he gets paid to “spin records for hundreds of people” while also receiving free food, drinks and anything else he may need from the bar, club or venue.

A common misconception about being a DJ is that you get booked based on skill and appeal, Savitt says, but in reality, “the shittiest DJ could be DJing at a venue or bar” because of something as simple as having the right equipment or being friends with the booker.

“I’ve been around long enough and gained enough respect from the people in the industry that I’ve been able to secure steady, weekly gigs,” Savitt says.

One person he has gained the respect, and friendship, of is local singer-songwriter Brian Lockwood, a fifth year Communications major at the University from Vernon Hills, Ill. Lockwood says he met Savitt early in his college career. They have remained close friends ever since.

“I knew him as the guy to talk to about booking shows or really making any kind of moves in Lawrence,” Lockwood says. “He was just always putting cool events on that everyone I knew went to.”

As of lately, a usual day for Savitt is fairly formatted. He says he wakes up around 10 a.m. after coming home between 2-4 a.m. He first does some “normal day stuff,” which he didn’t specify, and then he reviews and critiques his set list from the previous night.

Savitt says his ultimate goal is to become a national touring DJ “playing gigs in different clubs and states every weekend.” The job does come with its fair share of challenges, such as carrying gear, getting gigs, staying focused for over five hours, and, of course, “making money while spinning records.” But for Savitt, such tasks are trivial.

Lockwood says Savitt is in a different position than most other DJs. “This is not what he has to do, this is what he loves to do,” Lockwood says. “And that true passion can be seen in every set.”


Edited by Erika Reals

From KU to KC: Girl Friday, Fabric, & Fashion



Photos and story by Aleah Milliner

Located at the historic Katz Drugstore building on the corner of Westport Road in Kansas City, vintage enthusiasts and design duo Lyndsey Helling and Lauren Tweedie spend their time dreaming up ideas and inspiration for their clothing line, Girl Friday.

They occupy two spaces out of the studio, a shared building for artists in the community, and have filled the walls with sketches, chalkboard wall quotes – “selling feelings from wall to ceiling “ – fabric samples, magazine cutouts (including a photo of delicious looking doughnuts), and various other materials. Silver and gold tinsel hang from the walls, and their hand painted fabric scraps are tucked away in a corner.

IMG_0041 (1)

Upon walking into their space, you get a sense strong sense of creativity and a fun, unique style that translates into Helling and Tweedie’s various clothing collections.

The girls met while working at Donna’s Dress Shop, a vintage clothing shop in Kansas City, MO. They worked together every Friday and bonded over their mutual interests in art and design, and especially of vintage clothing.

“The shapes are really striking. It is so much more unique than modern clothing. Vintage style is really unafraid,” said Tweedie, on why she gravitates toward the style.


The pair began designing their line in their free time outside of their work at Donna’s. All of their clothing design has been a collaborative effort between the two, stemming from sketches and inspiration in the studio, and resulting in many hours and late nights of sewing.

Girl Friday debuted in June 2014 with a collection of shift dresses, circle skirts, and tunics, all constructed from vintage fabrics. They debuted their third line in September 2014, a dress collection using hand painted fabric, which included an eyeball-patterned dress.

Screenprinting was not an option for their designs, so they turned to hand painting.

“For the eyeball dress we painted yards at a time. Like a football field length of fabric. We just paint all of it, cut it up and assembled it. We wash all of the fabric first, paint it with textile pigment, let it dry, and then heat set the fabric. It is a very time consuming process,” said Tweedie, who worked with textiles in the Art and Design School while attending KU.

Both girls agree that they have grown creatively through designing Girl Friday.


“I have gotten more confident. I don’t have the best sewing skills but I have learned a lot through this whole process. I jump at making the clothes instead of being hesitant about it,” said Helling.

Helling credits Finnish textile and fashion design company Marimekko as a major influence in her creativity. While her husband was conducting research in Finland, Helling had a lot of free time to explore, and there she discovered the company.

