Boyish Charm




Call me ahead of the game, but I’ve been stealing clothes out of my brothers’ closets for as long as I can remember. This trend isn’t for  the average Tomboy or feminist anymore, though — it’s a fashion statement that celebrities, designers, fashionistas and college students alike can all indulge in. It is a trend suited for all the ladies, and it is easy to add your own twist of originality and style to make the look yours.

While walking along Jayhawk Boulevard after the steam whistle has blown, the amount of Converse sported by all types of girls is almost uncountable. This shoe was originally made for men, particularly as the first basketball shoe, but on this campus the women seem to be dominating the Chuck Taylor market.



The greatest thing about it is that it can be done both casually and formally. For more formal occasions, add a pair of suspenders to your slacks, a brimmed hat paired with a sweater, or buy some patterned mens dress socks to add some detail to the outfit. If you want to get super fancy, consider wearing a tie to really make your outfit pop.

To keep the look casual, add some baggy jeans to go along with your high-top Converse. Wildman Vintage on Massachusetts Street has a lot of classic mens looks for cheap, including dress hats, suspenders in nearly every color, leather belts, ties, and more. Browsing through the men’s section as a woman nowadays won’t turn a lot of heads, so don’t be afraid to shop on the other side of the spectrum. What really matters, though, is to just have fun and be creative with it.
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-Erika Reals

Model: Sarah Morris

Photography by Bethany Hughes
Styling by Erika Reals