Bring on the Braid


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We’re all too familiar with the man-bun trend that’s been taking over lately. But who needs buns when you can do braids?

Men with short hair can opt for small french braids to accent their stylish cuts or pull longer hair out of the way. Of course, long hair looks great with a braid too. We grabbed some handsome gentlemen to be our models, and styled their hair into one of our favorite new trends—the man braid.



Colin Murphy / Aerospace Engineering


Austin Hofmann / Computer Science


Jared Bohaty / Mechanical Engineering



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How do you feel about the man braid?

Austin: “I think man braids are interesting. I think people have always connected braids, and pretty much any “more-than-just-gel” hairstyle, with a feminine connotation, so seeing this rise in popularity is entirely inviting for a whole new demographic. I love it.”

Colin: “As an idea, I’m intrigued. Looking at it on hair models, it isn’t bad, but I’m definitely a skeptic to how long this will hold out.”

Jared: “It’s an odd style. I don’t know why men wore it hundreds of years ago and I’m not sure why we’re starting to now.”

Did you like how it turned out for you? Is this a style you might consider trying for casual, day-to-day wear?

Austin: “I only got to briefly see. I enjoyed the new look and it gave me ideas. I probably wouldn’t wear the hairstyles daily, but I am inspired to recreate it.”

Colin: “Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan. Maybe if my hair was longer to do different styles, or something more subtle, but right now I’m definitely not sold on this becoming the next big style. For me, It seemed like a lot of effort for casual use, and a little flashy for my tastes.”

Jared: “It looks kind of neat but my hair is way too short to do anything fancy with it. I won’t be wearing a man braid any time soon because I prefer to keep my hair short. Plus, it seemed like a lot of work for another person to do, so I can’t imagine doing it myself.”

Do you think this a passing trend, or do you see it having some longevity in the future? Keep in mind that man-buns seem to have stuck.

Austin: “I think it’ll be one of those ‘why didn’t we think of this earlier?’ [moments]. Without being political, I think people finally integrating non-traditional practices opened the floodgates for new hairstyles.”

Colin: “It seems like this trend is a flashy imitation of the man-bun without as much substance. Part of what makes the man-bun work is how effortless and easy it is, but the braid is flashy, and a lot of work. Braids that imitate current hair trends, like an undercut french braid or a man-braid bun might gain some fleeting popularity, but as a whole, I would pin this as something that we’ll be over in a matter of months.”

Jared: “I think this will be more of a passing trend than the bun. The bun seems pretty easy to do, but having to braid your hair daily looks like it would get really tedious really fast.”

Styled by Emma Creighton

Photos by Ikeadi Ndukwu