“I have this really amazing Marrimeko book that is so good and so inspiring. It talks about the company’s history, how it started, and how it evolved. I look at that book often for inspiration.”

As for Tweedie, she sparks her creativity through shopping, wandering through antique malls, and visiting The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. She also credits Instagram as a source of inspiration.

Helling and Tweedie are currently spending their time in the studio creating their new line.

The line will be a collection of 1970s Sportswear and will debut at the 18th Street Fashion show in Kansas City June 13th, an event open to the public.


“We have a friend who can really rock a jumpsuit. We wanted to make a jumpsuit with a hood on it, and we designed it around her,” said Helling.

The newest Girl Friday line will include bold, graphic prints and their first men’s outfit. The collection will be for sale immediately after, however only five outfits will be created.

Looking to the future, the girls hope to be designing full time for Girl Friday and to sell their clothes in as many retail stores as possible.

“I feel honored when anyone expresses interest,” Tweedie said.

Edited by Katie Gilbaugh

THE Definitive Guide to Leggings


IMG_5473 By Audrey Danser

5 ways to wear ’em

For many students, throwing on a pair of leggings is the warmest and most comfortable solution to the bitter Kansas wind this time of year. However, instead of using leggings as an excuse for dressing down, here are five simple ways that leggings can be worn to dress comfortably while also achieving a polished look. Pulling together a more fashion-oriented outfit does not have to take much effort.

1. Save the athletic wear for the gym.

Leggings that look like athletic wear (you know, the black ones with bright pink V’s at the calf) should be saved for working out. I understand that it is convenient and comfortable to throw on the ‘athletic’ outfit for those early morning classes and just stay dressed that way for the rest of the day until you do actually make it to the gym, but that’s no justification. The rec center has locker rooms for outfit changes.

2. Tunics cover more than a T-shirt.

Tunics are too short to wear with tights, yet they look odd when paired with jeans. However, with skin-hugging leggings, the proportion is perfect: not too revealing and not too conservative. Now throw on a thick knit scarf and riding boots and you’re ready to face the winter wind. Tunics also, ahem… cover your booty (see October’s article ‘Butt Why: the Return of the Backside’).


3. Wear them like tights.

The thought of wearing a dress or skirt in the winter can be chilling. However, if you pair a dress or skirt with more densely knit leggings, the weather and coverage is no problem. Although traditionally black, just like tights, leggings come in all different patterns and colors. When paired with a simple, neutral outfit like a solid black or grey dress, colorful leg wear can be a fun detail.

4. Wear it with a blazer.

What’s more striking than juxtaposition? Full-length black leggings can actually be quite sleek if paired with the right combination. Try pairing your outfit with black booties, a fit-and-flair-blouse, statement necklace and top-knot for a polished look. Alternatively, continue with the theme of juxtaposition and replace the blouse for your favorite band’s vintage T-shirt.

5. Think Audrey Hepburn.

Go for simple, yet elegant. Try pairing your 3/4 length black leggings with a black and white striped long sleeve T-shirt and flats. Top off your look with bold red lips for a pop of color. Now, how is that any more difficult to throw on in the mornings than what you’re already wearing?


 Photos by Hannah Mougel

Modeling by Bailey Degnan

Edited by Katie Gilbaugh and Erika Reals

Life from a Suitcase: Tips for Study Abroad Packing


CS 2

By Audrey Danser

Packing for a long-term trip is no easy ordeal, especially if you’re concerned with fashion. I was recently faced with this packing predicament (and might I add much fashion anxiety) when I prepared my luggage for a four-month long study abroad experience.

How was I going to do without my vintage gold beaded clutch with the delicate nearly-there strap or that perfectly structured LBD that makes me feel like Audrey at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Or even my yellow snakeskin sandals that are completely impractical for city walking but are just too cute that the look themselves make up for the blisters that come later. As I tried to pick out what I was going to bring with a 50-pound limit, including all of my other essentials packed alongside, I couldn’t help but wonder, would I have to be unstylish in Europe?

