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WTF Is Up?! Celebrity meltdowns, the death of the 2016 Presidential Election, and more.


By Darby VanHoutan


I whole-heartedly believed that I was going to tap out of this week. For a moment I considered lying down on Jayhawk Blvd. and letting a bus run me over, but I made it. You made it. WTF else is up?!

I’m gonna let you finish but – Kanye West is going through some things.

Do you remember when Britney Spears shaved her head and attacked some paparazzi in 2007? We all look back now and think “It’s okay Britney, we all go through some things.” Well, it’s all happening again, with a little less head shaving and a lot more Kanye West. Kanye West’s public breakdown seemed to begin when people heard West’s song “Famous” on his new album The Life of Pablo (the album name changed many times from Swish to Waves to this). The lyrics in this song that angered people to the point of even tweeting (gasp!) about it were “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous.” This started an uprising from Taylor fans and others. West then turned to Twitter earlier this week saying he was $53 million in debt and then asking Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook for a loan of $1 billion. Along with these tweets, Kanye has continued throughout the week saying things like “I love love love white people but you don’t understand what it means to be the great grandson of ex slaves and make it this far,” “This [West’s album] was made with love. Only God can judge me. So I only expect love back!!!,” “Money doesn’t make me who I am…,” etc. We all have these problems Kanye, a quick loan of $1 billion isn’t much and everyone understands.

Taylor Swift made an important acceptance speech – but more importantly her Grammy dress was –hEaRt EyE eMoJiS –

Sweet and beautiful Taylor Swift can do no wrong. I firmly believe that Taylor Swift was sent down from Heaven with angels carrying her. In recent news regarding Swift however, she wore an amazing Atelier Versace two-piece dress to the 2016 Grammys and gave a subtweet-filled acceptance speech after receiving Best Album of the Year on Monday. The star’s dress was made up of a coral bandeau on top and a fuchsia bubble skirt on bottom with shorts underneath (admire it here), really driving home the fact that Taylor Swift can wear a skort in 2016 even if no one else can. She was wearing this dress when she accepted her Grammy for Best Album of the Year, and gave a speech very obviously pointing in Kanye West’s direction. In her acceptance speech Swift stated “There are going to be people along the way that try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame” which was Swift’s way of saying “Kanye West didn’t make me famous,” but much more glamorous.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies – and RIP to the 2016 election

On Saturday morning, when you were all sleeping off the punch from the night before, Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in Shafter, Texas. Scalia was a leading conservative justice on the highest court in the United States. I’ll give you a quick rundown. The United States Supreme Court is the most powerful court in the country and has a total of 9 justices serving on it. These justices are a mixture of democrats, republicans, men, women, etc. These justices decide the cases that become law for the United States and set standards for society as a whole.

After Scalia’s death, the Supreme Court has only eight justices. No offense to Scalia and no disrespect to his death (that has been said was caused by natural causes and isn’t requiring an autopsy), but this is bad timing. This ninth  justice spot has to be filled by the President appointing one. However, the United States is in the middle of a presidential election and everyone has very different opinions. Some people are saying that the spot should be left open and the next president should have the responsibility of filling it, even though President Obama still has eleven months left in office. In summation, Scalia’s death just made the 2016 presidential election much more interesting.

Sports Illustrated gets curvy

If you haven’t done it already, it is officially time to embrace your curves. American model Ashley Graham definitely is. Graham is making history as Sports Illustrated’s first “plus-size” (aka average sized) swimsuit cover model. Graham has certainly come a long way after having a Lane Bryant lingerie ad she modeled in cut by ABC, and not quite making it for last year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. However, this year Graham is starring as a cover model in one of Sports Illustrated’s three covers (the other two cover models are Haley Clauson and Ronda Rousey). The magazine spread was shot in locations like Tahiti, Malta, Turks and Caicos, and others. Maybe next year they’ll bring the shoot to Lawrence, Kansas. Maybe next year “plus-size” will also just be a normal model because if bombshell Ashley Graham is plus-size, then I want to be plus-size too.

WTF Is Up?! Free Chipotle, the death of Twitter, and more.



By Darby VanHoutan

Congrats on surviving another week! Personally, I only cried into my iced coffee in public once this week. I did order a dozen Hot Box Cookies as well, but it’s lent season and God forgives. WTF is up everywhere else?

So We’re Not Going to Disney World?

