5 Essentials of Hipster Style


By Imani Jacobs

5 items hipster

Hipsters are generally doing the opposite of what the crowd does. Hipster style incorporates cool t-shirts, high wasted shorts, beanies, high top shoes and etc. A hipster fashionista is like no other and isn’t afraid to stand out.

Doc Martens

5 items hipster doc marten

In the late 1990s men and women wore Doc Martens, specifically the punk and grunge crowds. Today Doc Martens are being adopted into multiple trends, like the hipster trend. These boots give off an edgy look to anyone who wears them. Colors like black and burgundy can go with almost any outfit for a casual look and ones with floral patterns are perfect for a night on the town. Rock the solid Docs with a pair of distressed jeans and a leather jacket for a street style and the floral Docs with a dress and some tights. Docs will show off the fashion rebel in you!

High Waisted Shorts

5 items hipster shorts

These acid washed high waisted shorts are the perfect addition. High waisted shorts were worn back in the 90s and have made their way back into today’s trends. You can even make your own pair by going to a thrift store and making cutoffs from an old pair of mom jeans. Don’t be afraid to rock some trendy high wasted shorts this summer!

Band/Ironic T-Shirts

5 items hipster t-shirt

Since hipsters aren’t known to be like the rest, why should we expect them to dress like everyone else? When creating the hipster look wear ironic t-shirts that make a statement. Yeezus shirts totally make that statement. Pair a band or ironic t-shirt with some Doc Martens and you’ll have hipster fashion down in no time.

Leather Jackets

Bad ass and sexy, leather jackets are a great addition to all sorts of outfits. You can add a leather jacket to a pair of jeans and boots for a rocker look or you can add a leather jacket to some black pants, a blouse, and heels for a date. No matter the occasion, leather jackets are a go-to item in the Hipster community.


5 items hipster beanie

Whether you’re cold or trying to add a simple accessory to your outfit, beanies are a great fit. Wear a simple gray beanie to stay casual or add a drastic color like neon yellow.

5 items hipster

Photography by Loghan Finney
Modeled by Meghan Anderson
Styled by Imani Jacobs