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What Me Too Founder Tarana Burke Taught Me About Healing


Me Too founder Tarana Burke speaking at the KU Memorial Union. Photo by Nicole Mitchell

By Nicole Mitchell

On October 23, 2018, I had the great privilege of seeing Me Too creator and activist Tarana Burke give a presentation at KU.

Burke was funny, relatable and, most of all, heartbreaking. That was the mixture of emotions that I felt while listening to everything she had to say, as she recalled her history of activism and how the Me Too movement began.

After graduating from Auburn University, Burke worked as a counselor for middle school girls. She recalled a tragic moment when a young girl described her story of experiencing sexual assault. Burke stopped the girl in the middle of her story and sent her to another counselor. After that, the young girl stopped coming to camp and Burke never saw her again.

Years later, after the many ups and downs of working with middle school girls and hearing all of their experiences with sexual assault at such a young age, Burke came up with the idea to start a new organization: Me Too.

Hearing Tarana Burke talk was more than learning the history of Me Too. It was learning how to listen to and care for others; learning how to feel joy, and it was learning how to heal.

Burke helped me realize that healing from a traumatic event is difficult and it isn’t pretty. Healing can be anything from waking up early and doing yoga to crying myself to sleep because that’s all I can do. One thing that helps Burke go through difficult experiences is to keep a “Joy Journal,” which is exactly what it sounds like. You write down all the things that make you happy, whether it be something small or something large, and it will help you realize that the pain doesn’t last forever.

If you are going through the healing process right now, know that you are not alone, and that you will be okay. I hear you and I believe you.

National sexual assault hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “In 8th grade I had a girlfriend and touched her boobs and I was like ‘oh that’s weird.’”
  • “She’s so cute laying there spread-eagle.”
  • “You must incubate the butter for longer.”
  • Person 1: “I don’t even remember the last time I drank.”
    Person 2: “Didn’t you go to the Cave last night?”
    Person 1: “Yeah I got fucked up.”
  • “Let’s go find a pony.. and like, teach it how to barrel race.”
  • “Avril Lavigne had Lyme Disease, and now she’s a Christian artist.”
  • Person 1: “He’s cute but he’s no male model.”
    Person 2: “He is LITERALLY a male model.”
  • “Why am I always wet in Italian?”


Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “It’s so heterosexual, ew.”
  • “You’re always looking out for my spider health.”
  • Person 1: “He wrote me a letter. It was really sweet.”
    Person 2: “They’re always sweet when they’re in jail.”
  • “Here’s what I want you to think about: incest.”
  • “Whats up Johnny bravo you dumb fuckin’ bitch.”
  • “There’s no positive spin on leprosy.”
  • “Let that marinate on them asses.”
  • “Well she was kinda hot but she looks like a hot retard.”
  • “I’m a wench. Like, a pirate whore.”
  • “I hope you can get pregnant cuz i ain’t doin’ it for you”






Lawrence’s Best Date Options for Everybody’s Price Range


Words by Nicole Mitchell

Graphics by Karsan Turner

Choosing a place to go on a date is tough. Especially when you think that you’ve seen everything there is to do in Lawrence. Finding date activities that won’t break your budget is even harder. However, they do exist. With that in mind, I saved you the trouble and compiled a list of things you may not have thought of when deciding what to do on your next date night.

Stargazing at the grove: If you live on campus, this is the best place to relax because you don’t have to drive anywhere. Bring a hammock or pack a picnic. FREE

Go geocaching together: If you’re new to geocaching, it is a community treasure hunt. Download the app or use the website and try to find treasure planted by other locals. Just don’t forget to bring something to replace what you take! FREE

Walk around the farmers market: Buy some veggies and make a meal together like you’re on a cooking show. Or just try out the food samples and look at the cute dogs that are there. Saturdays from 8 A.M. – noon until Nov 17th (824 New Hampshire St.) or tuesdays from 4 P.M. – 6 P.M. until Oct 23rd. (725 Vermont St.) FREE

Visit Dempsey’s Burger Pub: Wednesday trivia night and $3.50 pint beers! Enjoy answering trivia together and have a cold one. $3.40+

Sing karaoke at the Replay Lounge: Every Tuesday starting at 6 P.M. $2.50 singles and $4.50 doubles, $4 reanimator shots. $2+ a $2 cover fee

Final Fridays: Every last Friday of the month, visit Lawrence galleries, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants to view local made art. FREE

Attend a concert: Lawrence has a ton of places to watch shows. The Granada, The Bottleneck, Lied Center, and more. Visit a local show, your favorite band, or someone you’ve never heard of before. FREE – $50

Drink + Draw at Gaslight Gardens: Held every Thursday evening from 7-10pm. While it is a free event, you’re required to bring your own media (e.g., paint, pencils, and paper) as well as pay for any drinks you may get while at the Beer Garden. While the facebook page says that the last date is September 27, it will continue on as long as weather permits. Free + Media

Eat at the Sandwich Bowl: A casual restaurant located on W 6th St. with lots of sandwich choices. Whether you’re in the mood for a hamburger, a grilled cheese, or a club sandwich, this place has you covered. $8-15/meal.

Breakout Lawrence: Because who wouldn’t want to spend an hour trapped in a room with your loved one? $30/person

St. John’s Oktoberfest: If German food, culture, and beer interests you, Oktoberfest is just the right place to go. Entrance is free. Only September 29 from 4pm-10pm at 1234 Kentucky. FREE Entry + food and drinks ($25-$50)

Mass St. Fish House & Raw Bar: If you’re into seafood and want a nicer place to go to this is your place. While I’ve never eaten here before (I don’t eat fish), the photos look beautiful and the reviews are nice. ~$30/person

India Palace: This restaurant has a variety of indian foods within a wide range of prices. If you would like, you can get the palace dinner for two which is around $40 or the vegetarian dinner for two for about $36. Or get something completely different. It’s your life. Located on 129 E 10th St. $35.95 – $39.95

Epic Fun Center: It’s open 7 days a week with multiple activities including laser tag, mini golfing, and arcade games. This is especially fun if you want to have a competitive night with your partner. $20/person


Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “Barron Trump’s not autistic he’s just a time traveler.”
  • “I’ve had microwaves and toasters mixed up my whole life.”
  • “I’m not doing much today, just Saran wrapping a car.”
  • “I still need 17 more shots to be where I wanna be.”
  • “Yeah, I had sex in a port-a-potty.”
  • “I’m pretty sure forking is sexual.”
  • “It smells like death is coming out of me.”
  • “I have some virginities I need to take.”


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