5 Essentials for Vintage Style


By Darby VanHoutan


Fashion is cyclical, but maybe that’s not so bad. Put a fresh twist on classic styles, and voila—vintage! Calling back to the fashion of the past also adds an air of sophistication, so embrace it.

Your Mom’s Sweater

It’s time to thank your mom for never throwing out those beautiful, dusty sweaters. I personally took half of my mom’s entire wardrobe without a single regret. Firstly, your mom bought everything a size too big back in the 80’s, which means room for comfort and room to layer. Sweaters like this are perfect layered over skirts and tights, and if big enough, shaped with a thin belt. Sweaters that aren’t as big are trendy when paired with jeans and fashionable shoes like Converse for an edgier look. Thanks again mom.



Your mom had ‘em, your dad had ‘em, your uncle had ‘em, your older sister had ‘em, and you need ‘em. The possibilities with these shoes are endless, and Converse are timeless. There’s flirty pink Converse, and grungy black converse, and edgy red Converse, and just Converse in general. These shoes are great for pulling together any outfit and a staple for vintage-esque fashion.

Skater Skirt

This skirt can turn from extra girly to punk in about two outfit changes. Layer with (#1) your mom’s old sweaters, (#4) chokers, (#5) Denim vests, high socks, combat boots, and anything in between to really harness the all-around, kick-ass power of the skater skirt.

Headbands and Chokers

Accessories like headbands and choker necklaces are just as vital as the clothing worn with them. A statement hair accessory like a choker adds something to any outfit. Anything from thick one-color headbands, to trendy patterned headbands can complete a look. Chokers are one accessory from the 90’s that are coming back. Find these necklaces anywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters. These can be plain, or come with charms, to add an edgy twist to a girly look.

Denim Jackets/Vests


This fashion from the past has recently become a trendy necessity. Layer over girly sun-dresses for a flirty look or pair with (#3) a skater skirt for a punky feel. For outfits that don’t look “finished” when you’re about to leave, layer with a denim vest to change an outfit from “I have no idea what I am wearing” to “Wow I look cute. Really cute.”


Modeled by Emma Creighton
Photography by Emma Creighton