Business Comfortable Casual.


Lets face it: men’s style on campus will always lean on the casual side. And not even cozy boy casual  side – the innovative streetwear-infused sweatpants trend. I’m talking basic sweatpants, as in “I’m hungover and I wear pajamas all day. I run this campus, bro,” which I get. Because if your biggest responsibility is showing up to Western Civ. three times a week, it feels justifiable to loaf around in some loafers all day.

Of course, you’ll always have dudes rockin’ it closer to business casual because ultimately we all come to college with the aspiration of entering the professional world. In the Jayhawk microcosm of job interviews and career fairs that – might I add – lack any resemblance to a real fair (seriously, where are the goddamn funnel cakes?), sometimes you just have to class it up. I do, however, bring you good news: there is a way to meet in the middle. As evidenced below, it’s possible to both don a casual sweatshirt and maintain the appearance that you give half a shit.

Nick Longsfeld