The Super Bowl happened. The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10. The game was played on Sunday February 7 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. I don’t really know who I was rooting for. I like Cam Newton, quarterback for Carolina, because he’s beautiful and does the little celebration dances after he scores no matter how much they fine him (It’s gone as high as $10,000). I guess I should like Peyton Manning, quarterback for Denver, since a majority of America likes him, but he did something so upsetting that I don’t know if I will ever forgive him.

I may not know much about football but I do know that after you win the big important Superbowl a reporter asks you “What are you going to do now that you won the superbowl?” and you say “I’m going to Disney World!” and this is the American Dream. The reporter did his job at the latest Super bowl, but what was Manning’s response? He said he was going to go kiss his wife and kids and have a Budweiser. A BUDWEISER?! Personally, I think Manning should be arrested for treason against not only Disney World but America. The Denver quarterback also wasn’t paid a dime for this proclamation although the advertising was valued at $13.9 million.

I do know that I was rooting for Beyoncé and had a mini-heart attack when the beautiful piece of Hawaiian chocolate named Bruno Mars made a surprise appearance and had a dance off with Queen Bey and the band Coldplay.

It’s Not Too Late to Say Sorry – Chipotle Edition

Picture this: You’re on the 43 red KU bus, dragging your butt back to your room to work on more German homework when you receive life changing news. This life changing news not only changes your entire day and lunch plans, but your overall outlook on life. This happened to me on Monday. On this day, all a person had to do was text “raincheck” to 888-222. Then you entered your name and within 10 days a FREE BURRITO. This give away was only open from 11:00 am EST to 6:00 pm EST on Monday February 8. If you missed the time period I sincerely apologize from the depths of my soul, because this free burrito changed my life. Although the reason behind a free burrito matters to just about no one, Chipotle did have a motivation for this. The restaurant chain was closed on Monday for nationwide food safety meetings including 50,000 of its employees. This meeting was to address and change things that will prevent another pesky E. Coli outbreak like the one that made almost 500 people sick in 2015. I wasn’t that upset about it, but apology accepted Chipotle.

RIP Twitter

Buzzfeed News uncovered some big stuff earlier this week regarding everyone’s favorite social media, Twitter. Right now when a person opens up twitter, tweets show up in reverse chronological order, with the newest ones at the top of a person’s timeline. However the site is set to unveil an algorithmic timeline as soon as next week. I know right, what the frick is an algorithmic timeline? Basically, when you open up Twitter, the app will use an algorithm (smart-yness) to bring the tweets it thinks you want to see most to the top (AKA the most popular) regardless of the time they were posted. Many users of the popular app aren’t too happy about it. Mostly because it’s bad news for people who get that 1 pity like from their mom on their tweets (me), whose content will become not so popular and get lost at the bottom of a timeline.

Many changes have happened within Twitter recently since new CEO Jack Dorsey took over in October of 2015. One of these not-so-popular changes being the transition from the favorite to the like. There already is a sort of algorithmic system happening on twitter with the most popular tweets appearing under a section of your timeline that’s labeled “While You Were Away…”

Dorsey (@jack) also contradicted the news of a timeline change in a tweet he posted on February 6. This tweet stated “Hello Twitter! Regarding #RipTwitter: I want you all to know we’re always listening. We never planned to reorder timelines next week”. Confusing much @jack?

The Suite Life of me after Cole Sprouse returns to television

Ever since the Sprouse twins left television to go off and do adult things like graduate from NYU and start photography and video game design careers, my life has been a little less meaningful. However, news emerged this week that you might want to sit down for. Cole Sprouse (aka Cody Martin that used to run through Mr. Mosby’s lobby in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) will be returning to our screens after being cast as Jughead in the CW’s new show titled Riverdale. The show is based off of the comic book series Archie. Personally, I know -12 things about what Archie is. In summation, it’s about Archie, Betty, Jughead (Cole Sprouse), and Veronica who are living their teen years in a small town. So far the roles of Jughead and Betty (Lili Reinhart) are the only ones that have been cast. In our Sprouse-themed dream world, Cole’s twin brother Dylan would join in and it would be like The Tipton hotel all over again. Sadly, Dylan is busy doing Dylan things in the television world as well, working on a TV show called Dismissed. Regardless, we missed you Cole. Thanks for coming back.

chipotle dar

Photos by Emma Creighton

2016 Resolutions



Welcome back to campus! Now that we’re (sort of) back in the swing of things, at least in the sense that we’ve rolled out of bed for classes, semi-presentable in attire, and haven’t frozen in the process, it’s time for some reflection. The start of a fresh semester is just like the beginning of a new year–a perfect time to re-evaluate who you are, where you’re headed, and what you want to accomplish. We’re talking resolutions here! Sure, we’re a few weeks late on this bandwagon, but who says resolutions have to be reserved for a new year?