I answered my own question in the first week on location. If you pack smartly, a minimized wardrobe can be quite versatile and a 20″ suitcase is more than enough room.

If you’re anything like me, I envisioned myself with a changed fashion style across the pond–perhaps a little more edgy and daring. Chances are, however, if you don’t wear it at home, you won’t have a sudden and drastic change in style while traveling. After the first few weeks, no matter how hard you try, you’ll revert back to what is most comfortable for you to attend class, study and play in.

SA 2

Sophomore Megan Reschke, who studied for a semester at University College Cork in Ireland, avoided packing frivolous statement pieces by receiving guidance from blogs of students who had studied abroad in Europe.

“I spent a significant amount of time looking into the general style of my particular country,” Reschke said. “I decided not to bring anything too trendy, just because I wasn’t certain that trends in Kansas were the same as trends in Ireland.”

Making a wardrobe feel new during several weeks and the same clothing is all about working with the composition–pairing unexpected materials, textures or subtle patterns to create a unique look.

Senior Mary Rose Scarpelli, who just returned from her second KU study abroad experience, advises that shoes are the best investment.

“Here I walk a lot, there I walked a lot,” she noted, and adding that an investment pair of versatile boots and walking sandals purchased specifically for these trips were worth the while.

Apart from smart shoe choices, neutral outer wear is important because a jacket is how you present yourself to the world: it is worn walking to class, worn out to the pub on chilly nights, and is seen in all of your tourist photos that you’ll post on your blog. It is key to keep the design, fit and color (camel or black) simple. A basic form can easily be transformed by a bold scarf, broach and statement bag.

Ultimately, when choosing the perfect travel wardrobe, keep in mind that the less you pack now, the more room in your luggage later for unique finds you’ll discover abroad. Those pieces will be introduced into your home wardrobe soon enough and will have a much more significant meaning to you than that extra pair of plum-colored Harlem pants you had once considered packing.


Edited by Katie Gilbaugh

Photos by Audrey Danser

The 3 Investment Pieces to Get You Through Fall


By Jordan MacGillivray


Fall weather is sweeping in, and with the weather here in Lawrence, Kansas, I advise everyone to consider their outfits sooner than expected. This cold weather definitely calls for the fall necessities, which includes layers, layers, and, yes – more layers. However, figuring out what layers and, more specifically, which fall trends to spend your money on can be a challenge. I’m here to make that difficult decision easier.

1. Riding Boots


The need for good footwear is imperative, especially when walking around campus and up the hill. A good, solid pair of riding boots is a pivotal factor in this season’s fall trends. Convincing yourself to spend the money on boots shouldn’t be too difficult since brown or black riding boots can go with everything from game-day dresses to skinny jeans and big sweaters. This is an ingenious way to make any outfit look that much more put together.

2. Outerwear


The beginning of our fall season has brought many inches of rain with endless amounts of cold wind. A nice windbreaker or anorak is of the upmost importance, and the great thing is there are many affordable options – H&M has great ones! However, when it comes to a strong jacket that is primarily for warmth, I recommend investing in one that will last for many years to come. A jacket with an inside that can be taken out can also double as a raincoat or light top layer. For inexpensive trends, try outerwear in jewel tones or soft, romantic colors. I’m particularly interested in the pastel pink, faux fur coats.

3. Dark Wash Denim


When it comes to jeans, I recommend investing in a good pair of dark wash skinny jeans. These jeans are essential for cold weather and are transitional into any approaching season. This fall, dark plum and emerald green colors are extremely popular, and what better way to incorporate these hues into your wardrobe than colored denim? Instead of investing in trendy high-end pieces, there are much more affordable places, like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, that have countless colored jeans that will be useful this season.

Any trends emerging this season can be found at assorted stores for an inexpensive fix. These 3 staples will get you through this season and many seasons to come.


Photos by Hannah Mougel

Model: Nikki Snyder

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