Blogger Diary: Indie Music and Charlie Chaplin Inspiration


I have always been fascinated with people’s one-of-a-kind fashion. I love watching fashion week and seeing the new, fun trends that return or make debut, but there’s something awesome about seeing the unique concoctions of society.


Over Thanksgiving break, while taking a break from stuffing my face with turkey and pumpkin pie, I got to hang out with one of my favorite and most creative friends. Landon Roberts lives in Salt Lake City and is complete proof that you can have style on a budget. Just ask him where he got his sick plaid winter jacket and he’ll tell you he got it from a thrift store for 5 bucks (totally beats the 300 or so dollars you spent on that one jacket you have!)


I also have mad respect for people brave enough to mix patterns. Although when it comes to plaid you have to be extremely careful of the types, shapes, and colors you put together or else you might as well pack your bags and your kilt and head off to Scotland.


How to do plaid right: Follow his subtleties when it comes to choosing what to mix. Landon’s dark plaid flannel is soft and muted next to his green stately jacket. It works and it’s not overwhelming.


So with that EXPERIMENT! Try on every plaid thing you have! Be brave! and lastly, when you go out rocking your new plaid on plaid style CONFIDENCE is key.


– The Bold Americana (Emma Johnson) 

Model and styling by Emma Johnson & Landon Roberts. For more go to The Bold Americana.

Photography by Emma Johnson