Here we’ve shared a few of our resolutions for the semester (it’ll help us stay accountable). Feel free to steal our ideas, share your own, and make this semester your best yet!

  1. Invite someone you’d like to get to know better to brunch.
  2. Learn how to do a French twist.
  3. Decaffeinate.
  4. Call instead of text.
  5. Perfect the messy bun.
  6. Enjoy the weather. Even the snow.
  7. Chill on the Chipotle. (It’s hard, we know.)
  8. Read more, and not just the Buzzfeed gifset “listicles” from Facebook.
  9. Speak your mind.
  10. #Confidence.

Tell us your resolutions for this semester on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

The Quest For a Thin Waist


By Hannah Sundermeyer

Beauty is pain, but they never told me it would hurt this much.


I shoved my skin into angry folds in an effort to make the eighteen tiny metal hooks meet one another. Taking shallow breaths, I sucked in until I could see my rib cage protruding in the mirror. I grimaced at the pain-stricken reflection looking back at me as I continued to try and wrap the thick black fabric around my abdomen.

In a quest for an hourglass figure, women across the country are going to desperate measures to achieve the look that many can only achieve through Photoshop. We live in a generation that seeks instant gratification and quick fixes, especially when it comes to our bodies.

The shape wear industry is expected to earn around $680 million dollars by the end of this year, with the help of celebrity endorsements booming the sales of modern day corsets, dubbed “waist trainers,” and spandex. In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Jessica Alba said she used not only one, but two different types of waist trainers to maintain her figure and get rid of post-baby chub. Amber Rose flaunts her miniscule middle on social media, and credits her Waist Gang Society corset for her self-proclaimed “milfin” body.

I was interested to see if the results that many celebrities advocated for were true. In preparation for a looming spring break trip, I also was looking for an additional supplement to my workout regimen. On the afternoon of September 12th, I ripped the plastic off my Premadonna waist trainer with both a sense of anticipation and dread. I spent four incredibly long weeks wearing the garment seven to eight hours a day. However it always felt like much, much longer.

Posted to thelingerieaddict.com, a waist trainer works efficiently because women’s rib cages are naturally flexible. Along with bones in the pelvis as well as organs, ribs and all of the above are malleable during pregnancy, which is why the rib cage is connected to the breastbone with cartilage. As a woman’s body grows and changes the internal components are able to adapt along with it. However, waist training manipulates that flexibility in an unnecessary way. Does it work? Yes. But it does not serve a natural purpose like that of carrying a child.

Corsets are defined as a fitting undergarment stiffened with whalebone or similar material and often capable of being tightened by lacing, worn especially by women to shape and support the body. Shockingly, women have been squeezing themselves into these contraptions for the last 500 years.

According to VictoriasPast.com’s “Mini History of the Corset,” “Women were thought of as the weaker sex, therefore their minds and bodies were weak. So the corset was deemed morally and medically necessary. Tight lacing was considered virtuous—a loose corset was probably a sign of a loose woman.” However, working class women were excluded from this trend, as a corseted waist often reflected wealth and social status. Smelling salts were also a commonality, as Victorian women fainted on a regular basis due to a lack of oxygen.

In Valerie Steele’s book “Fashion and Eroticism, Ideals of Feminine Beauty from the Victorian Era to the Jazz Age,” it is stated that on average, women’s waists have been recorded from as small as 14 to 22 inches. The designer Christian Dior later brought them back into popularity in the 1940’s and 1950’s as a slim waistline and bigger hips became coveted in the fashion world. However the title corset was retired, replaced instead with girdle.

The corset comes equipped with three rows of bra like hooks. After a quick Google search, I planned out my “cinching schedule” according to the blog posts of fellow waist training enthusiasts, and with the extra strength of my roommate, strapped myself in. At the conclusion of each week it is advised to move on to the smaller set of cinches. My initial thoughts on the first day were that there was absolutely no chance I’d be able to fit into the smallest set anytime in the near future.

I was absolutely miserable for 99% of the time. I now know why Kanye West is never smiling in any of his paparazzi photos—because he has to put up with Kim in a waist trainer.

Cinching yourself into this modern day torture device is only half the battle. Once you have it on, everything becomes a million times more difficult. Sitting in class? It digs into your boobs. I had to get up for a “bathroom break” and take a lap around the building at least five times to get rid of the pain. Working out? I hope you don’t expect to breathe. Lying down seemed to be the only time during the day in which I felt somewhat comfortable.

