3 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day


By Audrey Danser

Labor day has come and gone, and unfortunately, so has the summer fun. But why does the color that reminds us of our carefree weekends at the lake have to disappear too? We have all heard the rule—do not wear white after labor day—though, who is to say white cannot transition into our fall wardrobes? What once was a fashion faux-paux, is now a rule meant to be broken and there is no reason to resist. We have three looks to prove it.


Create contrast.

The Fall palate tends to be dark, re-introducing the grays, plums, and forest greens that lay dormant during the summer months back into your wardrobe. Pairing these distinctly autumn hues with white creates a bold contrast and sleek look. We chose our staple as a pair of white skinny jeans—there is no reason not to treat your white denim like any other pair of blue jeans. Swap your summer sandals for a pair of suede or leather booties, add a contrasting colored top and bomber jacket, and you’ve got a polished autumn-ready look!



Ground those bold patterns.

White can be used to balance an outfit and add relief from loud patterns. Go ahead and experiment with mixing prints and styles, using a white tunic or blazer to relax the eye. Unexpected combinations have the best results!


Feminize your cozy cardigan.

Transitioning white from summer to autumn is all about the pairing, keeping conscious of textures, silhouettes, and colors that are distinctly Fall. Utilize your white article (we used a simple pencil skirt) as your basic, letting it play in the background as you layer up with cozy cardigans, metallic accessories, and your favorite pair of boots. This technique, allowing just a hint of white, will soften your layered look and add just the right amount of sophistication.



Now go ahead and wear those white garments proud, you rebel!

Photos by Sabrina Sheck 
Styled by Audrey Danser and Holly Kulm
Modeled by Elise Gao