2016 Resolutions



Welcome back to campus! Now that we’re (sort of) back in the swing of things, at least in the sense that we’ve rolled out of bed for classes, semi-presentable in attire, and haven’t frozen in the process, it’s time for some reflection. The start of a fresh semester is just like the beginning of a new year–a perfect time to re-evaluate who you are, where you’re headed, and what you want to accomplish. We’re talking resolutions here! Sure, we’re a few weeks late on this bandwagon, but who says resolutions have to be reserved for a new year?

Here we’ve shared a few of our resolutions for the semester (it’ll help us stay accountable). Feel free to steal our ideas, share your own, and make this semester your best yet!

  1. Invite someone you’d like to get to know better to brunch.
  2. Learn how to do a French twist.
  3. Decaffeinate.
  4. Call instead of text.
  5. Perfect the messy bun.
  6. Enjoy the weather. Even the snow.
  7. Chill on the Chipotle. (It’s hard, we know.)
  8. Read more, and not just the Buzzfeed gifset “listicles” from Facebook.
  9. Speak your mind.
  10. #Confidence.

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