I have to admit; there are some days where I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending 8 hours with my kidneys hand in hand and my stomach in my throat.

The impact on your organs is just one of the supposed factors that go hand in hand with this body-morphing trend.

“There is extremely little scientific data out there on this, but for a good reason.  Why would anyone suspect that this would do any good for you?” Dr. Mary J. Minkin of Yale School of Medicine said.

Manipulating your body in such a way could imminently suggest harmful effects on your inner organs; however she disagrees.

“There’s a lot of room in the belly for intestines to move around. Is somebody going to strangulate their bowels? It’s hard to imagine you could get anything tight enough to do that for you. So there isn’t any data suggesting permanent organ damage, it’s just awfully uncomfortable more than anything else. “

If somebody wants to lose weight, Minkin recommends simply adjusting your diet and getting a lot of exercise. When it comes long-term effects, wearing a waist trainer doesn’t do anything for weight loss. She says that wearing the heavier shape wear will increase your sweat production, but when you drink water, you will gain it all back. Waist trainers will not help you lose any fat.

“This is nothing new. If you go back to reading Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara supposedly had a 17-inch waist that she got from wearing a corset. Basically, people wore these ridiculous corsets in the old times, and they didn’t die,” Minkin said.

waist training

While I am far from a fictional 17-inch waist, I pride myself on being incredibly health conscious, especially when it comes to eating right. However I noticed when wearing the waist cincher I could barely finish my measured portions without feeling uncomfortable. The corset acts as a deterrent to overeat, which I’m sure plays, a role in the additional weight loss that wearers associate with the garment.  

Amy Schroeder, a senior from Colby, Kansas, has been wearing a waist trainer off and on for the last five months. Initially she decided to purchase it because she read the garment helped with posture. However, as a signed model with The I & I Agency, she decided it might also help her maintain her thin body type.

“I remember my agent telling me that I couldn’t be eating fast food and that there was no in-between, between being a model and a plus size model,” Schroeder said. “You have to either be incredibly skinny or noticeably plus size.”

Even after a few months of use, she noticed an improvement in her posture and waist size. Schroeder has now limited her corset use to her workouts only because she feels like she is getting the full effect when she’s active.

“It makes you sweat even more and I think it helps shape the changing muscle,” Schroeder said.

I’m going to be blunt. This thing makes you sweat like a portable sauna. The tightness of the garment results in a bit of, well, “drippage” all over your torso. I mean, what could be more attractive? I ended up cutting off the tops of old tank tops to slide over my stomach to create a makeshift barrier and soak up the sweat. This tight and moist environment can cause a variety of skin infections and irritations like yeast infections and folliculitis. (Imagine itchy, red bumps a million times more irritating than your worst case of razor burn.) In some extreme cases, irreversible scarring also can occur.

According to an article published in the LA Times in April, shape wear can also cause a neurological condition called meralgia paresthetica, “which causes painful burning and tingling in the thighs when there is too much pressure on nerves that run through the groin.” This can result in infertility and other reproductive issues.

I chose to not to tell my mom initially about my little experiment, as she worries more than the average parent. But one weekend when I came home to do laundry, I got lazy and she found it hanging from my hamper.

She started texting me to stop. You cannot be wearing that waist-slimmer thing. I have heard so many stories of all these women not able to have kids now and kidney damage. Hannah this is super serious and non-repairable.

Despite the maternal warnings I was receiving on an almost daily basis, I was determined to finish out my trial, despite the angst—both mental and physical—that I was experiencing. For the record, wearing a waist trainer for seven hours a day makes me a very grouchy individual.

Why the hell are women held to these outrageous standards? According to Bradley University’s The Body Project, “The compelling fact here is that just as women started to make dramatic gains in the areas of education, employment and politics, the ideal female body began to look like a malnourished preadolescent girl, weak, emaciated and non-threatening. Women may have been gaining in freedom and power, but they were increasingly encouraged to discipline their bodies through diet and exercise to conform to ideals that were almost impossible to achieve.”

By week three and sans roommate assistance, I could easily cinch myself into the last row of hooks, quite opposite of my initial prediction. I have to admit; despite the drastic measures you have to go to, it really does work. I started feeling more confident with the waist trainer on underneath clothing, giving myself the illusion of curves on my more naturally straight midsection. Whenever I wore tighter fitting clothes, I received multiple compliments on how small my waist looked—but at what cost?

