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At the University of Kansas, amidst a sea of Nike shorts and Jayhawk apparel, it’s nice (and rare) to see a fashionable student roaming around campus. But here at Style on the Hill, those are exactly the people we aim to spotlight through a mix of campus, downtown and gameday street-style photography. So, for those of you who do more than just roll out of bed and show up to class in the morning, this one’s for you.

Currently our staff includes:

Logan Gossett : Editor in Chief

Logan Gossett

Editor in Chief

Logan is a junior studying journalism at KU. When he’s not reading or writing, he somewhat enjoys watching Steven Seagal movies and listening to obscure, hip music. The pastels of Miami Vice, overwashed Easter dresses and most baby showers inspired his palewave fashion sense.


Justin Hermstedt : Content Director

Justin Hermstedt

Content Director

Justin is a junior studying strategic communication with a minor in theatre. He’s president of Pearson scholarship hall and one of the best Super Smash Bros players at KU. He mostly eats mexican food, and his favorite Vampire Weekend lyric is “stale conversation deserves but a bread knife.”

Emma Creighton : Photographer/Marketing Assistant

Emma Creighton

Photographer/Marketing Assistant

Emma has been with Style on the Hill since the beginning of her freshman year. Now a junior, she has worked professionally as a wedding and portrait photographer for about 3 years but it was her passion for fashion that lead her to being a photographer for SotH. Since coming to college she has developed her personal style into something she has coined Granola Goth due to her "nature walk" style during the day that gets darker and edgier when she goes out at night.


Georgia Hickam : Writer/Graphic Designer

Georgia Hickam

Writer/Graphic Designer

Georgia is a junior studying graphic design. She likes watching weird indie movies and listening to music people have never heard of. She's not a professional photographer (or professional anything), but she wishes she was. She also wants to be one of those DJs who play techno music in big city department stores.


Elias Medici : Writer

Elias Medici


Next up on the red carpet is Elias Medici wearing a bright sky blue cardigan complimenting his dark grey lulu lemon sweatpants rolled up to his shins to reveal his colorful striped socks. An avid follower of all things comedy and a retired sponsored skateboarder, the Laguna Beach native is involved with The Groundlings and UCB Theatre in Los Angeles during his breaks from university. His passions include writing, improv, comedy and art. His favorite shows are Rick and Morty, How I Met Your Mother, Love, Game of Thrones and TMZ. He is currently preparing for his trip to Italy in January where he will be studying in his ancestral home of Florence. Elias is extremely easy-going, funny and very recognizable; so don't be afraid to buy him a shot when you see him out! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)


Rebekah Swank : Writer/Social Media

Rebekah Swank

Writer/Social Media

Rebekah is a junior Journalism major and Business minor. She spends way too much money on skincare products, and she loves baking and cooking in her spare time. You'll most likely see her walking down Jayhawk Boulevard in vintage Levi's.

Ellie Milton : Writer/Graphic Designer

Ellie Milton

Writer/Graphic Designer



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