Baby, It’s Cold Outside – So Layer Up!


Winter is for cool coats, ankle boots with chunky socks, furry hoods, dramatic silhouettes, slouchy beanies, menswear fabrics, thick tights and cashmere sweaters. The hard stuff. But how do you not look like a homeless person and like you are swimming in a sea of wool? 

Here are some multi-layer looks that will keep you warm as the temperatures get colder.


Play with different fabrics – flannels layered under a wool make a great combo.


Layer on a thick, cozy cardigan instead of a jacket for days when the sun peeks out on campus.

For a more bohemian look, bring your maxi skirts back to the front of the closet and wear with a oversized sweater. Also adding a pattern beanie never hurt anyone. 


And why waste a summer slip when you can layer a pattern sweater over, adding a embellished ruffle.


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– Emily Paulson, Emma Johnson and Lana L’heureux

Photography by Emma Johnson