Throughout my journey with a waist trainer, I feel as though it serves as more of a psychological reminder to eat smaller portions and get active, as much as the corset is a physical one. It’s not easy to forget that you are dieting when you spend most of your day in a state of semi-bearable suffocation—but my best advice? Eat right, hit the gym and skip the waist trainer to save your sanity.

Trending Buns—Man Buns, That Is


By Cassidy Ritter

Man bun rocker Brogan Moroney’s hair rests a little below his shoulders at about 12 inches in length. Until this summer, Moroney, a senior from Overland Park, Kan., never put his hair up; instead he always wore a hat. When he woke up for the first day of his internship, he didn’t know what to do with his hair so he put it up into as much of a bun as he could. “It was kind of a pain in the ass, but I wore it and I was like, ‘Oh, everyone’s going to think I’m a huge hippie,’” Moroney says. This is when Moroney first partook in the man bun trend.

Brogan Moroney, a senior from Overland Park, Kan., wears his man bun with shorts and a t-shirt.

Brogan Moroney, a senior from Overland Park, Kan., wears his man bun with shorts and a t-shirt.

First, what is a man bun? It’s not the butt of a hot guy walking to class or breaking a sweat at the gym. A man bun is a hairstyle when a man with shoulder length or longer hair secures it in a bun towards the top of the head. Some men use gel while others use the unwashed look for a more rugged feel. Either way, it’s supposed to look like men didn’t put much time into their hair, even if they did.

“The man bun looks like you didn’t try, but it was such a pain in the ass to grow,” Moroney says.

Buddha is the first trendsetter of the man bun, which dates back to sixth and seventh century BCE. Next came the Terracotta Warriors from third century BCE, according to Male Standard, a men’s online magazine. These warriors were among the armies of Qin Shi Haung, the first Emperor of China. Fast forward through the samurai time period to George Harrison in the ‘70s and you’ll find male groupies rocking the man bun hairstyle, too.

After the ‘70s, man buns were labeled as hippie hair until 2003 when David Beckham reinvented the bun to a slicked back hairstyle signifying game time.

So when did the man bun become what it is today? This look combines hipster and hippie with a nice beard or scruff to top it off. Similar to other fashion trends, the bun became popular when celebrity actors started to wear it. Take Ivan Vanko in 2010, playing Whiplash in Iron Man 2, who wore half his hair in a bun and the other half down to his shoulders with a clean-cut mustache and small beard. Then Tom Brady wore a similar quaff in 2011. After Brady, many other popular celebrities followed suit including Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles and that hottie strolling to class on campus.

Today, there are more than 26,000 posts with “#manbuns” on Instagram and more than 40 accounts dedicated to this style.

David Cooper, a graduate student from Overland Park, wears a full beard to compliment his man bun.

David Cooper, a graduate student from Overland Park, wears a full beard to compliment his man bun.

Bob Brandt, owner of Malls Barber Shop, says he thinks the man bun is “for the younger people of this time.” Brandt has owned the barbershop for 47 years. “They [hairstyles] come and they go,” he says. “We’ve had some we didn’t like and we cut them anyways.”

Jeffrey Brown, a barber at Malls Barber Shop, thinks the bun will be worn in Lawrence for another two years, but he will be happy to see it go. Just like any other hairstyle, people wearing man buns will look back in 15 years when they are in a professional job and wonder what they were thinking, he says.  

Hairstylist Alyssa Keberlein first noticed the style transforming from actors to college students about nine months ago. Keberlein’s not a fan of the style, though, which could be why she thought it would only stick around for another year. She said the man bun is not attractive and looks girly. Katie Thompson, a freshman from Colorado Springs, Colo., says man buns frustrate her. “I don’t have much hair so it frustrates me when I see a guy with better hair than me.”

Contrary to Thompson, Natalie Schelbar, a freshman from Tulsa, Okla., says she loves the man buns. Schelbar said if she dated a guy with a man bun, she would make sure the two of them had matching buns.

Not all girls’ opinions of the bun are black and white, though. There is a fine line between a good man bun and a bad bun in my mind. A good man bun is defined by the his style. I, for one, am not a fan of the man bun in LFK worn by hipsters and hippies, but find it to be a sexy style among surfers in Australia.

I could never date a guy with a man bun unless he rocks the look with a surfboard in hand. The man bun in LFK looks like a lazy college look for guys who didn’t want to pay for a haircut. This looks says: “I woke up late for class and threw my hair up as I ran out the door.” If I was on the west coast and saw a man bun, I wouldn’t think twice about the look. Near any beach town, the man bun becomes a statement that says instead: “I wake up early to surf and don’t need hair in my face to catch a rad wave.”

If a guy wants to wear a man bun, he needs a strong, wide face with facial hair, says Monica Funk, a junior from Overland Park, Kan. She thinks the bun works on some guys and not on others.

Collectively, the challenge with buns seems to be having long enough hair. Christian Hardy, a sophomore from Derby, Kan., began growing out his hair 11 months ago. His hair now reaches the back of his collar but says he still struggles to put all his hair up. To compensate, he wears his hair half up, half down with gel on top and along the sides for a cleaner look, though occasionally he tosses on a hat to avoid dealing with the awkward length.

Brogan Moroney said he, too, went through many awkward stages and styles until reaching optimal length for a man bun. Moroney, like many, began with a buzz cut and let it grow from there.

“What you don’t know about man buns is you don’t just grow your hair, you have to cut it all the time,” he says. “So then I started getting a trim every couple months where basically they just cut the back so I wouldn’t get a mullet and then let the top grow and now it’s all even.”

It’s “been there, done that” for Mike Maicke, a junior from Chicago who regularly wears a compact man bun with minimal stragglers. Maicke said he didn’t know how to tie his hair when he began growing it out.

Mike Maicke, a junior from Chicago, sports his man bun on campus with a flannel and jeans.

Mike Maicke, a junior from Chicago, sports his man bun on campus with a flannel and jeans.

“It kind of took me awhile to get the routine down to do it myself, which is pretty embarrassing,” he says. “It’s something you should know how to do. But yeah, my hair was at an ideal length so after some practice I was just putting in beautiful buns daily right out of the shower.” Before learning how to do it himself, girls at bars would put his hair into a bun, he said. After about a month of practice, Maicke said he became used to putting it up and it now takes about 10 seconds to do.

Photos by Cassidy Ritter

                                                      Variations on the #manbun
This look is a combination of ‘70s hippie meets today’s hipster. It’s an unwashed, just rolled out of bed look generally accompanied by a beard and mustache. A typical man bun pairs nicely with a flannel and leather boots or jeans and a graphic, faded t-shirt.  
This is for the professionals—think red carpet Jared Leto at the 2014 Golden Globes. A slick man bun requires gel along the top, sides, and sometimes bottom of the bun to contain stragglers. Unlike the typical man bun, this style calls for a suit or nice button down shirt with sleek dress shoes.
This hairstyle may be hard to find around Lawrence, but it’s still part of the man bun family. This look is the reverse mullet—it’s all about party in the front (or top if you will) and seriousness in the back. Take a one or two length buzz cut along the sides and back leaving long hair up top. To style, use gel to slick the top in hair in place and create a clean cut bun with no stragglers.
This seems to be a popular look, but provides more of a challenge for men. Brogan Moroney once wore the braided man bun for a KU football game but says it’s not something he could do regularly even though he received compliments galore. Mike Maicke says, “I love the progressiveness in our society with the male hair so I guess I’m a big supporter of that. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to perfect the braid that might be a little bit out of my skill level. But if you have the right hair and the right slight of hand and can do it on your own then that’s something you should go for.” If you see this look, congratulate the guy rocking it because he put in extra effort this morning.


















Campus Q&A

By Chiaki Tomimatsu

You might recall when Style on the Hill introduced a trendy new hairstyle called the man-braid a few weeks ago. Does that mean the man bun is a thing of the past? The answer is no. Here’s James and Shane, two KU students, to share their experiences with the man-bun.

Shane  james

Why did you choose to have a man bun?

James: “Do you know Jon Bellion? Because of him. Also, it makes me feel pretty.”

Shane: “I chose to have a man bun because I enjoy many aspects of having long hair. Buns are a good way to style long hair and very convenient in most situations. Also girls really dig man buns!”

How long have you been growing your hair?

James: “The top part, over a year.”

Shane: “I got a haircut about two and a half months ago to switch to the undercut man bun I have now. Before that I had a regular man bun for about half a year. It takes about a year for my hair to grow long enough to put it in a bun.”

When do you tie your hair in a bun?

James: “All the time except for when I go to bed.

Shane: “Right now I have it in a bun about 50 percent of the time and wear headwear the other 50 percent. When I had a full man bun I wore my hair down much more.”

Do you like having a man bun?

James: “I do, I like being referred to as the man bun guy.”

Shane: “I really enjoy having a man bun. It lets me express myself and isn’t as plain as other haircuts.”

Photos by Emma Creighton

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